UPDATE:  The thinking presented in the article below  has changed to conclude that Soros, a Vatican dog mouthpiece, is lying to China, never intending to place China as the new imperial power.  The relationship of Vatican is with Europe and UK for over 2000 years and a couple hundred years with USA.  They are the loyal sons of the church who in in absolute allegiance with the church.  China has no such ties, and in fact will not even permit the Vatican to operate the China Catholic churches.  China Catholic churches are run by the Chinese state leadership.   China is being suckered until the NWO has in place their Fourth Reich Nazi empire to go to war against China, Russia and Iran to defeat them and then gain the whole world, have absolute control over all the banking of the world, which is their ultimate aim.  One central bank of the world, but that is not to be (Daniel 11:14).  Not until the Beast comes to earth in physical form, (Rev. 11:7), which occurs during God's judgment of the world unto victory, will there be one on earth with power to force everyone to receive a mark or be banned from buying or selling.   And anyone called out to worship the Beast and they refuse, they will be killed (Rev. Ch. 13).

Embedding for video disabled, link provided above.

Why Soros Does Not Want Trump to Attempt to Make America Great Again

Vid 15:43  This would be the time [NWO] because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order, financial world order.    They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF.  They play along but they do not make much of a contribution because it's not their institution.   Their share is not commensurate, their voting rights are not commensurate, to their weight.    So I think you need a new world order that China has to be a part of the process of creating it and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns the, Washington consensus, the current order. 

China will emerge as the motor replacing the US consumer and of course it's a smaller motor because the Chinese economy is much smaller.   So the world economy will have less of a motor so we can move forward slower than it has in the last twenty five years.    But China will be the engine driving it forward and the US will be actually dragged, that's being pulled along through a gradual decline in the value of the dollar. 
            *                    *                  *                    *                     *                    *                    *                    

Trump cannot be permitted to halt the destruction of US, according to NWO Satan Soros.   Trump already alluded in speech to a massive bubble ready to bust.  But where a Soros puppet as US president would not seek to recover US from the coming economic collapse, Trump would if he holds to his stated objective to make US great again.

Interviewer Questions the Vision of Soros

The interviewer asks 'what of the concern' of US people that aiding and abetting devaluation of their money might ruin their economy.  Soros answers:

Vid 17:32  It is not necessarily in our interest to have the dollar as the sole world currency because as the world economy grows it needs additional currency and if the dollar is that additional currency, it means that the US has to have a chronic current account deficit and that is not appropriate.  I think this is a healthy, painful adjustment that the world has to move through.
       *                        *                      *                       *                   *                     *                         *

Satan Rothschild and his Jew bankers that gained control of US in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve have indebted US via fiat currency phoney debt that can be cancelled today, the Federal Reserve and all Jesuits kicked out of the nation and the US treasury issue notes.   Or the officials of the US can say they do not want to go down the road offered by Satan Rothschild.    It remains to be seen what course the US shall take.  With Obama and Clinton, the course stays as Satan Rothschild wants.  With Trump, the course does not stay which is why Trump has great forces against him and if Trump prevails, that may be one of the factors why the NWO visionaries fall (Daniel 11:14).  

The interviewer then asks Satan Soros, paraphrasing:  what will happen to the US if it does not voluntarily go along with the 'healthy, painful adjustment'.  Satan Soros responds:

Vid 18:23  Well the Chinese will go bilateral . They already do it.   They already have a clearing arrangement with Argentina, and I think they're working on one with Brazil and you will find that there will be more and more bilateral arrangements.  So the dollar will remain the main international currency but its use will decline.  

   *                      *                        *                     *                     *                        *                         *

Satan Rothschild is of the Jew Vatican owners and South America is firmly Vatican territory, they have their nations Brazil and Argentina do their bidding.

Satan Rothschild and his minions like Satan Soros are actively working to throw the lead to China.   Soros says that China must be the new Washington consensus, replace the Washington consensus with Beijing consensus.  

