Matthew 5:27-30   You have heard it said to them of old time, you shall not commit adultery; but I say to you, whoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her in his heart ….


There is a word missing from the above statement by Christ, married – whoever looks on a married woman to lust after her, the subject matter is adultery.  A man cannot commit adultery by having an unmarried woman, whether he is married or not, for only a married woman is forbidden to all men except her husband by command of God.   And Christ is in no way saying that an evil thought in one’s heart is the same as commtting an evil deed, with one exception, which is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. 


Christ is not saying that a man has done the deed of adultery by lusting in his heart for a married woman, but is warning do not follow the temptation in your heart to do an evil deed.  The adultery is solely within the heart, not an act of sin counted against the one who thought of the evil thought in his heart.   It is a temptation to do evil, and temptation is not the actual deed of evil, nor deemed as such by God.  If temptations were deemed as the act itself, then why does Christ say "help us in our hour of temptation"?   What help if the temptation to do evil is the actual deed of evil; therefore, the Lord does not hold against his people temptations in their heart to do evil.  When the hour of temptation comes, whatever that evil desire is, including being tempted in the heart with lust for a married woman, ask God for help, deliverance from evil so that the evil does not come to fruition that a sheep thought of in his heart, his temptation.

 Think of wanting that married woman in your heart, Christ warns that it is better to lose a part of your body than have your whole body cast into the lake of fire, so do not carry through with any evil temptation that arises in the heart:


Matthew 15:19   For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts ….


Christ is saying, let your evil desire stop at the heart and go no further.  And Christ is showing he knows the heart of everyone, their thoughts and he knows you have thought of doing an evil deed, but he is not saying you have commited the evil deed in act, only in heart (with the exception of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit).

Evil thoughts people of the Lord think of in their heart are not counted against them, only evil carried out in deed, with one exception as aforesaid and as follows:    Binding/loosening, that is when a brother in Christ offends another brother in Christ and refuses to apologize.   If the offended brother harbors unforgiveness in his heart toward the offending brother, the unforgiveness lies within the heart and Lord sees it and he says, so let it be unto you as you have wished for the brother who offended you.  As you have not forgiven your brother his offense, so the Lord shall not forgive you your offense.  The unforgiveness in the brother's heart may be told to other people, or remain the secret of the unforgiving brother, but not a secret to God.   The Lord is in the midst of the brothers who so decided to harbor unforgiveness in their heart, the unforgiveness has already been seen by the Lord and he says, right then and there it shall be unto you as well, neither then shall the Father forgive you all of your sins against him.    The unforgiving servant ends up in the lake of fire at judgment time.   Of course, it is best to forgive and forget, for the merciful receive mercy from God (Matthew 5:7).   I would not want any one separated from God for all eternity based on my own hurt that someone did to me when the one who did the hurting was a sick sheep.    Rather than confrontational toward an offending brother, remember in the end you must forgive regardless, think of that offending brother forever separated from the Lord and know that the separation you seek for him from the Lord because of a wrong he did to you, you shall receive that separation from God (Matthew 18:35).


A believer in Christ is going to be asking for help from God in his hour of temptation, then an evil thought in one’s heart to do an evil act will stop at the heart and not proceed to an evil deed.    


To the sheep that struggle with evil temptation of the heart, Christ does not count against you evil thoughts you may think (except as aforesaid), but he will count against you evil that you do in your deeds, that is those who received Christ’s message and therefore know not to do evil deeds if eternal life is desired:


Revelation 20:12-13  … judged according to works … judged according to works


The only exceptions that come to mind where an evil thought is the evil deed is to think evil against the Holy Spirit, to think in one’s heart, which thought he may or may not share with other people, that Christ cast out demons by the power of Satan (Matthew 12:31) and to not forgive from the heart a brother who offended you (Matthew 18:35).


The Lord’s Prayer – the hour of one’s temptation.   Deliver us from evil, help me, I do not want to carry out this evil thought that I have come up with in my heart.   There was mercy from God for his people that did do an evil act and then were sorry, wished they had not done same; how much more mercy and help from God for those who struggle at the very thought of an evil deed they have come up with in their heart, they know it is their hour of temptation.    Being tempted in one’s heart is not a sin before God.  Christ wants those who are his brothers, mothers and sisters who struggle with an evil thought they think in their heart to ask for his help in their hour of temptation so they do not commit an evil act:


Leviticus 6:2-6   And if a soul sins and commits a trespass against the Lord … he shall bring his trespass offering a ram, without blemsih, from his flock ….


John 8:11  I do not condemn you go and sin no more [the woman caught in adultery]


The sin is in the deed, not the thought to do a sinful deed, except as aforesaid.   If the evil thought itself was as if doing the actual deed, then what hour of temptation to be delivered from?   The very act of being tempted itself condemned as an evil deed, a sin, and therefore no delivery from evil available.  Therefore, Christ does not condemn a believer on him for thinking of committing adultery with a married woman in his heart, but he warns do not carry out the act.    If you are a sheep and did carry out an evil act, God knows if your heart is trulycontrite or not.  No one who is truly sorry for an evil deed he committed and gives up doing evil will be rejected by God.


