The white supremacist cabal in power with Donald Drumpf Trump.

The information is out there for any one who seeks the truth on Bannon and Trump.   Do not rely on editors of alternative media news sites to deliver the whole story, some of them are even promoting Trump-philia.   Alex Jones promotes Trump-philia, so does World News Daily, they are CIA operations I do believe.   

Bannon is effectively the US  president because Bannon, like Dick Cheney under Bush, is said to be calling the shots, not Drumpf.  It was Bannon who wanted to deploy 100,000 + National Guard troops to round up immigrants in US, and who came up with the executive order to ban some Muslims.   Safe to say then it is Bannon who is effectively president and he does sit in on national security briefings with the president.

The Simpsons, a US television program, does encode predictive programming at times.   As to Trump and Clinton, Simpsons foretold 15 years beforehand that Trump would be president, followed by Hillary Clinton as president.  An example of predictive programming.  The predictive programming in The Simpsons states that when Clinton takes office, the US is bankrupt.   

US bankruptcy declared after the Vatican/Freemason third war Christianity v Islam.   The Freemasons lie, they do not tell the whole story in their predictive programming.    In the predictive programming in the The Simpsons, the programmers declare China shall bail out the US.  Jew George Soros, a Vatican henchman, does publicly offer China the imperialist seat, knocking off USA from that seat, but they are liars.   The loyal sons of the church are the Europeans, the UK and lastly USA.   China and Vatican have no close ties, whereas Europe and UK have a couple thousand year ties with the Vatican and USA a couple hundred years.   China is being played by the Vatican.  See tab George Soros NWO. 
So why is any of alternative media calling Trump a populist win, when Simpsons predicted his win 15 years ago.?  Much of alternative media is run by the CIA, some alternative media is run by Christians.   The Christians are pinning their hopes on Trump.

The Freemasons set it up so that the people seek a populist president, and offered their NWO fake populist version, Donald Trump Drumpf, a second generation son of Germany.  It is German bank Deutsche that prevented Drumpf from being the failure he really is.   If it were not for multiple bank bailouts of bankrupt Drumpf, he would not be rolling in the money.   Some reports have him at four bankruptcy proceedings, others five.    Ties to Russia banks?  A diversion, it is a Germany  bank he owes a few hundred million to, Deutsche bank.  

Because his presidency was predicted many years ago, per predictive programming as stated above,  Drumpfs win was an Vatican/Freemason engineered thing made to fool the public into thinking they have voted in a populist.  Drumpf is the illusion of a populist win.  And Rothschild's New Economist piles on in that regard, making it appear Drumpf is an upset to the  NWO plan on their 2017 magazine cover.   And on that cover they do let it be known what is coming:  War and Death. 

Drumpf is not an upset to the NWO plan, under his presidency the NWO Vatican visionaries will go for it, to establish their vision (Daniel 11:14).   Militant Christianity on the march, as Catholic Christian Steve Bannon said it is time for Christians to seize what God bequeathed to them 2500 years ago.   Evil Bannon, the unrighteous one who thinks he is righteous, is the man who seeks to heap all people to himself.  And he shall cut off many people.  See Habakkuk Ch. 2.   Bannon wants everyone united under Judeo-Christianity, and the ones he shall cut off are those who refuse to come under Judeo-Christianity.  Not that Bannon will not also cut off people who say they are Judeo-Christians, if those people come against him.

Once the bankruptcy of the US is achieved, and this is done via a world war - Freemason third war Christianity v. Islam, in comes Clinton to turn over the USA to the International Monetary Fund.   The US Federal Reserve bank will become merely an instrument for carrying out the dictates of the IMF, the FR wholly answerable to the IMF.   The owners of the western central banking system consolidating their power, placing their central banking system into a supranational institution out of reach of control by national legislators, judiciaries and executives.   Thereafter, the IMF and UN and other supranational agencies dictate national policy in the US, and control the credit creation in the US, thereby effectively controlling the US.  Same will go for UK and Europe.    In the US, the federal government will be relocated from Washington, D.C. to Denver, Colorado where the mountains there provide the most secure, most defensible area within the US - safe from an uprise of the population (unlike current Washington, D.C. location).   If the US government builds a southern border wall, that wall will be as much for the purpose of keeping people within the US as its stated purpose of keeping people south of the US border out of the US except by legal immigration. 