What the evil Jews of Satan are relying on to bring forth their NWO vision is for China to be their pit bulls, do as they say.  In exchange, the Jews of Satan offer Chinese leaders a buy in to the Rothschild's/Vatican's IMF.    If China does not go along, that leaves Satan Rothschild to try to revive what they have scorched, US, UK and EU.   Crawl back to the Europeans who will always keep her, they shall be beaten back.  And then the come again with Europeans to try another papal crusade (Daniel 11:21-25).  The Vatican's jerk king continues his mayhem and murder in the Middle East until he dies (Daniel 11:45).  Then imminently thereafter, the Lord begins his judgment of the world tha ends with the King of kings reigning forever and bringing in everlasting peace and righteousness (Daniel 12:1, Rev. 11:15).   

Soros states:  "It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the world depends on it," dependant on China agreeing to turn imperialist and allow Satan Rothschild to remain in control of the IMF with China having a partial buy in to the IMF and under the rule of Satan Rothschild.  China just is not going to go for it.  As said, China can seize it all if they want, no need for Rothschild and Vatican.

Satan Rothschild and Satan Soros and their brethren see no other world but one where China is the new Washington, the new world reserve currency.  

If the European nation leaders did not agree to allow the Jews of the Vatican to rule over them, then the Vatican would have no wealth or power by which to rule.    Some nation or nations has to let her in and feed her and let her altars exist and let their religion be practiced openly.   Its the same with her monetary system, and UK, US and EU have let her control their monetary system.   Asia rejected the Jew Pharisee false apostles (2 Timothy 1:15, Rev. 2:2).   No church altar over those Gentiles of Asia, and after all this time the Jew Pharisees of the Vatican think China wants them now.  

She has stuffed the US, UK and EU with her fiat currency and she orders her debtor suitors to pay up for all of her fiat currency debts to her.   The US, UK and EU could have issued their own paper money with no debt attached.  The Federal Reserve does the same for itself, though a back channel way, but it all works out the same.  A filthy rich institution because they get to issue the money.  And the issuance of the money is perceived 'pure' because it goes to a government who pays interest on the so-called money.  The US government could be in the seat of the Federal Reserve and issue money and have some entity or entities agree to give it back to the US goverment plus interest.  Now go and make some money on that money just borrowed and promised to pay back in full and with interest.   Only corrupt and moronic people in power and not of the Vatican would agree to the Vatican's bankers scheme, and that is what they have done.   

The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners can pull of their scorched earth policy plans for the UK, US and Europe only if China agrees to be their new financial playground to pillage.  If the Chinese leaders want to go that route, they can reap all the spoils for themselves, and kick the Vatican to the curb, which they are going to do.  The Chinese have no need to share with the Vatican. 

Satan Rotschild and queen Vatican can pull off their NWO vision only  if she finds another willing nation suitor, as she is about to destroy with death her current suitors.  Destroy with death as to the classes of society beneath the ultra elite and outside of those people she wants to maintain in the US, UK and EU because they are of her military, her police. and others who will oppress the people to carry out her will.  That one suitor she seeks is China.  See does not need Russia, but she does need China.  

But China shall muck up her plans because China does not need her at all.  And the only way she gained control in UK and EU is via her religion, Christianity.  US banned her for a while but then the US Catholics brought it all in, witth the last piece in place being the 1913 Federal Reserve bank, it is Satan Rothschild's bank.   The Chinese leaders hate Christianity and most of their people reject it.   Stupid Satan Rothschild, his only power over China to force them to submit is to have China believe they cannot make it own their own without Rothschild, and China knows they can be the new Washington consensus without Satan Rothschild.

China Will Spurn Satan Rothschild and His Vatican Jew Brothers

Satan Rothschild and the Jew Pharisee owners of the Vatican are not going to take kindly to China spurning their request to unite as one.   Satan Rothschild and the Vatican queen Pharisees are doing their things to try to strong-arm China.  Satan Soros was shorting China's offshore currency, and China laughed at Soros attempt to bring harm to China that way.  Take her willing, or she will take you through pain.  Bring China just enough pain that they do not totally fall, but decide it is better to play along then to continue the course.

