The Fourth Reich is in power in the US through the Trump administration and will show itself soon to be an administration led by men as monstrous as the monstrous leader Hitler and monstrous men around Hitler.  All orchestrated behind the scenes by the Vatican and her Switzerland Knights Templar, with assistance from US by Nazis like Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George Bush J. and US corporations such as IBM that provided the technology to Hitler to keep track of his concentration camp victims.   Nazi Steve Bannon is another Himmler.  He will be the spiritual leader in the Nazi Trump adminsitration, just like Himmler was under Hitler.  See tabs Global War Coming and Steve Bannon Nazi for more info.  The Vatican is behind Trump's rise to power.  They deny same, but that is theater for China.   Blame Trump's election on the Freemasons, but pope Bergoglio is just trying to keep China snowballed until the Nazi Fourth Reich is ready to strike.   The Black Pope is head of Freemasonry, according to reports including murdered Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera's statement that he kissed the hand of the Black Pope and saw he wore a Freemason ring.

Bannon's turn to be in Dick Cheney's position in terms of authority.    Bannon is not VP, not even an elected official, but just as Cheney was effectively the president and Bush his lap dog, so too with Nazi Bannon relative to Nazi Drumpf.  German Donald Drumpf is a dog Nazi.  Steve Bannon is a man from Hell, he says he loves darkness.  "Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power", said Nazi Bannon.

China thinks world war two never ended, it thinks Nazis rule the west.  Nazi Ratzinger, a Hitler youth Nazi and still a Nazi stepped down to put in, Socialist Bergoglio from Argentina -- all staged theater aimed at China.   Once Bergoglio became pope one of his first actions was to say to China, call me on the phone, any dialogue just do not totally ignore us.  Bergoglio got Chinese cops to patrol with Italian police in Rome.  He has been trying to get China to open up more to the Vatican, but with no success.  Jew Soros  says we want China in the imperialist seat, Yuan as world reserve currency, down with the US dollar, US become caboose to China . So when Nazi Trump won, Bergoglio blames Freemason Catholic Knights of Malta - theater for China.  The Black Pope is head of Freemasonry, which is not admitted by the Vatican.   It is not our fault Nazi Trump won - Vatican says to China and they said that to China this way:  On November 10, 2016  the pope announced to cardinal Burke that he orders all Catholic Freemasons removed from the Knights of Malta.  Just theater for China to keep them strung along.  Not our fault, China, it was those damn Freemasons that put Nazi Trump in power.  But in fact it was the Nazi Jew Pharisee Vatican owners who did put Trump in power and their Black Pope is the head of Freemasonry.   China being strung along and before they know it, the west strikes under Nazi Trump.  Nuclear war against China, Russia and Iran.  China and Russia probably already know the inevitable course is toward war with US because the US is obviously on a war path towards them.

The great deception is that Trump is a populist. Freemasons gave him his celebrity status and that was what drew the big crowds while Nazi Drumpf Trump was campaigning.  Celebrity gawkers for the most part.  Nazi dog Trump is just what NWO Vatican wants in power, and soon Nazi governments in Germany, France, Italy and Greece.

China has been played all along by NWO Vatican.  Always stalled why Vatican cannot produce for them, why Vatican stooge George Soros cannot produce for them as they say they will.  They never intended to put China in an imperialist seat, though that is what Soros said.  They intend to take out China and Russia and Iran, and then they own it all. India and Japan and all the rest fall in line with NWO Vatican-led west thereafter. But it is not to be, Russia and China defeat US/Nato (Daniel 11:14-19).   For proof regarding George Soros' aforesaid statements see tab George Soros NWO.    His interview, his own words.

Bannon wants all Americans united under Judeo Christianity in speech to Vatican in 2014.


Predictive programming  in the television series 'The Simpsons' showed Nazi Donald Drumpf Trump elected president over a decade before the election occurred.   Therefore, how can Nazi Trump's election be the result of a populist movement?  His election is of a populist movement, but an engineered one.  The NWO Vatican Freemasons put up Nazi Drumpf Trump as the one to allegedly relieve the economic misery of the populace.  The NWO Vatican did the same in Germany.  The Jewish owned central banking system of the west, owned by some Jews because the Jew Pharisees own the Vatican, crushed Germany's economy, then foisted Hitler upon them as their saviour.

Nazi Drumpf has a saviour mentality, which I say because he says Putin is no saviour.  Shows he is thinking of ruling in terms of being a saviour ruler.  Trump thinks Putin is not a saviour ruler, but Trump thinks Trump is a saviour ruler.  Reverse speech is when forward speech is detected when played in reverse, and does reveal true thoughts.    Hitler thought he was the saviour of Germany and a son of God doing the will of God.  At link is video of Trump reverse speech where he says Putin shall fear, and that Putin is not a saviour.