 The NWO expects to be the victor in the coming global war so that the NWO will be in a position to force Russia and China and Iran and all other nations to submit to their rule, having no other choice because they are defeated in war with the NWO.   But it is the NWO that loses this soon coming global war (Daniel 11:14-19).

Habakkuk's prophecy:

Habakkuk 2:2-3   Write the vision and make it plain upon table that he may run that reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak ....

Habakkuk 2:4-5   Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just shall live by his faith.     Because he transgresses by wine, he is a proud man, neither keeps at home. He enlarges his desire as Hell and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathers to himself all nations and heaps to himself all people.

Habakkuk 2:6   Shall not all these take up a parable against him and a taunting proverb against him and say, 'Woe to him that increases that which is not his ....

Habakkuk 2:7-8   Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite you, and awake that shall vex you and you shall be for spoils unto them?  Because you have spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil you, because of men's blood and the violence of the land, and of the city and all who dwell therein.

At the end time of the world is when the prophecy speaks.  

The prophecy makes sense at the end time, when the people existing at that time read the prophecy they can see Habakkuk's prophecy is the time they live in, when the alcoholic rises to power and aims to heap all people to himself, and to cut off many people.  The aim of Christian militant Bannon is to conquer the world for Christianity.   In a speech to the Vatican in 2014, Bannon says militant Christianity must rise up and take what belongs to it.


Video time 4:21  "... if the people in this room and the people in the church do not bind together and really form what I feel is an aspect of the church militant to really be able to not just stand with our beliefs but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that is starting, that we will literally eradicate everything we've been bequeathed over the last 2000 to 2500 years."

Bannon seeks to heap all people to himself.  Gather around the man puffed up via alcohol, and he uplifts his soul and his unrighteous endeavor is to take what was bequeathed to Christianity over the last 2000 to 2500 years.  

What was bequeathed to Christianity over that time span is ever increasing new territory conquered for Christendom.   Time to conquer new territory, and for Bannon the new territory is not one nation, but all the non-Catholic nations.  Russia is a Christian nation but not of the Vatican's form of Christianity, and there is no money for Vatican where the Catholic altar is not being operated by the Vatican.   Bannon wants China, Russia and all of the Middle East, India, all the rest of Asia - it all belongs to Christendom according to evil Bannon.  Of course the Vatican does not oppose, they say they are the universal church and have right to rule over the entire world.   The conquering of territory by Christendom is in Revelation 6:1-8, and is not a doing of God but is a doing of evil men of Satan.  And because God has permitted evil people and good people to exist until the harvest (Matthew 13:30, 13:41, Rev. 22:11), the Christian militants think they are victorious by power of  God, when in fact the Lord would kill them all but for waiting until God sends judgment that ends with the world becoming God's world (Rev. 11:15).  Then he kills them all and every other evil person (Matthew 13:41).

Bannon is the man to carry out the NWO vision of the robbers of Daniel's people (Daniel 11:14), to make come true that aspect of their vision that requires world war as shown in the Denver NWO airport Nazi murals. 

Habakkuk states that those the evil man spoils, they shall rise up and vex and spoil him.   Bannon's desire is as large as Hell and death:   Give me all the people of the world, they belong to militant Christendom, and be down away with all who refuse to join in that union.  Christendom must reign over the whole world.  That is what militant Christian Vatican dog Steve Bannon thinks.

Nazi Bannon will get the spoiling done, and the remnant left shall spoil him, as Habakkuk states.  This is also prophesied in Daniel 11:14, that many shall come against the king of the south, which is the USA, in the end time.  And also states the king of the south is in league with visionaries.  That is the NWO vision, and it comes out of militant Christianity NWO Vatican:

Daniel 11:14   At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision [NWO] but shall fall.