China does not need Satan Rothschild's only offer to China, which is Christianity.  The Jew Pharisees' churches for Gentiles was very useful to Roman Emperor Constantine because the Pharisees' church religion teaches to obey all in government, they are there by God's will.     Constantine ruled over people of many different ethnicities, a vast territory of non-related people.  Having all of his subjects united via a common religion is an imperialist dream come true.  Satan, the Beast and the Anti-Christ Spirit carried the Jew Pharisees successfully among the Gentiles.  Christianity spread and spread.  Enough of a compelling force that Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.  The Gentiles like their church altars.

The Chinese rule basically over the Chinese, they are not imperialists.   China is already a united nation in a large way via Confucism.  Therefore, China has no need for Vatican's form of unification via Christianity.   If China sought an imperialist position then Vatican would come in handy to walk hand in hand with through the nations of the world.  Vatican would support Chinese leaders being the new Washington consensus and in exchange the Jews control the finances with China buying into a piece of the financial action and China brings in the Catholic altars by the 100's of thousands and China being the Washington consensus, compels all other nations to adopt Catholic altars and make Catholicism the official religion of every nation.  

Once in control of China, their NWO established, the plan of the Vatican Jew Pharisees would be to begin to kill all the Gentiles until there is only some of them.  Georgia Guidestones states to keep world population under 500 million. 

Soros Says the Financial System is Over, the Curtain on the Stage Just Not Yet Lifted

Vid 18:59   I think that a world of bilateral arrangements is less desirable then a continuation of a multi-lateral system.  But the system we have now has actually broken down only we haven't quite recognized it.    So you need to create a new one and this is the time to do it.
    *                       *                           *                       *                     *                      *                     *

The financial system Satan Rothschild has over the US, UK and EU is already broken down.  Just waiting for Satan Rothschild to give the okay to let it go so that the people of US, UK and EU begin to face the reality of life that is a painful adjustment for them all together.   The painful adjustment is needed by reason of indebtedness., says Soros.    The  tremendous indebtedness is already there, the plug could have already been pulled fully.  But Satan Rothschild fears a populace uprising, so they are gradually destroying the currencies of UK, US and EU.  They want to take away the US guns because of the 'painful adjustment' they seek to inflict on the US and do not want US citizens using their guns against them to bring about regime change.  Obama is arming Syrian rebels with assault weapons so that the rebels can bring in their own form of government.   Satan Rothschild, through Vatican's Homeland Security officials, through their puppets Obama and Biden, and other means,  is trying desperately to disarm US citizens ahead of the planned  'painful adjustment' in order to prevent an over throw of the US government by the populace.

Lawyers, doctors, Ph.D, other professionals with blue collar workers, are to go all together  through the painful adjustment to bring in Satan Rothschild's NWO.    That is why the US military drills with crisis actors asking for food and water and the military is taught to have no regard for their plight, and to use force against them.  That is why the US military is training with crisis actors wearing John Deere hats with the actors begging military not to take away their guns. 

That is why controllers of the RNC are trying to prevent Trump from becoming president and Soros funds groups to harass Trump supporters.    The US is to be brought down.  It is no more a time for casino moguls in the US and all the others who make their wealth through a robust spreading of wealth among a middle class and upper middle class and  a few classes of wealth above that.    The elite like Biden and his son will get their share of  wealth in the NWO.  Resources they will control, such as Ukraine's gas, in the NWO, but most citizens of the UK, US and EU shall lose out in the NWO, and the losers include all of the middle class and many classes of the rich.  No more thriving middle class, no more individual freedoms.   The masses of ordinary citizens of the UK, US and EU are to go through the 'painful adjustment' from being individual with rights to individual with no rights and damned to serfdom. That is why Common Core educational program exists, serfs do not need to learn any thing but the labor they are ordered to perform by authorities.  And since their labor is not even required, they are 'useless eaters'.   There is a great hatred for the American people and UK people and European people and it all emanates out of the Jew Pharisees' Vatican and they own the Bank of England, the Central Bank of EU and the Federal Reserve bank and her knights templar who founded Switzerland in 1291 house the central bank of the western central banks, and dictates the rules (Basel banking rules).