Nazi Drumpf is NWO Vatican's choice for the people, riding on the back of the people's economic distress promising to alleviate their economic distress. 

In the interim time, until NWO Vatican's Nazi Drumpf would be put in power, put the gays in as news anchors, push the sexual extremes, now here comes under Nazi Trump the Christian blow back, among other things done to get that Christian militant push back they want.  Nazi Bannon says Americans must unite under Judeo-Christianity.  The NWO Vatican and Freemasons have been laying the path for many years away from Christianity in order to generate that severe Christian blow back they want under Nazi Trump.   Catholic Christian Nazi Bannon says it is time for Christians to use force to see to it that Christian beliefs are upheld in society.

Christian shapeshifter Nazi Zionist Alex Jones, he has been groomed for this day. Dog Christian shapeshifter Rick Wiles of TruNews is among a lot of others in Christian alternative media that are in love with Nazi Christian Trump. They think Nazi Trump Drumpf is a gift from God. KKK, skin heads love Nazi Trump too. Trump gives Infowars and certain Christian alternative media the press credentials to attend Trump administration press conferences, and leaves out some of the mainstream media. Feigned opposition to Trump from mainstream media to generate the push back. Trump-philia being cultivated by the NWO Vatican, and attacking their dear leader is one of the tactics to generate that Trump-philia among the populace.

Not Russia banks Nazi Trump is beholden to, its Nazi German Deutsche bank that kept Donald Drumpf rolling in the money when he was in fact bankrupt and he still owes a lot of money to Deutsche bank.   Nazi Deutsche bank bailing out a busted and broke son of Germany who they knew would rise to power in US.  In 2016 Mein Kempf became legal for sale in Germany, having been banned in Germany since end of world war two.   Germans crushed beneath a wave of immigrants are going to be offered their saviour in the form of a Nazi party candidate from Germany's Nazi Golden Dawn party.    Nazi German Trump Drumpf and a coming Nazi rule in Germany.  Nazi US and Nazi Germany shall team up together in a coming US/Nato war against China, Russia and Iran.

The Pope's 'Freemasons get out of Knights of Malta' was a joke, the played being China.   Figuring in the predictive programming in Simpsons showing Trump winning the US presidency decades before it occurred, it was planned all along for Trump to win, and Clinton played her part in losing.  And CIA Wikileaks Assange played his part.  The mainstream media and Clinton's campaign could have destroyed Donald Trump based on the Vanity Fair interview with Donald Trump where it was revealed he has a copy of Mein Kempf and/or Hitler's NWO speech, together with Ivana Trump's statement that Donald Drumpf's cousin would sometimes greet Trump with a 'Heil Hitler' and clicks his heels.   Nazi Drumpf threatened to sue Vanity Fair but it all being recorded and legit, Trump did not sue.  He had no cause of action to pursue in Court.   No more 'bombshell' leaks on Clinton from Assange after the election because the purpose of the prior CIA Wikileaks on Clinton/DNC/Pizzagate  had been accomplished - Nazi Trump is US president.  And the Nazi goons will turn Pizzagate against the people, pursuant to DHS new ad on 'see something, say something'.   The ruling elite turn it on the populace making the populace all  suspects of engaging in Pizzagate-type activity, and the people are called to look out for this stuff and report it.  Neighbor spying on neighbor, and the disgruntled falsely accusing their foes.   The impression given in the DHS ad is that pedophilia is rampant among the ordinary people, when in fact it is rampant among the ruling elite.    CIA Wikileaks Pizzagate turned on the populace, and the ruling elite involved in the suspected crimes exposed by Pizzagate never to be prosecuted.

Soros is of the Vatican, he says make China the new imperialist power, but that is the NWO Vatican's lie to China.  How can the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners make China imperial power when the couple thousand years of relationship with rulers of Europe and UK, the close ties to USA is what enables the Vatican to remain in power, and they are reliable sons of the church; whereas China nobility, aristocracy and  rulers haves no such ties.  Vatican cannot even get China leaders to permit Vatican to appoint its own church authorites in the Catholic churches operating in China.  All the China Catholic churches are strictly controlled by the Chinese state leadership.  China has been played all along, and the only reason Clinton and Obama were put in was a head fake aimed at China to allow time for what NWO Vatican needed to have in place first.  Need a lot of time because the central bankers needed years to load up taxpayer indebtedness to ensure that after they do their Freemason third world war - Christianity v Islam, they can unequivocally declare US is bankrupt, and UK and Europe bankrupt too.  So when the NWO Vatican/Freemasons restart their NWO banking system after the war, it is their supranational International Monetary Fund that bails out the west, and then is accomplished the transfer of power from the illusion of independent nation-based central banks to a supranational one central bank, the IMF, which is owned by the same ones who own the privately owned central banking system of the west. 

