The answer of whom to fear, God or Satan, is:

Revelation 14:6-7  And I saw another angel fly through the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on the earth of every nation, and kindred and tongue and people saying with a loud voice: fear God and give glory to him, for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.

Enoch blessed the righteous by his words spoken long ago, and he said he spoke his words for the righteous people of a remote generation to come, they will be the ones to see his words come to pass.  For Enoch was given the visions of the end time by God and was and is a companion of the holy host of God, the visions of the end and judgment of God that sends the ungodly people to their eternal abode of torment.  The godly people shall have a glorious eternity on earth.  

Know this truth, sin has not been set upon the earth, says Enoch.   The plant of everlasting peace and truth shall be planted by God on this earth.   The Lord destroyed all the ungodly by a flood, that was the first consummation of evil on earth.  God knew that great evil would rise again, even more than the first.  The next time God puts down all evil on earth, it never rises again in power.  An attempt to raise evil to power again is made, but God destroys the evil people before they can carry out their evil deed (Rev. Ch. 20).   All the ungodly people on earth shall be destroyed by God from the face of the earth, leaving only the godly people on earth - to inherit the earth.   The Lord said that the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5), which I mention in regard to the aforesaid act of God to plant forever on earth peace and righteousness in order to make the point that hear those dogs of Christendom quote the Lord as to the sermon on the mount statement that the meek shall inherit the earth, as if they believe therein, and yet they quote anti-Christ Paul too, which they do believe in, who says that the earth and all in it is destroyed, and that the good people are raptured off the earth.   As if they do not know the contradiction, but they spew both from their lips and never acknowledge both cannot be true, and therefore who is lying:  Paul or the Lord.   In action the Paul converts say that the Lord is lying. 

The dogs are lovers of Paul's lies and never, ever acknowledge that Christ says the earth remains for the meek to inherit, and anti-Christ Paul has his own version of what becomes of the earth and the meek, and it is not what the Lord says!  They will never acknowledge that Christ says the earth remains for the meek to inherit and that the evil people are removed by God from the earth (Matthew 13:41) and that anti-Christ Paul teaches against that aforesaid truth of the Lord!   The dogs of Christendom never acknowledge the aforesaid, they reject wisdom and reasoning, all the while reasoning out to themselves and others that Paul's gospel is truth.  They are children of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:4-6).   And knowing this same lie of Paul is in Peter is among the many reasons why it is truthful to conclude and to teach that 1 and 2 Peter are Pharisee forgeries.

Matthew 10:26-33  Fear them not therefore for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed, and hid that shall not be known  ...  but rather fear him [God] who is able to destroy soul and body in hell ....

The Lord, the holy angels of God say - fear God!    There is no where, absolutely no where, in true scripture of the Jewish prophets and apostles of God admonishment to fear Satan**.    Since God is the Holy Supreme One, there is no one else to fear but him, for God is supreme above all and he is righteous and he does not suffer the power of evil to continue forever.   What you are to fear is God, fear him should you want to stray to be of the power of evil, because in the end God will utterly destroy you and your eternity shall be in torment.   Satan is not to be feared in the least.  Ungodly people bring harm and death to righteous people until their power of evil is put down by God.      Satan is not God, and he has no power over God.  