Satan Rothschild will not cease funding US and UK and EU military and police and other oppressors as needed.  It is the social spending that shall cease, it is the masses of doctors, and other professionals and other workers who shall all together been thrown into the 'painful adjustment' from which there shall be no escape and no relief for a very long time, if ever under the NWO.  Another dark age for the UK, US and Europe.

God said the robbers of Daniel's people shall exhort themselves that now is the time to establish their vison while at the same time many come against the US.    At the present time Satan Rothschild and his Vatican pals have a vision to establish.  At this present time, tensions are very high between US and China, between US and Russia.   US holds a gun to Russia's head.   US shall hold a gun to China's head.  US pulls the trigger first, or Russia pulls the trigger first, or China pull's the trigger first.  US pulls the trigger first on either Russia or China and the other party shall come against the US at the same time.  US strikes Russia, then China shall enter the fray on the side of Russia, and Russia will do likewise if US strikes China.   This is the time of Daniel 11:14 playing out, and what occurs is Satan Rothschild and Satan Soros fail to establish their vision, they fall because many come against the USA, which is the main might at Satan Rothschild's disposal to fight against China and Russia.  

Soros speaks lies and what he really means is not exactly what is stated but is hidden.   So where one might think Soros wants people to have freedom with elected officials obeying the majority will of the electorate, based on his words,  he actually laments the 'agency relationship'.   Agency relationship is the term Soros uses to describe what is the voter-representative relationship.    Satan Soros is for a church-state iron fist rule over people where the individual has no rights but what the church and state allow them to have.   Soros wants an end to the agency relationship that governs in most of Vatican's current territories,  where it had been prior to the Protestant Reformation governed by traditional relationships.     Soros uses the terms 'traditional relationships' and 'contractual relationships' and what he means thereby is presented further below.

The Plan of Soros to Bring About China as the New Imperialist Power

Vid 19:38    ... a decline in the value of the dollar is necessary in order to compensate for the fact that the US economy will remain rather weak.  Be a drag on the global economy.  

Vid 14:07   Right now, the Chinese public is willing to subordinate individual freedom to political stability and economic advancement.   But that may not continue indefinitely.   Corruption is a big problem and China needs the rule of law so that citizens can criticize the government and prevent it from abusing its powers.  And China needs to become a more open society in order to be acceptable to the rest of the world  ...  The rest of the world will never subordinate the freedom of the individual to the Chinese state.    As China is becoming a world leader, it must learn to pay more  attention to the opinion of the rest of the world. 

But all of this may be happening too fast for the Chinese leadership to adjust to it.  China is accustomed to thinking of itself as the victim of imperialism.   So it doesn't realize that it is beginning to occupy an imperialistic position.    That is why it has such difficulties in dealing with Africa and its own ethnic minorities.    Hopefully, the Chinese leadership will rise to the occasion.  It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the world depends on it.
    *                       *                        *                  *                    *                      *                            *

Satan Rothschild operates through murder and mayhem to get what it wants.   China is not pursing murder and mayhem against Africa to get Africa's resources, and that is why Soros states that China has "such difficulties in dealing with Africa".     Satan Soros urges Chinese leaders to be imperialist devils.  Use murder and mayhem to get what they want.  The Vatican has been using the CIA and other US apparatus to bring murder and mayhem to the people of South America to maintain SA as a monopoly for Vatican's merchant men.   So the people  are set upon by the CIA and other dogs of Satan Rothschild when they seek to establish a society where much of the natural resources are collectively owned by the people and cannot be privately owned, such as water systems to provide public water, and where utility services are collectively owned by the people and so on.   

Satan Soros wants China to become a domestic consumer, play it up just as Satan's bankers did to US after the war, they milked it for all they could and seeing it would go dry planned to move to another field in time, that being China.   They had their IRS institution write the tax breaks for US business to send their manufacturing to China.   Prepped China for just this time, so they can bring their Satanic hate to US, UK and EU and play friendly with China for a few decades while they milk them dry and prep to give to the Chinese people the same fall and death fate to many of the common people, as they planned for US, UK and EU. 