The roughness of the US presidential election, including first ever presidential debate and the candidates do not shake hands.  I'll put you in jail Hillary, said Trump before the election vote.   Nazi Trump's lie to appease the voters.  After the election, Nazi Drumpf slobbers over Clinton.

Why large amount of people come to see Trump during his campaign?  For the most part, the people were there because the Freemasons made Nazi Trump a celebrity, the crowds are going to see a celebrity.   Celebrity gawkers.   Nazi Arnold Swarzneggar did not make it in as president, Nazi Donald Drumpf did.  The Freemasons gloat that they did get their Nazi man in power, in the form of  Nazi Trump.  This gloating is seen by the fact that Freemasons put in Nazi Arnold as Celebrity Apprentice head, in Trump's former position on the show.  They got their Nazi Arnold as president in the form of Nazi Trump, that is the Freemasons' message in putting Nazi Arnie in Trump's place on Celebrity Apprentice.   The hard speech,  I want to smash your face, Arnold said of Trump when Trump mocked Arnie's tv ratings.  The hard speech, grab them by the pussy, said Drumpf Trump.  A Nazi society is a hard society, and Nazis Trump and Swarzneggar doing their part to get that hardness going. 

 Nazi Alex Jones with his blathering 'we got to be pure, we got to all unite', his new message upon Nazi Drumpf winning the election.   Nazi Christian Alex Jones, resistance to tyranny is service to God he says.  The Lord says otherwise in Matthew 10:16, 10:18.   Alex Jones is a shapeshifter, he is of Satan, same with Rick Wiles of Tru News and every other Christian Paul convert.  They are all among the evil people of the world, and evil people do shapeshift.  Shapeshifting is a doing of Satan's kingdom to those people who are his own.

Another tactic going to be used is Trump orders something done that is desired by the populace, and his officials over rule him.    Trump issues a populist order to phase out all for-profit prisons, and his attorney general reverses same.  That is one example, more to come.   An exercise to fool the people into thinking Trump is a populist, just doing what the people want.  But poor Donald gets over ruled ...  by the very people he put in power ... and can take out of power to see to it his populist order is carried out.    Trump will not remove such people for reversing his orders.   The very people Trump put in shall over rule him, as planned, and Nazi Drumpf is in on it.  

The Illuminati card game, control a group score some points.  They got their tentacles guiding all kinds of groups to go on the attack against Trump.  Meryl Streep and that sort of thing.  All part of generating Trump-philia, their dear Fuhrer is unfairly under attack.    Might even be they have Obama arrested for sedition of a sitting president, if they want to kick off a race war.  Obama, or his double, but then let out the backdoor afterwards, or execute him (or his double), that will get the hardness going big time.    They are Nazis and Nazis love to crack heads, and they hate blacks and hispanics.

Zerohedge is among alternative media news sites that still depict Trump as an embattled president fighting the Federal Reserve bank and other elite.   Nazi Drumpf placed Goldman  Sachs men all around him, including Nazi Steve Bannon a former GS man.   The FR is going to fund Trump's military, and begin to take back welfare to the masses and businessman Drumpf shall not oppose.  Strong man Nazi Drumpf in office will have no compassion on people, especially blacks and Hispanics, and cracking heads is a joy to Nazis, and a way to get that war-like mentality going among the Americans.   There is a core the Nazis want to build up:  white Christian Americans.  It can be no other way because Nazi Steve Bannon wants all Americans united under Judeo-Christianity, which is code for Zionist Christian Nazi, and the bulk of people who go for that sort of thing are white Christians.   The KKK does not disavow the bible.  And Paul's gospel is not an offense to evil people, but welcomes them.  It is only children of Hell who convert to Paul's gospel (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).

Steve Bannon coming out of alternative right media (code for Nazi), Breitbart, and he is saavy on use of media to get that union under Judeo-Christianity going.   The government Ad Council will be spreading the ad wealth to those alternative news sites that are deemed favorable to the aforesaid mission.  If you see a few of their ads on an alternative media site, or alt right site, could it mean anything else but that Nazi Catholic Christian Steve Bannon finds that site useful in the cause of his mission to unite all Americans under Judeo-Christianity.   Christian Nazi Alex Jones comes into the forefront, having been issued press credentials by the White House, and so too Christian Tru News.    After all,  it is Nazi Bannon's aim to unite all Americans under Judeo-Christiantiy - and it is Freemason third world war, Christianity v. Islam.   Nazi Bannon specifically calls for a militant church to rise up.   Put those weapons in the hands of militant Christians.   Both Obama and Clinton mentioned Alex Jones by name during Clinton's run for president.  The NWO powers that be want people to turn to Nazi Christian Alex Jones.   Hitler's rise to power was the beginning of a reign of great darkness, same goes for Nazi Drumpf's reign.    Hitler came wrapped up in Christianity, and so does Nazi Drumpf.
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