Julius Ciss, executive director of Jews for Judaism, states that the following criteria must be met by that one who is the Messiah, according to the writings in the Tanakh:

1.   When the Messiah is reigning as king of Israel, the Jewish people will be gathered to reign with Christ from Israel.

Such an event has not happened, therefore Christ cannot be the Messiah, so says Mr. Ciss.  It is when the Messiah is reigning as King on earth that the above occurs.  The Tanakh states the Messiah comes as the sacrificial lamb of God first, and comes as king second (Isaiah Ch. 53) Awaiting the second return of Christ who comes in great power and glory:

Isaiah 53:12  Therefore will I divide to him a portion of the great, and he shall divide the spoils with the strong because he has poured out his soul unto death, and he was numbered with the transgressors, and he bore the sins of many and made intercession for the transgressors

Psalm 118:22   The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner

Matthew 24:30  They shall see the Son of God coming in great power and glory

As to Isaiah 53:12 no where therein does the Lord state that he justifies the wicked (Exodus 23:7).  The wicked are those who never would cease doing evil.  The good people comprise those who always did shun evil deeds and those who did commit evil deeds but turn away from evil deeds to do righteousness in their deeds.

The people wanted to make Christ king, but that was not to be for that time for Christ came first to be the sacrificial lamb of God, king at his second coming:

John 6:15  When Jesus perceived that they would come and take him by force to make him king, he departed into a mountain by himself

John 1:29  ... Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world

The Messiah first is the sacrificial lamb of God and then Christ returns to earth to reign as king:

Matthew 24:31  Christ shall send forth his angels with the sound of a great trumpet and they shall gather his elect [the Jews] from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other

2.  Mr. Ciss states that the Holy Temple in Jerusalem having existed during the time of Christ disqualifies Christ as being the Messiah.

Because the Temple existed when Messiah walked the earth, in the flesh,  Mr. Ciss believes such disqualifies Christ from being the Messiah.   There is nothing in the Tanakh that declares the Messiah arrives when the Temple of God does not exist.  

3.  The reign of the Messiah on earth will usher in world peace, but there is no world peace.  Since the advent of Christianity, wars have dramatically increased.  Since there is no world peace, then Christ cannot be the Messiah, says Mr. Ciss.

Again, according to the Tanakh, the Messiah is first the sacrificial lamb of God, and when he returns to earth, he is the king of kings of and Lord of Lords over all the earth.  The kingdoms of men shall become the kingdoms of the Lord.  Christianity is not of Christ the Messiah.  Christianity was founded by the false apostle Pharisee Paul (Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:5, Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Matthew 23:15).  Christianity is founded on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, not the doctrine of Christ the Messiah.

Isaiah 42:3  A bruised reed [evil people] he shall not crush and smoking flax [evil people] he shall not quench until he sends forth judgment unto truth [victory]

Revelation 22:11  Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still ....

Matthew 13:30  Let both [evil people and good people] exist until the harvest

Isaiah 9:3  You have multiplied the nation but not increased the joy.  They shall joy before thee according to the joy of the harvest and as men rejoice when they divide the spoils

4.  Mr. Ciss states that the Messiah will be reigning at a time when all the Jewish people will embrace the Torah and observe God's commandments.  Because such event has not occurred, Christ cannot be the Messiah.

Again, Christ is first the sacrificial lamb of God, as the Tanakh declares God will provide the sacrifice that takes away all sins, his only son - the cornerstone which the builders rejected.   When Christ returns to reign with his Jewish people from Jerusalem, then the law is written on their hearts and they never again depart from the Lord (Jeremiah Ch. 17).   Also, all evil people are removed from the earth by the angels of God.  Called the 'harvest' in Isaiah 9:3 and in Matthew 13:30.   Among the good Gentiles left on earth, subsequent generations, perhaps some in that immediate generation existing when the angels of God leave them on earth to let them live in God's kingdom come on earth.   The message of John the Baptist and Christ is stop doing evil because the kingdom of God is coming to earth.   Preached throughout the Tanakh, preached in Matthew and John's writings.  However in Matthew, among the few lies therein courtesy of the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea, is the lie that men and women shall be as the angels of God in that they shall not have sexual relations, no marrying, no children.   This is taught by the Jew Pharisees in their gospel of Paul, and is a lie.  Isaiah says all flesh shall come to worship the Lord at every Sabbath and every new moon (Isaiah 66:22-24).    And also at Isaiah 9:7, the increase of the Lord's government over the people shall never cease, and that is because children born shall never cease.  People shall never die, (Rev. 2:9, 22:14), and they shall never cease having children (Isaiah 9:7). 

5.  The Messiah will reign at a time when all the world will come to the knowledge of and serve the one true God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  Mr. Ciss states that because all do not serve the one true God, then Christ is not the Messiah.

Because such above event has not yet taken place,  Mr. Ciss declares that Christ cannot be the Messiah.  Again, the Tanakh declares the Messiah is first the sacrificial lamb of God and then becomes king over all the earth.   As to everyone serving the one true God when the Messiah reigns, as declared by Mr. Ciss, that is not true for Zechariah (a Tanakh writing) states there will be people of the Gentile nations who refuse to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and for so refusing, the Messiah says that on such people there shall be no rain (Zechariah 14:17-19).  God does not issue warning in vain, therefore it must be that there will be some nations that refuse to observe God's Feast of Tabernacles during the 1000 year reign of Christ the Messiah on earth.

