Fritz Springmeir and Alberino are both converts to the gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul, and therefore they are children of Hell.   Being of Satan, they are morphed by Satan's kingdom.   Every one who is a believer in the word of Jew Pharisee Paul is evil and will end up in the eternal fire with Satan and his angels (Matthew 7:22-23, 25:41, Isaiah 66:17).

Left eye pupil is a slit and Springmeir's right eye pupil is not centered and located to the top right of the white spot in his iris.

This pic can more clearly see his right eye is a different color than his left eye.  Left eye pupil slit also more clearly observable.

More eye morphing, another change of eye color in his left eye.

Morphed teeth.

Gamma, contrast and brightness adjusted to highlight the eye morphing.

Top teeth only slightly visible in this pic despite mouth wide open.  The pic above mouth is slightly open and top teeth more visible than this pic.  Eye morphing in both pics.

Eye morphing, teeth morphed and green tongue.

Bottom teeth not seen though mouth opened wider than the pic above where bottom teeth are seen.

Green lines appear on face, teeth morphed, eyes morphed.

Teeth shapeshifted.

Top teeth and bottom teeth visible.  Right iris larger than left iris, also a darker color than left iris.

Top teeth not visible, bottom teeth morphed.  Right eye is darker color than left eye.

Eyes morphed.

Small tongue hangs out right side of his mouth.

Eyes morphed, no top teeth seen, bottom teeth morphed.

Mouth appears empty.  Eyes morphed.

Hand morphed, no separation of finger seen except for the thumb.

Hand morphed and much whiter than his face and neck.

Normal sized hand, still very white.  Morphed mouth.

Left iris is not round.

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