There are two days prophesied that many confuse with each other as to the signs that apply to each.  Those days are:  


1.  The day the Lord’s judgment unto victory begins;  and

2.  The day that the Lord returns to reign on earth from Jersualem. 





The day that God begins his judgment of the world is preceded by the murder of someone for having given the testimony of Christ and with his murder, completes the total number of those to be so killed:

Revelation 6:10-11     “and they cried with a loud voice saying, how long Lord … will you not judge … rest yet for a little season … until their fellow servants and brethren should be killed as they were is fulfilled.”

Some heathen(s) will put to death that last person that completes the total number of those to be killed for giving the testimony of Christ, and with his murder God brings on a great earthquake which is the beginning of his judgment of the world.   So powerful an earthquake that every mountain and every island is moved out of its place.   Stars will fall to the earth.  Shooting stars burn up in earth’s atmosphere, but these stars will make it through to the earth.  The atmosphere is rolled up as a scroll.  Then the rulers of men and other men of high position hide in rocks and caves.   Even the heathen will know it is the Day of the Lord as they  say,  “the  great day of his wrath is here and who shall be able to stand up” (Rev. 6:17).  


Revelation 6:12-17


It is known when the day of God’s judgment is close at hand:

Matthew 24:15   “When you see the abomination that makes desolate … let him which is in Judea flee to the mountains ….”

Jesus instructs to flee to the mountains because there will be a great earthquake not long after the abomination that makes desolate takes place as God begins his judgment that ends in victory.    Those who follow the teaching of Jesus know that once the abomination that makes desolate is set up in God’s Temple (a third Temple to be built), soon to come will be the great earthquake and other calamities that are the beginning of God’s judgment unto victory and so they will already be in the mountains before the  great earthquake, if able.  

All infrastructure will be destroyed in the great earthquake that moves every island and every mountain out of its place.  That is why they are on horseback on the battlefield (Rev. 19:19-20).     All of the electrical grids of the world will be destroyed, all infrastructure of the petroleum industry will be destroyed, of the nuclear industry, etc..    All facilities housing supercomputers will be destroyed.   And God’s judgments continue with one whack after another and so there is no time or ability to rebuild the former civilization before Christ returns to reign on earth.   Of the billions of people on earth, not many will be left during the time of the reign of the Beast because the tribulations are so great.






There is another day spoken of by Christ and that is the day that Christ returns to reign on earth for one thousand years:

Matthew 24:33  “… when you see all of these things know that it is very near, even at the door.”

The above passage refers to the time when Jesus is about to return to earth and the things to look for which indicate that Jesus is about to return to earth are:

1.   After the tribulation of those days, the sun and moon go dark.   Matthew 24:29.

2.   There shall appear a sign of the Son of Man in heaven … and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven having great power and glory.    Matthew 24:30.

This is the sign of the Son of Man that people will see on earth:

Revelation 19:11-12    “And I saw heaven opened up and behold a white horse and he that  sat upon the horse is called Faithful and True … his eyes were as of a flame of fire and on his head were many crowns ….”

The above passage says heaven is opened up, that means mankind on earth gets to see heaven and they see the sign of the Son of Man, which is the Lord sitting on his white horse, with his eyes as like a flame of fire and many crowns on his head.   The people on earth will see and know he is about to come.




In conclusion, the day God’s judgment of the world begins kicks off with a great earthquake and other calamities.  The time of God’s judgment is unknowable, except  to the extent that those who know of the abomination of desolation referred to by Christ, and as stated in Daniel,  and are able to know that the abomination of desolation has occurred, they are aware that shortly thereafter there will be a great earthquake and so, if able, they will have left for the mountains before the great earthquake occurs.

When Jesus Christ the Lord returns to earth in great power and glory is knowable by the sun and moon going dark immediately after the tribulation and then heaven is opened to mankind and they see the Lord in heaven, sitting on a white horse.    The tribulation is God’s judgments poured out upon the world, and the final judgment is:

Revelation 16:17  “And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air and there came a great voice out of the Temple of Heaven from the Throne saying, It is done.” 






Jesus says “freely received, freely give”.  Many of these false prophets are around, and Jesus speaks of them:

Matthew 7:22-23   “Many shall say to me in that day, Lord, Lord we did many wonderful works in your name, we cast out demons in your  name and we prophesied in your name.  And I shall profess to them I never knew you, depart from me workers of iniquity.”


Who but those of the Gentile churches could Jesus be speaking of in the foregoing passage?  Obviously, the workers of iniquity are among those of the Gentile churches for they say Lord, Lord as if Jesus should know them.   And they offer up  reason why Jesus should know them.  But Jesus says he never knew them.  These workers of iniquity are not followers of Christ.  They follow the false christ presented in the anti-Christ doctrine of the anti-Christ and false apostle Pharisee Paul.


Matthew 24:12   “Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall go cold.”


Jesus says iniquity will be everywhere in the last days, and the workers of iniquity say Lord, Lord  — and the Gentile churches litter the earth and lawlessness abounds with the increase in workers of iniquity.



1 Corinthians 11:26, 11:29-30  — Warning  to those performing the Eucharist ritual, it is an evil ritual instituted by men of Satan, the Pharisees.  The evil Pharisee Paul says people get sick, others weak and others die because of performing the ritual.  The evil Pharisee says God strikes them down for being unworthy to perform the ritual.  But he is a liar, for it is evil spirits that come upon people when they perform the Eucharist which is why they get struck down.  Not only health problems, or death, but evil spirits work other troubles in the lives of people who perform the Eucharist ritual.    So much evil pervades society because there are so many workers of iniquity.

Since the time of John the Baptist, there is no judgment of God upon the world, or any nation or kingdom, until God’s judgment unto victory:

Matthew 13:30  “Let both grow until harvest ….”


So  rightly  dismiss those who say repent or God’s wrath, because they are liars.   There is no stopping God’s judgment unto victory and until such time, God brings no ‘repent or wrath’ message to any one.     Jesus preached repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, the time when Jesus sets up his kingdom on earth (Matthew 4:17).

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