Bannon will cause much blood shed in the coming war, but out of all that blood shed, the Vatican Pharisees lose and those they attacked shall rise up against them and defeat them.  Russia conquers new territory (Daniel 11:15), and China occupies the Middle East for a time (Daniel 11:16-19). 

The reason the usual military officials are kicked out of the national security meetings, until Bannon deems it advisable that such officials attend a meeting, is because the US military wants to maintain the illusion of arm's distance from what the NWO has planned to go down.  That way when the Bannon/Drumpf nightmare ends and the nation then begins to question how could this have happened, the military was not there in on the national security briefings to know the plans Bannon and Drumpf came up with; they were totally out of the loop.  That would also be cover for a false flag where China and/or Russia and/or Iran are blamed for nukes that go off in the USA, when it is US black ops that did it.   The compromising of US national security because Bannon kept out military officials from the national security briefings.  The reason Drumpf has distanced US from the UN is because the US regime knows their policies and actions under Bannon will be so outrageous, the regime does not want to put up with the blow back from the UN permanent member nations.  The Nazis will say, we shall not give account of our actions at the UN, we are making America great again.  The NWO Vatican set up the UN as a means to control nations, and they are backing away from it temporarily because they know they are on a mission to conquer all non-Catholic Christian nations and do not want to put up with the talking backlash from nations at the UN.

Steve Bannon drunk memes.  People are saying he looks like a drunk, the red nose and bloated face, two known side effects of chronic over ingestion of alcohol.   An identifier of the man who spoils many in the end time is that he is a drunk, and in his alcoholic stupor he gets his tremendous pride and unrighteous uplift of his spirit.   Bannon thinks he is a man of God doing the will of God.

One might say the Habakkuk prophecy applies to Hitler.   Hitler was not a drunk, he was into a cocktail of drugs administered by his personal physician.   Hitler's time was not at the end, another 70+ years before the end is near.   There is the final world conflict among nations in Daniel Ch. 11.    Following that chapter is Chapter 12, and 12:1 reads:  Then shall there be a time of tribulation such as the world has never seen and never will see again.   Daniel Ch. 11 is speaking of the end time events, which include the preaching of the gospel of Christ as a witness to all nations before the end (Daniel 11:33, Matthew 24:14); and  the Temple of God existing again, and which is desecrated by enemies of God (Daniel 11:31, Matthew 24:15).

Steve Bannon is the one who is lifted up in his soul, a drunk who thinks he is of God.  He has said:  "Darkness is good.  Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader. Satan.  That's real power".   Bannon physical features of an alcoholic, making him the man Habakkuk speaks of that is puffed up with pride from alcohol and who comes in the end time and brings ruin to many.  Bannon is no ordinary drunk.  He is said to be the puppeteer to puppet Trump, he is at the height of world power and he desires a violent and bloody Christian crusade.  Bannon is the one God speaks of through Habakkuk.

Any good Jew or good Gentile reading and is skeptical that Bannon is the one - skeptical because he is not VP or president of USA, then if and when Bannon becomes VP, and perhaps from VP to president, you will know to RUN.   Perhaps Bannon is already in a position to carry out his desire, a desire that God says is as death.  He does sit on the National Security Council and is said to be the puppeteer to Drumpf the puppet.  

If Mike Pence dies or steps down as VP,  Trump will appoint Bannon.   If Trump dies or otherwise leaves office and Pence becomes president, then Pence will appoint Bannon as VP.   From position of VP, Bannon will become president perhaps because it is unlikely that such an evil man would not see to it he sits as the king of USA.   All the forces of the NWO are working to bring about the Judeo-Christian Nazification of USA.  GCN of Satan Alex Jones of Satan has made the switch to ordinary Americans being the enemy as he attacks them in groups: Leftists, transgenders - all lifestyles deemed anti-Christian.  Alex Jones is to Steve Bannon what Goebbels was to Hitler.  Goebbels was the orator propagandist supreme who championed Hitler before the people of Germany.  See tab Shapeshifters 12 for images of Satanic Alex Jones being shapeshifted.
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