The false apostle Pharisee Paul claims there will be no flesh and blood in the kingdom of God.   The maker of lies, Pharisee Paul, blames his body for his evil deeds, more specifically he claims the body is captive to a law of sin and therefore the body can do nothing but evil.    He says "who will save me from this body of death".    He says, thanks to Christ that he nailed his own law to the cross so that I am no longer under the law, therefore the evil deeds of my body will not subject me to eternal punishment.   He says it is not I that sins, my body does the sinning.   See Romans 7:23, 7:24, Colossians 2:14, Romans 7:17.    Being that he claims the body does evil while the spirit in the body watches in horror, he says flesh and blood cannot be in the kingdom of God:

1 Corinthians 15:50  ... flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God

The kingdom of God comes to earth:

Revelation 11:15  ... the kingdoms of this world are now the kingdoms of our Lord

When Christ returns to reign on earth, the earth is now reigned over by God.  All is of God on earth.  Will there be flesh and blood on earth when the kingdoms of God reign on earth?:

Matthew 13:41   Christ shall send forth his angels and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend and all that do evil.

The kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of God and God does not want evil people in his kingdom, so he sends his angels to take them off the earth and the angels cast the evil people into Hell.  What of the people on earth at the time that Christ returns that are good people:

Matthew 24:40-41   Two shall be in the field and one taken and one left behind.  Two shall be grinding at the mill and one taken and the other left behind.

The ones left behind get to stay in the kingdoms of God on earth.  The ones taken are cast into Hell.   Then comes true what Christ foretold, the meek and the humble shall inherit the earth.   So flesh and blood does get to be in the kingdoms of God, and therefore the false apostle Pharisee Paul is a liar for saying flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  See Matthew 5:5.

The whole thesis of Pharisee Paul is that Christ died because our flesh and blood bodies are bodies of death because the body does evil continually being that it is captive to a so-called law of sin, but he is a liar.  His evil deeds come not from his body, but from his heart and his evil heart continues into the afterlife.  See Matthew 6:19-21, 15:19.   If it were true that flesh and blood can do nothing but evil, as Pharisee Paul says he does evil, then how is it that the angels of God allow some of the flesh and blood to remain on earth, and they remove other flesh and blood from the earth?   See Romans 7:19, Matthew 13:41, 24:40-41.   But you see Pharisee Paul is a liar, flesh and blood is inert insofar as being the source of evil deeds.   It is an instrument to be used by evil people to do their evil deeds, but flesh and blood in and of itself is inert in respect of being the initiator of evil deeds.

Yet again I show that the false apostle Pharisee Paul is a liar.   The moron children of Hell who cling to a Pharisee say he changed his name from Saul to Paul so he is not a Pharisee any longer.  How stupid to hang everything on a name change.  He changed his name so he is not a Pharisee any more, say the children of Hell morons.  Christ rhetorically said  to the Pharisees, how are you going to escape eternal damnation.  Christ is God so the rhetorical statement can be put forth as:  you know I'm God and I cannot figure out how you Pharisees are going to escape Hell, can you give me a clue here how you Pharisees can escape eternal damnation!  But the moron children of Hell raise their hands, I know, Christ, I know how the Pharisees can escape eternal damnation they just change their name and  then they are no longer a Pharisee and thereby escape eternal damnation.  These freaking children of Hell actually have said to me, Paul is not a Pharisee any more because he changed his name from Saul to Paul.  See Matthew 23:33.

The children of Hell, that is what Christ calls converts to a doctrine of Pharisees.  Now these morons acknowledge that Paul was a Pharisee, no question about it to them, he was a Pharisee.  But they claim a freaking name change is all it took to take Saul from being a Pharisee to being a man of God.   Stupid beyond measure, but then they are children of Hell.  Saul or Paul whatever he calls himself is not, "was a Pharisee", he is a Pharisee.  Nothing is impossible for God and so when Christ, who is God, says a thing is, it is!  It is that Pharisees never go to Heaven, they never can escape eternal damnation.  See Matthew 5:20, 23:15, 23:33, Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:5.

The children of Hell say we are under grace, you Judaizing dogs who claim we must follow God's law are of Satan.  They say your works are nothing to God and you never get to Heaven by doing good works.  Yet Christ says every man shall be judged according to his works.    The children of Hell, who are hypocrites, just as Pharisees are hypocrites, for they say to Christ when they are before him at the judgment, but we did many wonderful works in your name.   On earth they scream at people, your works mean nothing to God, we are saved by grace.  But in Heaven before Christ when their rears on are on the line, they throw out their works as their justification before the Lord.  But their works are works of iniquity, wickedness and evil.  It is wicked to say Christ appointed a Pharisee to preach an opposite doctrine to that which Christ preached, for Christ clearly said Pharisees never go to Heaven.  Christ said Pharisees are of Satan and can never escape eternal damnation.   And it is wicked to believe a Pharisee became a non-Pharisee merely because he changed his  name, as the children of Hell believe he is no longer a Pharisee because he changed his name from Saul to Paul!  And it is wicked to say I do evil but I am saved by grace.  See Matthew 23:15, 23:33, 5:20, John 8:44, Romans 7:16-25, Rev. 20:12, 22:12, John 3:19-21, 3 John 1:11.

Many shall say to me in that day, Lord Lord we did many wonderful works in your name, cast out demons in your name and prophesied in your name.   And I shall profess to them, I never knew you.  Depart from me workers of iniquity.  So the hypocrite children of Hell offer their works to Christ as justification of why they should not be thrown into Hell, while on earth they call good works filthy rags and say no one is saved by following God's law.   See Matthew 7:22-23.

The people of the Lord lead sinners, those who do evil, to the path of righteousness by telling them that  to get to Heaven they must cease doing evil.   It is not a prayer said that makes one a brother in the Lord, but the showing forth of repentance by one's deeds.  As John the Baptist said, show forth deeds that prove you have repented.  See Matthew 3:8.

As economic times get worse and people are strapped for cash, many will cease attending church.  No church wants people occupying pews that do not give money.  All churches are businesses and all churches are founded on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.  No Gentile altar is of God.  They deceive themselves to think their church altars are holy.  They put their altars on an elevated platform and feign holiness.  Come out of the churches, people of the Lord.  No more be deceived by the false gospel of Pharisee Paul.    The people of the Lord have one master, the Lord himself, and Christ does not command you to bow at the Gentile altars and he does not command you to pretend to sacrifice him, which is what the Eucharist is.  Christ does not command you to pay for the upkeep of a church building and to pay the salaries of the spiritual rulers in the church.  In Matthew 25:31-46 is how Christ wants you to spend time and money, as you are able to do, in service to him.

Flesh and blood does inherit the kingdom of God and Christ will take pleasure in seeing his people enjoy the good things he created.  God restores peace and tranquility so that even nature no longer is as before, as the lion lays with the lamb and the lion eats straw.  A child shall lead a lion.   No more poisonous snakes as a suckling child shall put his hand on an asp and not be killed by the snake.  God will take pleasure in the good things he gives to his people and they shall have children no more killed by animals, by poisonous snakes, by disease or other pestilences.  All at peace.  See Isaiah 6:8-11.

To Hell with the children of Hell Pharisee Paul converts who call flesh and blood rotten filth.  It is they that are rotten filth for it is from their evil hearts that they do evil, not a law of sin in their flesh and blood as their lying master, Pharisee Paul, claims!  They will spend eternity in Hell with their master Pharisee Paul, for it is Christ who declares Pharisee converts are children of Hell.  See Matthew 23:15, 15:19, 6:19-21.

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