Video time 3:09   "... people that fought in this great war.  Really, the Judeo-Christian west versus atheism, right ...  People who come from working class environments and created what we really call a pax Americana but it was many many years and decades of peace."


He goes on to say that Western Christianity is at the brink of a crisis that will be very brutal and bloody if Christian militantism does not arise:

Video time 4:21  "... if the people in this room and the people in the church do not bind together and really form what I feel is an aspect of the church militant to really be able to not just stand with our beliefs but to fight for our beliefs against this new barbarity that is starting, that we will literally eradicate everything we've been bequeathed over the last 2000 to 2500 years.  

Steven Bannon is a Christian Nazi.  Christianity is not of God, and Bannon is a child of Hell convert to Christianity:

Matthew 10:16   Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

Trump and Bannon think they are men of God placed in power to carry out the will of God.  They are both evil men of Satan.

Video time 4:44   "I think you're seeing three kinds of converging tendencies.   One is a form of capitalism that is taken away from the underlying spiritual and moral foundations of Christanity and really Judeo-Christian beliefs ... There is a strand of capitalism today, two strands of it that are very disturbing.  One is state-sponsored capitalism  and that is the capitalism you see in China and Russia.  I believe it's what the holy father has seen most of his life in places like Argentina where you have this crony capitalism ... The second form of capitalism I feel is almost as disturbing is what I call the Ayn Rand or objectivist school of libetarian capitalism   ... I'm a big believer in libetarianism.   I have many many [Libertarian] friends and its a big part of the conservative movement  ... However, that form of capitalism is quite different, when you really look at it, to what I call the enlightened capitalism of the Judeo-Christian west."

He then goes on to say Islamic terrorism is a big threat, citing some Isis atrocities.   Informed people know that Isis is a mercenary army of US military, trained and equipped by the USA.   Does Bannon really swallow the lies he puts forth?   I doubt it, he is doing the thing he much admirers, deceiving people.   Bannon has said it is good when people are unaware of the real agenda.  He said "Darkness is good.  Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power".  

At video time 9:42 he says we are the verge of a global conflict "If we don't bind together".  There it is, the rise of the USA Fourth Reich soon to come on scene full scale.   Steven Bannon is to Trump what  Heinrich Himmler was to Hitler.    It is unlikely China and Russia will stand idly by as President Bannon installs his new society in preparation for war and wait for the first strike to come from the US.  Bannon has already declared war on China and Russia.

Himmler was likened to Catholic Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit society.   Himmler organized Hitler's SS according to the principles of Loyola, including spiritual principles.  Himmler was a Catholic.   Lying Freemasons like Pat Robertson and others claim Hitler was not a Christian.  Hitler was a Catholic Christian and embraced the belief  that Christianity was under threat and had to fight to regain lost territory.  Bannon revives that same belief of Hitler.  And the Vatican backed Hitler and Mussolini fully, even assisting escape of Nazis to safe havens after WW2, by issuing false passports and other means.

This is what former chief of Hitler's German counter-espionage said:

"The German author Walter Hagen reported:  'The Jesuits' general, Count Halke von Ledochowski, was ready to organise, on the common basis of anti-communism, some collaboration between the German Secret Service and the Jesuit Order'.   As a result, within the SS Central Security Service, an organisation was created, and most of its main posts were held by Catholic priests wearing the black uniform of the SS.  The Jesuit Father Himmler was one of its superior officers."    Walter Schellenberg, former chief of the German counter-espionage.

Steve Bannon states his theological mandate to go to war against Russia, against China and against Iran and whatever other nations he might want to take down.   Trump is the figure head only, being directed what to do by Bannon.    President Bannon.  Bannon is to Trump what Dick Cheney was to Bush.  Cheney was effectively the real president in power, and so is Bannon.

In this coming Nazi Fourth Reich, the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners do not need to murder millions of their fellow Jews.  Their 1948-founded State of Israel was realized, and achieving same was the reason why so many Jews were murdered.   The evil Pharisees murdered many Jews in order to guarantee they would get their Israel again:  Jewish genocide.   Give the Jews their own nation so that another holocaust will never happen.   They decided on six million murdered Jews as the number of deaths to accomplish their goal many years before the holocaust occurred.  Vatican and her Knights Templar orchestrated Hitler's rise to power. 

The term 'Judeo-Christian' was not used by Hitler.  The term did not exist until it was coined in the 1950's.   Hitler said that God gives him power to go after all enemies of Christianity, citing Jews as among the enemies of Christianity.    This rising US Nazi Fourth Reich does not include Jews as enemies, as Nazi Bannon uses the term 'Judeo-Christianity",  a term coined in the 1950's.     The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners solidified Israel state acceptance among Christian nations through promotion of a new ideology called 'Judeo-Christianity'.   Once the Pharisees got their Israel back in 1948, they began promulgating new ideology that made Christianity a friend of Israel, and Israel a friend of Christianity (Judeo-Christianity).  