Soros Hates Citizenry Elected Representational Form of Government

Vid 11:19  .. the agency problem seems to be much more severe today then it was even as recently as my arrival in the United States in 1956 ... the main culprit [behind the severe agency problem] is a decline in public morality fostered by the rise of market fundamentalism.   I like to think that at the time of the founding of the Republic [USA], citizens were genuinely guided by a sense of civic virtue.   Fortunately, the founding fathers didn't put much faith in that and built a constitution on the division of powers ... That is why the Constitution holds up so well in spite of the decline in morality.     Even when I first arrived in 1956, people professed to be guided by intrinsic values like honesty and integrity.  It may have been hypocritical with all kinds of vices clandestinely practiced, but still it was very different from today's public life where the great pursuit of self-interest is openly admitted and people are admired for being successful irrespective of how they achieved it.
     *                       *                        *                        *                        *                          *                    *

By 'civic virture' Satan Soros means the kind of evil activity where the civilian realm engages in Hitler youth-type organizations, where the people pledge allegiance to their leader.   A civil society that has civic virtue is one that places admiration where it belongs, and gives no admiration to the unadmirable.   Satan Soros' brand of 'civic virture' is admiration of the unadmirable.   Satan Soros is a Nazi.  An unadmirable thing is the god Satan Soros constructs as his reality.

Soros and Satan Rothschild and their Jew brethren owners of the Vatican hate what has become of US, UK and EU where ordinary people gain prominence in society, and most of the people are wholly driven by self-interest.  They have no need of the Vatican and will not suffer unjustice to them, and the Vatican's entire existence is based on a lie and is injustice in every way.  The common people exercising self-interest utilize lawyers and courts to enforce contractual relationships.  They demand doctors to keep them from death for as along as possible, and fix up when wounded.    And all the self-interest is enabled through market fundamentalism, the right to reap the rewards of one's labor and to be free to labor or not if he chooses.  

Market fundamentalism is the right of individuals to engage in contractual relations.  Contractual relations among the masses requires civility, rules that enforce contractual relations.  The dignity of right to self-determination within a civil society.   Every one has a chance to rise in society through self-interest compelling themselves to go in that direction.  If the self-interest is to not pursue wealth, or if the self-interest is to pursue wealth - whatever the pursuit of happiness so long as the individual does not infringe on the rights of others, then in an agency relationship dominated society, (contractual relations rule rather than traditional relations), every individual has their personal freedom to engage in self-interest pursuits.  Where the Vatican rules supreme, the common man is not permitted to have self-interest.  He must do as the Vatican dictates. That is why the Vatican's buildings have Egyptian pyramid symbolism all over them.  The Jews were once slaves to Gentiles in Egypt.  Now the Jew Pharisees (through their gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul) have the Gentiles enslaved to themselves.  The institution that enslaves them is the Vatican religion for Gentiles, Christianity.  The Roman Catholic church must be obeyed, her priests are the judge and juror and jailors.  Her cardinals and archbishops and bishops are the most powerful men within their assigned territory.  The pope must beware of an archbishop or cardinal becoming too powerful, for he might try to usurp the pope, take all the money of the territory for himself, so they limit the territory over which cardinals, archbishops and bishops can rule. 

Soros states self-interest is enabled by capitalism.   Satan Rothschild wants to end capitalism for the masses in US, UK and EU.  That means the end of a public stock market.  Stocks will be privately held by a few individuals permitted such ownership when they are of use to Rothschild   Not that the current markets are free.  There is a set of regulations governing contractual relations in the financial world, but enforcement is one-sided.   Those who are the inside are protected, no enforcement of regulations against them that is ever of any just consequence.  Satan Rothschild got control of US markets when he opened the 1913 US Federal Reserve central bank.