The desire to do evil arises from the heart, and for the believer in Christ who struggles with evil desire, let it stop at the heart and Christ will not hold against you the evil thought you had thought in your heart.    The believer in Christ has the true reality, which is the Lord.  That is what keeps one from the path of evil for they want life, not death, and knowing the Lord is reality, that there is no life apart from God and those who refuse to give up evil deeds have no place with God, let the temptation end at the heart and do not carry out the evil deed (John 3:19).


A woman is for one man as a wife or concubine, but a man can have as many wives and/or concubines as he is able.  To the men who gave up a wife in this world for Christ, they shall inherit a hundred times more wives in the next life (Matthew 19:29), same goes for the prophets of God who gave up all in their first lifetime for service to God and shall inherit in the next lifetime (2 Kings 5:26).

Wicked servants and unfaithful servants.  The wicked servants are those who refuse to forgive a brother in Christ from their heart.   The unfaithful servants:

Matthew 24:49  ... [if he] begins to beat up on his fellow servants and eat and drink with the drunken, then the Lord of that servant, in a day that he looks not from him, an hour he is unaware of, and shall cut him asunder and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth

The Lord cuts down his own that he knows have become hypocrites, as stated by Christ above.  The Lord is in the midst of his own who decide in their heart, that offending brother is forever loosed from Heaven, the Lord never will forgive him and neither will I (or we).   It goes to show that a heart can change, just as God said in the past, still holds true toward Christ, where a man in Christ was on the path of light, but then turned away and none of his past walking in the light counts toward him, for he has decided to walk in darkness.  The Lord does not change, and what was forbidden then is forbidden still, evil deeds:

Ezekiel 18:24   When the righteous turn away from doing righteousness and commits evil deeds ... All his righteousness that he has done shall not be mentioned ... in the sin that he has sinned he shall die

Same with Christ, the servant who later becomes a hypocrite, his service to Christ no more mentioned, he has become a hypocrite, has decided to walk the path of darkness and therefore has become an unfaithful servant and he shall share the fate of hypocrites (Matthew 5:20).

Same with Christ, as the Lord spoke to Ezekiel regarding righteous men who forsake righteousness, the wicked servant who refuses to forgive from his heart a brother who offended him, he has turned wicked and the Father shall not forgive his sins.  No mercy to the unmerciful.   Mercy to the merciful.

The unfaithful servant is eating and drinking with the drunken.  The drunken are evil people who would mock God, mock his servants.  But the unfaithful servant fits in with them because he too does the same, beating up on God's servants.

The unfaithful servant who is getting drunk with the drunken is not the same as a faithful servant who does drink and gets drunk apart from evildoers.  Noah got drunk (Genesis 9:21).    Elisha expects to inherit vineyards in the next life (2 Kings 5:26), and vineyards are not primarily for grape juice, or eating grapes, but for making wine.  Plants that are prohibited by men unjustly to others, to throw users of prohibited plants in jail is an evil.  To offer wine to someone in order to make a fool of them, or do other evil, is an evil act.    Are the sheep to be denied escape as they need, to make merry among themselves with drink or should they choose any of the forbidden plants to partake of?    Rulers of nations may deny and the children of Hell Paul converts may claim God denies same to people, but I fail to find any where in the writings of the prophets or the teachings of Christ that any plants are forbidden or that sheep may not get drunk under any circumstances whatsoever.  Do not do as unfaithful servants do, who end up in Hell, which is to party with evildoers.   Give the message of Christ to evildoers who want to hear same and that is all.   If they hear and reject, that is that, they reject, move on, they love darkness, they do not want Christ.   If they accept, then a new brother in Christ.

King David was forgiven by God for having committed adultery.   I do not say that a sheep is never forgiven for doing an evil deed after knowing the truth of Christ, that is something the brethren just do not know what is going on there, for John says:

1 John 5:16-18   ... if you see your brother commit a sin that leads to death, I do not say that you shall pray about it

To the brother who sees a brother commit sins that do not lead to death, pray to the Lord about it and he shall give that brother life.   The Lord gives such brother life whether or not another brother prays for him about his sins that do not lead to death because the Lord forgives his people who broke the least of his commandments (Matthew 5:19).    John is stating that God's people are not to condemn a brother for committing sins that do not lead to death.

But if one sees a brother do an evil act, do not pray to God about it.   That is not to say the brother who did an evil act is never going to be forgiven by God, rather one does not know what is going on there that brother who says he believes in Christ did an evil deed.  And a brother who keeps on doing evil, Christ said you will know them by their deeds (Matthew 7:20).    The brother who turns to evil continually has turned away from the light and therefore is no more a brother to the brothers, sisters and mothers of Christ, which are those who believe on Christ (Matthew 12:50).

If you love Christ, then there is no need to go after strange doctrine (New Age, etc):

1 John 2:10-11   ... Do not accept any doctrine except the doctrine we preach ....

Doctrine matters to Christ:

Revelation 22:15   ... I hate the doctrine of the Nicolaitans ....
The Nicolaitans are the Christians.  Christ hates the doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.


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