Jews are the enemy of Christianity, as stated in Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.    The Son of God says salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).   Paul says Jews are the enemy of salvation (Romans 11:28).  Paul says everyone who is not of the church is an infidel (2 Cor. 6:15).   Paul says everyone who is not of the church must be punished (Ephesians 2:2-3, 2 Cor. 10:6).    The truth is Pharisee Paul's gospel is not love and light, it is hatred of good people and darkness.  The Jew Pharisees treat Paul's gospel as a living document to be adapted as the times require.     

This coming US Nazi Fourth Reich has declared that its enemies are all who are not of Christendom.  As to Russia, which is Orthodox Christianity, they are the enemy of Judeo-Christianity because of their form of capitalism, according to Nazi Bannon.

Nazi Bannon talks of crony capitalism in nations other than the USA.  Bannon is quite liking the Goldman Sachs form of crony capitalism in the USA, and he comes out of Goldman Sachs.   Crony capitalism reigns in USA as of the 1913 founding of the privately owned central bank, the Federal Reserve system.   The Federal Reserve is owned by Jews and the institutions which govern the Federal Reserve are housed in Switzerland.  Why Switzerland, and why is the USA central banking system answerable to institutions in Switzerland?   Switzerland was founded by the Vatican's trusted Gentile Knights Templar in 1291.    Switzerland is Knights Templar posing as a nation, and the Vatican is a business posing as a religious institution of God, and as of 1964, posing as a nation as well pursuant to United Nations declaration making Vatican a sovereign nation.   Vatican cannot house those institutions, it would expose who they really are, so they hand it off to their trusted KT's.   The Federal Reserve bank is answerable to Switzerland because the Jews that own the FR are also of Jews who own the Vatican, and they punt everything over to their KT's for administration and the KT's do as the Vatican tells them.       

Nazi Bannon says Vatican/Swissy's form of crony capitalism created great wealth.    Fiat currency running as of Nixon taking US off the gold-standard.  Approaching a fifty year run of fiat currency in USA and the fiat currency is on the ropes and going down, as all fiat currencies throughout history do become worthless.

Goldman Sachs, which is of the private central banking system that controls the USA, contrary to the Freemasons' Constitutional law but it suits them to let it be, is among the bankster looters that consumed the real wealth of USA  and continue to do so.   Leeches on the backs of the populace sucking them dry, and USA is about to be sucked dry completely.  Nazi Bannon praises that form of capitalism that has reigned in the USA since 1913.   He claims that form of capitalism brought many decades of peace.   Historical facts do not corraborate Nazi Bannon's lying claim.  The USA has been virtually at constant war with one nation or another since the founding of the Federal Reserve bank.   USA is a pawn of the Vatican to accomplish Vatican's geopolitical aims.

The players are all lined up to fulfill Daniel 11:14:

Daniel 11:14   At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision [New World Order] but shall fall.

The robbers of Daniel's people are the Jews of Satan Pharisees (Matthew 23:31-32, 35, Rev. 18:24).  Their vision is the NWO, emanting out of the robber's empire, the Vatican which is owned by the Jew Pharisees who founded the first church in the world, the Roman Catholic church, and do still own it -- the inheritance passed on from Pharisee fathers to Pharisee sons on down their generations (Matthew 21:33-46, Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).

In power in the USA is Nazi Steve Bannon who calls the pope 'holy father' and  demands Christian militantism rise up to fight for the beliefs of Catholic Christendom.    In the above video, he names China and Russia as enemies based on their form of capitalism and Daniel speaks of Russia and China being involved in the coming global conflict.     Within the king of the south is one who is for bringing into reality the Vatican's NWO vision, that is Nazi Steve Bannon.  Not just him though, but he is the lead man heading Trump where the Vatican NWO visionaries want to go, their back up plan to a China failure.

Daniel says the Vatican NWO dreamers fall and that Russia conquers new territory (Daniel 11:15) and that China occupies the Middle East for a time (Daniel 11:16-19).   The USA military will fall to the military of Russia and China.   Even if now USA/Nato military has technology capable of winning against China and Russia in a war, everything shall go wrong for USA/Nato so that what they think is their military superiority over Russia and China, which may in fact be the case, USA/Nato will not prevail.  God foretells it will not go the way Vatican wants.

Steve Bannon wants the US populace united under a banner of Judeo-Christianity, and said that is what he wants because a global conflict is coming.  The psyops will be geared to get the population going in that direction.   What may seem like mainstream media opposition where incredibly outrageous things are said to undermine Bannon's goal to unite the populace under Judeo-Christianity, that is a push to generate a push back.   Bannon said the mainstream press should shut up.   If enough people want that Judeo-Christian agenda to be unopposed, they will back restrictions on freedom of the press.    Goldman Sachs is not against Bannon, he comes from them and mainstream press is controlled by the banksters.  Nazism is totalitarianism, and that means coming restrictions on freedom of the press, and it will be welcomed when it comes under the banner of defending Judeo-Christianity.   The bankster owned mainstream media used to have Billy Graham crusades on prime time NBC, CBS and mainstream media lauded Graham.   It suits their agenda to bring militant Christianity to rise in the US and they will be very clever in the psyops they employ to bring that about.