Also, Satan it permitted one last access to people on earth and he goes directly to one man, Mr. Gog (Ezekiel Ch. 38).  Mr. Gog gathers together an army of Gentiles to go kill the Jewish people who are then living as stated in the Tanankh, in unwalled cities.    Not all Gentiles turn to do evil at that time Satan is let loose.

The Lord does not permit Gog and his army to carry out their evil plans against his Jewish people, or even to kill a Gentile who remains good before the Lord because the Lord promises that upon his sitting on David's throne again there is everlasting righteousness on earth.   The Lord himself destroys Mr. Gog and his army with fire that comes down out of heaven.

6.  The Messiah must be a member of the tribe of Judah

Mr. Ciss denies that Christ declares he is of the tribe of Judah when in fact, Christ is clearly stated to be a descendant of David and Solomon:

Matthew 1:6   And Jesse begat David ... and David begat Solomon .... and Jacob begat Joseph who became the husband of Mary who bore Christ, the Messiah

Joseph is of the tribe of Judah, descended from the line of fathers that included David and Solomon.  Matthew is a true writing of a Jew of the Lord, excepting the few lies in Matthew courtesy of the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea, out of which came the world's first Christian bible (Catholic bible).   Matthew speaks correctly by beginning the tracing of the line of fathers of Joseph with Abraham, not Adam.  God declares he is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.   It is Abraham in whom all families of the earth are blessed (Genesis 12:3) and in Issac and in Jacob.  Pharisees Luke and Mark wrote lying gospels to deceive, that contain little truth.  Luke traces the lineage of the Messiah back to Adam.    The Lord says he is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and never calls himself the God of Adam in the Tanakh or Torah.

Christianity is founded solely on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, the false apostle.  He taught Gentiles:

1.  Jews are the enemy of salvation (Romans 11:28)

2.  All outside the church are children of disobedience who must be punished (Ephesians 2:2, 2 Cor. 10:6)

3.  God blinded all Jews to force Jews to believe lies (Romans 11:30-32)

Christ says none of the above:

1.  Salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22)

2.  It is the Holy Spirit filled Jews of the Lord who shall be murdered and thrown out of their synagogues by those who claim to be of God (John 15:37-16:4)

Christ speaks of the Christian converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel and so does Isaiah:

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I shall profess to them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Isaiah 66:17   They that sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens behind on tree in the midst eating swine's flesh and the abomination and the mouse shall all together be consumed

Isaiah calls the Christians the 'swine flesh eaters', calls Paul a swine.  Or could be interpreted to mean the Christians are called eaters of swine's flesh because their master Paul teaches that God permits Jews to eat any food they want.   The abomination is mentioned at Daniel 11:31.   Existing when Daniel 11:31 takes place are the Christians.  The Gentile Christians are the ones spoken of in Revelation 11:1-2 as trampling the holy city with the Beast for 42 months.  The Gentile Christians shall be in terrible uproar against the Jews of God because the Jews of God are worshiping in God's Jerusalem Temple.    The Gentile Christians are filled with the Anti-Christ Spirit (1 John 4:3), and the only church left standing at that time, the Roman Catholic church, is carried by the Beast and the Beast is the eighth pope king of the Catholics that follows the 1964 United Nations declaration that the Vatican is a sovereign nation.  That makes the pope as king, being the office of the pope is the highest office in the sovereign City-State of Vatican nation.   Upon said 1964 UN declaration, the then sitting pope became a king and all subsequent holders of the office of pope are kings.    Current pope Bergoglio is the fifth pope king of the Vatican, leaving two more more pope kings and then the Beast is the eight and final pope king of the Catholics.   The Jew Pharisees own the Roman Catholic church (Rev. 18:20-24, Matthew 23:35).  It is upon Jew Pharisees that comes judgment for all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Able to the blood of righteous Zechariah and the righteous blood is found in that great city that rules over the kings of the earth.  Furthermore, the Lord said the Jew Pharisees seize on the Lord's inheritance and remain in control thereof, as thieves-in-possession, until the Lord returns to kill them.

The Jew Pharisees' fathers are the murderers of God's prophets, they took control over many Gentiles via their gospel of Pharisee Paul, they own original Christendom, which is the Roman Catholic church.  They established 1948-founded State of Israel falsely asserting same is fulfillment of God's covenant with the Jewish people, but in reality it is fulfillment of the prophecy of the Son of God that the men of Satan Jew Pharisees would seize on the inheritance of the Lord with respect to Gentiles and with the Jewish people (Isaiah 42:6).   

As to the Book of Revelation, the Son of God is not speaking to churches in Asia, but speaking to Jewish believers in their Asian provinces.  They rejected false apostle Jew Pharisee Paul and his fellow false apostle Pharisees (Rev. 2:2) and Pharisee Paul admits that all of Asia rejected him (2 Timothy 1:15).  To this day, only about 2-5% of China's people are Christians. 

Christ did not found any altars for Gentiles, he founded no churches in his doctrine (Matthew and John), but rather his doctrine opposes all that churches are.   It is the Jews of the Lord of Asia to whom Christ speaks in Revelation Chapters 1 through 3, and where Christ speaks of the synagogue of Satan, the correct term should be church of Satan (Rev. 2:9, 3:9).  Christ says it is blasphemy for Gentiles to call themselves Jews and those who teach such are of the "synagogue of Satan", but which should read "church of Satan", for it is out of the churches that comes the blasphemous teaching that Gentiles are the true Jews (Romans 2:28-29).

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