Soros Reveals His Belief in Satan

Vid 24:12    The objective aspect of reality, as I have constructed it, has many of the attributes of God as conceived in monotheistic religions.   It's omnipresent and all powerful yet the ways of its workings remain somewhat mysterious.  

Vid 22:56  One way to bring home objective reality is to draw attention to death as a fact of life.  
     *                     *                       *                          *                        *                    *                 *

The god of Soros says to Soros, bring death to reality for people.  Not to Soros himself, Soros does not take his own life.  Soros wants to see the life of people other than himself taken in death.  Death is a fact of life, drive home the reality of death, says Satan Soros.  Soros wallowed in death, as he stole the valuables of Jews who he knew were being sent to their deaths in Hitler's death camps.   Vatican loved Hitler, the Vatican's knights templar servants of Switzerland assisted Hitler.  Jews of Satan kill their fellow Jews and many Gentiles too.   Soros  never hopped aboard any of the Nazi death trains to bring 'objective reality home of death' to himself by having himself put to death at the Nazi death camps.  

Soros is demonic.  His pathetic mind is wrapped around Satan, whom he calls god.  Satan has the ear of Soros and Soros obeys.   Kill the people, bring home the reality of death to them.  It is time for death, death is a reality, the people must face their deaths now.   Soros is fascinated that the Aztecs men would actually strive with all their might to win a sports game so that they could be sacrificed to their god.    Swine Soros thinks it is the duty of men and women to be sacrificed to his god Satan. 

Soros likens his god as having many of the attributes of the monotheistic gods, but is not one of those monotheistic gods.   Therefore, the god of Soros is not the God of the Jews of the Lord and good Gentiles.   The god of Soros is not that of the Koran's author.   

The god of Soros is a monotheistic one, claiming to be the all powerful one true god.  Satan says he is the one true god and that God should bow down to him (Matthew 4:8-9).    

Men of lesser evil inclinations than Soros who are in power and who are not down with the  New World Order vision may not know, or even if told would comprehend, who they are up against in Jacob Rothschild and George Soros and the Vatican.   

Soros Explains Contractual Relations and Traditional Relations

Vid 20:59  Looking back, Christianity used to treat the pursuit of profit as sinful.   This hampered economic development.  The [Protestant] Reformation then facilitated the development  of markets and opened the way to material progress and the accumulation of wealth.  Society underwent a great transformation.   Traditional relationships were replaced by contractual ones.  Contractual relationships came to penetrate into more and more spheres of social life ... The pace of change continued to accelerate.   It sped up, sped up tremendously during my lifetime. 
      *                        *                        *                          *                     *                        *                     *

The Vatican NWO vision entails involuntary servitude to the church and state.    The return to traditional relations.  No more lawyers, no more doctors.  The Affordable Health Care Act is to make doctors unavailable to the peasants and big pharma is withholding penicillin and other such drugs from the market place claiming manufacturer-caused shortages.  When big pharma was brought to testify before Congress on the alarming shortages in ansthestics and other basis medicines, big pharma took the 5th Amendment, refusing to testify.   Just recently in the news is a call to cease giving JDs, too many lawyers.  

Satan Soros says traditional relationships were replaced by contractual relationships in the Protestant Reformation, and he does not like that.    

Before the Protestant Reformation, Christianity under the Vatican forbade pursuit of wealth.   Only the Roman Catholic church and the nobility could be wealthy, as well as those the nobility and the church chose to bestow their wealth upon.   That is the teaching of Pharisee Paul in his gospel.  All to government and all to the chuch, and the Gentile Christian lay are to do as Paul claimed he did:

2 Corinthians 5:4  We do moan and groan over when our body shall die so that we can get our immortal body

Eviil Christianity, the truth of it but the dogs of Protestanism refuse to see it.  They think their Paul founded churches were corrupted by Roman Emperor Constantine.  Jew Pharisee Paul's churches were corrupt from their founding.   All Christian churches are founded on the filth of Paul, like 2 Corinthians 5:4, founded on anti-Christ Paul's self-admitted lying gospel (Romans 3:7).  The Vatican taught their Gentile lay the way of thinking as Paul told them to think, long to die - your life begins when you get to heaven, and only government people and the church masters have the right of God to enjoy wealth in this world.   Then about 1500 years later, the printing press was invented, information was spread and the church lay caught wind that their pope lived a very lavishous lifestyle and they did not take kindly to it, and broke off forming the Protestant Reformation.  And they told themselves, just as Christian church masters and government rulers did, we can enjoy wealth from God now on earth too - the Protestant work ethic.  