The Vatican prefers that China be the new imperial power, and has been setting the stage for China rising by having their Federal Reserve banksters take down the US economy, among other things.   Pope Bergoglio is hated by traditional Catholics and they would prefer to have conservative Ratzinger as pope again.    Bergoglio is the China face of the Vatican.   Ratzinger is the Nazi face of the Vatican to be in power to prosecute a Nazi war in the event of a China failure.   The Vatican has two tracks running in the event their preferred China track fails.  The second track is to Nazify Europe and USA and then go to war against Russia and China.   A big failure is Trump being president, and by power of Catholic Knights of Malta Freemasons who did not want China as the imperial power.   Clinton would have handed USA to China, as Vatican desires.  Trump says 'make America great'.    At the very top of the Vatican and not known to even high level Catholic Freemasons is that Jew Pharisees own the Vatican.  The Jew Pharisees have no allegiance to any Gentile nation, they ride over them to steal their wealth.  The woman who rides the Beast and she sits over many people.    The high-level  KOM Catholic Freemasons have allegiance to their own heritage.

But the Vatican has a back up plan, that is a Nazi Fourth Reich march in the name of Judeo-Christianity to war against China, Russia and Iran.   That is a big gamble for the Vatican.  If Russia and China were sufficient victors, they could literally destroy the Vatican and put an end to their nemesis.  But that is not to be either, as the Catholic church remains until the very end, with the Beast himself being the last pope of the Catholics (Rev. 17:10-11).   The US military has placed and continues to build up its offensive weapons encircling China's south sea and they are doing the same around Russia's borders with Poland and Ukraine.  Vatican has their back up plan in the face of a China failure.   Obama was a Vatican puppet and in his last few days in office, he authorized a very large deployment of US troops and weapons to join Nato troops bordering Russia.

Besides the uncertainties of the 2016 US election, Vatican also has the uncertainties of China's acceptance of Vatican's offer to place China in an imperialist seat, which offer comes with a very high price tag - let the IMF control the exchange rate of China's currency.   The 2016 US presidential election result is turning out to be an insurmountable obstacle to Vatican's China plan.     Vatican, through Soros and the CIA, attempted to undo the 2016 election.  First by lawsuits challenging the election results.  Then an attempt to persuade the voters in the electoral college to change their vote in favor of Clinton.   Then Vatican's CIA attempted to bring down Trump through allegation that Trump had ties to Russia that threatened US national security.  Recently it has been banted about that Trump is mentally unstable and should be removed under the 25th Amendment to the USC.  

By now, or soon to be, the Vatican will realize it has no choice but to go the Nazi route.   Bannon is not at all against Catholicism, not even against Bergoglio though many Catholics are.  To my knowledge he has not changed his position, as stated in the video, that Bergoglio is the 'holy father', unlike many Catholics who think he is an anti-pope.   The Vatican can very easily work with Bannon, they just have not fully thrown in yet behind him.   That awaits Bergoglio's removal soon by death or murder, and Nazi Ratzinger's reinstallment as pope.  Then the reapproachment begins when Vatican under Ratzinger embraces President Bannon, that uniting under Judeo-Christianity in a global conflict to defeat the enemies of Catholic Christendom.   Trump is not setting the agenda, Bannon is.

Trump's movement is not a populist movement.  It is a Freemason movement.  Bannon wants all of the US populace united under Judeo-Christianity and any who refuse will become an enemy of the state. is a website owned by a man who is a Christian and does reject the truth that Paul's doctrine is not of God and that the Son of God is not worshiped by those who convert Paul's doctrine.   All converts to Paul's doctrine go to the eternal fire (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17). dismisses Paul's gospel as being not of God, but he thinks a Christian church can be of God. has contacted that website and perhaps they shall come to believe the truth that no church altar is of God, no Christian church is of God.  No Christian church altar is of God, the altar was founded by Pharisee Paul (Hebrews 13:10).  The Son of God did not give any altar to the Gentiles (John 4:20-24).



Thumb and sections of fingers missing.  Next is close up pic.

His natural eye color is brown, not dichromatic one eye blue other eye brown.  His right iris is not round.

His right eye turned blue besides other shapeshifting of his eye.

Lines on face because of monitor.  Notice his neck.  Close up next.

Lines from monitor.  Neck is shapeshifted.


Sorry about the lines, monitor. 

Between vid 0.27 and 0.28 the shapeshifting occurs.

Images of Bannon shapeshifting were taken from the interview in this video.

The played is Russia, but not for as long as the Nazis wanted.  The played is China, but they are on to it too.  China reportedly is backing away now from take over of Hollywood studios.   For China to be pumping out pro-Chinese Hollywood entertainment would just be fuel to get the population united with Trump under that Judeo-Christianity unity that Nazi Steven Bannon seeks and to get that 'culture follows politics' that Andrew Breitbart wanted.   Evil Breitbart was not happy that in US it is culture, then politics.  Totalitarianism requires control of culture by necessity in order to stay in power.   All must be molded in mind to honor the state as much as the church is honored.  State and church hand in hand.   The Nazi state upholds Christianity so that totalitarianism is tolerated by the majority, being the majority have Christianity as their religion.  Nazi Bannon states that he aims to unite the American people under Judeo-Christianity.

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