I come to give you life and life more abundantly.  The Vatican did not push the gospel of the Son of God.  The children of Hell Protestants take some from Matthew and John and some from Paul and mix it together and come up with their religion that tells them the common man has the right to live as a king too if he can work hard enought to achieve it.   To every man the fruit of his own labor under the Protestant Reformation.  The evil Protestants keep their altars given to them by liar wolf Jew Paul.  They refuse to stick to Paul's prescription in terms of living standards for the church lay, which are to be as a serf submitting and obeying completely all in government and all the church masters (Romans Ch. 13, Titus 3:1-3).

The great majority of the Christian slave Gentiles of Europe were landless, right-less peasants under Vatican rule.     There was no lawyer business, no doctor business under Vatican rule.  Any priest or nun could pull a citizen off the street and have them arrested, tortured or killed, confiscate their property.  The Vatican was law.

Satan Soros laments having come into existence lawyers and doctors for the peasants, made possible by the Protestant Reformation.   The Vatican does not need courts, they are the law.  Only Vatican's chosen and the nobility and their chosen are to have doctors tend to them.  The Christian peasants have no rights, therefore no need for lawyers.  The peasants are to be kept in the constant reality that death is their lot in life by seeing disease and death around them all the time, therefore no need for doctors for peasants.   No doctors for the peasant under Vatican rule.  Do as Paul says, moan and groan over when you will die so you can get your new non-flesh immortal body.  Christianity is an evil religion, same with Koran, same with Talmud - and they are all Jew Pharisee doctrines.

No need for contracts when dealing with a peasant.  The peasant has no rights, and therefore no need for lawyers.     No contractual relations in a Vatican ruled society.   A reversion to traditional relations is what Satan Soros and Satan Rothschild seek, which is why Jesuit owned Georgetown University professors are always calling for the US Constitution to be done away with.     

Satan Rothschild, Satan Soros and Satan Paul, the Jew Founder of Christianity for Gentiles

The same god that Jacob Rothschild and his family worship, and that George Soros worships is the same god of false apostle and anti-Christ Benjamite wolf Pharisee Paul and his fellow Jew Pharisees.  Their god is Satan and Satan's Jewish men set up a religion over Gentiles, teaching them that for Gentiles to pursue wealth is a sin.  Give them the wealth instead:

Romans 15:27  I taught the Gentiles that it is their duty to give us money because we bring them spiritual teaching

The spiritual teaching for Gentiles of the Jew Pharisee men of Satan false apostles is that being spiritual men, the Jew Pharisee Christian church masters have the right to receive the material wealth of the Gentile Christian church lay.  Jew Paul indoctrinated Gentles to turn over their wealth to the churches, which were from their founding and remain within ownership of the Jew Pharisees, as to the Roman Catholic church.

That worked fine for Jews of Satan for a long, long time until the Protestant Reformation.  The Jews of Satan became vastly wealthy through their Roman Catholic Christendom for Gentiles.   Catholics urged on by former Catholic priest Martin Luther arose to break off from the Jew Pharisees' Roman Catholic church and they did come up with a different view of Paul's gospel than that taught by the Vatican.   In the Protestants' estimation,  it was not a sin to pursue wealth, but a virtue.    The Vatican lost territory, lost power, lost money.  Every Protestant altar in formerly all-Catholic territory became financial competition to the Vatican.  In the Vatican's Lateran Treaty with Italy, any one who publicly speaks against the pope is to be arrested by the civilian authorities.   When the atmosphere is right, such as Nazis in power, the Lateran Treaty can once again go into full enforcement.

Protestant Reformation, the Last Great Phase of Satan's Christianity Deception

The Protestant work ethic, and on its heels followed a great increase in knowledge, as prophesied by God's holy Jewish prophet Daniel:

Daniel 12:4  ... many shall run to and back and knowledge shall be increased

The age of people traveling to and back in great numbers coincides with the great increase of knowledge.  This is the age that has been since the 20th century.  Many people travelling about and placing satellites in space, A.I powered robots, the genome secrets of mankind known  - mass travel and great increase in knowledge together on the world scene.

The last great move of Satan to deceive many Gentiles by Paul's gospel is the Protestant Reformation.   The Christian Protestants wallow in a lie.  Their church altars are not of God, their gospel of Paul is of Satan.  
The Vatican wants Protestant Christianity done away with, but not original Christianity which always ruled by 'traditional relationships'.   This is the traditional relationship set up by Pharisee Paul for his sucker Gentile Christian prey:

Romans Ch. 13 [paraphrasing]  Obey all in government, give them your complete obedience and susubmission

Hebrews Ch. 17  Obey and submit to your church masters ....

Acts 4:34 [paraphrasing] Christian Gentiles sell all you own and hand over the sales proceeds to your church masters

Vatican's authorities are the rulers over the people and the nobility she allows to exist in power with her are the second masters over the people when Vatican rules supreme.  Christian slaves to church and state under Paul's gospel.

Satan Rothschild and Vatican About To Strike a Death Blow to Protestantism

The Protestants were able to carry out their pursuit of wealth only because the Vatican could not stop them.   The Vatican is about to stop them, is in the process of stopping them, by taking away capitalism from them.  'Market fundamentalism', as Satan Soros said.   When the Protestants' wealth is evaporated because Satan Rothschild pulls the plug on the currencies of the Protestants, very little or no more  funding for Protestant churches to keep them alive.   The Protestants shall be destitute and all others in the majority, including Catholics.   But the Vatican survives because they have gold and they have property that is untaxed and they have Gentile Christian slaves to give their time and effort to the church, voluntarily.    And the Jews of Satan are incredibly permitted to control the credit creation of the UK, US and EU, making the leaders of those nations and the ordinary citizens as slaves to the Jews of Satan.   

Soros Likes Death Sacrifice of People to a God

Vid 23:21   I have been struck by an Aztec ritual where teams compete in a ball game and the winners are sacrificed to the gods.
       *                       *                            *                             *                            *                           *

As said, Satan Soros thinks it is the duty of men and women to be sacrificed to his god.  Soros is at home walking among death of people.  He sees death to others, but not to himself.  Soros wants death to be a reality on a big scale in US, UK and EU.  There is not enough death for Soros.  Obama puppet is ready to bring death to US, that is why he was chosen by Rothschild to be leader over USA.  Same goes for Hillary Clinton.  If Clinton is a drag on the Democratic ticket, Bernie Sanders is their man, so too could be Joe Biden.   

God to the Rescue of Protestant Christians in US, UK and Europe?

There is no calling on God to rescue America, he does not hear the Christians.  No nation on earth is of God:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

Impossible to rise to power in this world that Satan has the power to give kingdoms too.   My kingdom is not of this world, said the Lord to Pontius Pilate.     Therefore, the Lord's own know they cannot possess any kingdom in the world either.   

It is a war between Protestant Christians and the Jew Pharisees' Vatican brand of Christianity, and the latter are the ones who control the credit creation of Protestant USA.   Catholics in the USA are also of the contractual relationships that replaced traditional relationships and most would not want a return to the latter other than those who profit from the latter, which are the Catholic church masters.

According to Daniel, the Vatican retains servants in UK and/or Europe but loses the US after failing to establish their NWO vision.    The next time the Vatican Jews of Satan try to conquer territory, the US is not in league with them (Daniel 11:25-26).  Russia never is in league with them nor China in their NWO attempt, nor in their second conquest attempt in the Middle East.

Shapeshifter Satan Soros

Dichromatic eyes.  His chin is morphed, green coloring on his neck, a deep depression in his neck just below the chin/jaw. 

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