But in the lying, filthy and unjust doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul there is strong admonishment to fear Satan.  In anti-Christ Paul's gospel is the lying teaching that:  Satan goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  That is a lie and does instill fear of Satan, as the Christians do cry out 'protect us from the arrows and slings of Satan', 'keep us safe from Satan'; 'give us the full armor of God so that we Christians can be kept safe from Satan'.   The Christians have their life in this world and God shall protect them (says anti-Christ Paul), but the Lord says his own are as sheep among wolves, and some do die by those who claim to be doing God's work in killing them (John 16:1-4)!  That is truth, and righteous men are killed by men of Christendom (John 16:1-4), and by men of other lying doctrines, including the Koran.  Satan wants death to all of mankind and so do the fallen angels and demonic spirits of his kingdom - they are wholly united in their evil.   But those of mankind who are of Satan are not wholly united among themselves, and do fight among each other - and they also murder and commit other evil against the righteous people. Demonic spirits are around the ungodly, and possess some of the ungodly.   Children of God have nothing to do with Satan's kingdom, they cannot ever be possessed by demonic spirits, they have nothing to fear of Satan.  And the Lord teaches not to fear the ungodly, not to fear their power to kill you, but to fear God because God alone has the power to, and does, bring the righteous back to life to live in everlasting joy and peace and truth with God and the host of heaven, and in righteous judgment the Holy Great One shall bring the unrighteous to life in an eternal death of unceasing torture (Matthew 25:41).   God creates, and God alone has the power to execute judgment upon the ungodly to destroy what he created.  God destroys all the ungodly people in a place of eternal torment, and raises to life again all the righteous people and they receive eternal life to live on earth which God created for mankind.   Enoch states that every godly man shall father thousands of children when God forever takes away the power of evil from the face of the earth.   But the ungodly receive eternal torment by decree of the righteous judgment of the Holy Great One.

Some one may point out that in Luke 22:31-34 it states that the Lord said Satan desires to have Peter, but the Lord says Peter's faith will not fail, preventing Satan from possessing him.   Luke is a dead in Hell lying Pharisee, so too Mark.  No where in Matthew or John is there any such statement.   The truth is in Matthew 26:30-35, not Luke 22:31-34.   Note in liar Luke's version he states the lie that the Lord said to Peter:  "when you are converted, strengthen your brethren".   When you are converted?!!  That is as saying that Peter was not of God at the time Christ allegedly spoke said words to him, but a time awaited for Peter to be converted to God; or put another way, that Peter was not then of the truth (God is truth), but would be converted to the truth (to God)  at a later time.   Liar Luke wrote his lying gospel, (same as to liar Pharisee Mark's gospel), in conjunction with liar Pharisee Paul's gospel, to set the lying agenda in Paul's lying gospel that Peter converted to Paul's gospel.  The lies in Luke 22:31-34 include the lie that Peter remained to be converted to the truth for a later time - then along comes anti-Christ Pharisee Paul's gospel and that is the alleged truth Peter allegedly converted to.   Anti-Christ Paul states in Galatians 2:7-8 that Peter knew Paul's gospel is truth, but Peter kept preaching what anti-Christ Paul says are the lies of Christ for the Jews (Romans 11:30-32) because God had allegedly tasked Peter with doing so.   What dead and in Hell anti-Christ Paul teaches in his self-admitted lying gospel is that the words of eternal life that the Son of God spoke are all lies (Romans 11:30-32, also compare anti-Christ Paul's lie in Romans 2:16 with the truth of Christ in John 12:48).  

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner?

Some one may point out the book of Job as an example that the Lord tells people to fear Satan, but that would be a lie to so contend.   Job never knew all the while Satan was attacking him that it was Satan that was behind the attacks.  Not even after Job's tribulation did Job know it was Satan who attacked him, so that makes a lie out of any contention that the Lord teaches people to fear Satan.    The Lord teaches people to fear God.   All during the time of Job's tribulation, Job never sinned against the Lord; but three of Job's friends did sin against the Lord during that time because they spoke wrongly about God.   The said friends insisted Job must be in the wrong, that Job must have done some evil deed and that God was punishing Job for being unrighteous, but Job had done no wrong, and it was Job who performed by command of God ritual to cleanse his friends from their sins, while Job himself was not required to make atonement for any sin he committed during his tribulation because he had not sinned.   There are many, including every Christian Paul convert, who speak lies about the book of Job.

Christendom claims to cast out demons from people, (Matthew 7:22-23), and do claim a person possessed by demons can become free of demons, and thereupon become a child of God.   But the Lord says that from everyone whom he cast out a demon(s), the cast out demon or demons came back and brought with them other demons that were far more wicked than themselves to inhabit the formerly demon-possessed.  (Matthew 12:43-45, see also tab Demon Possession).

The Lord says the wicked one Satan has already been judged.  Satan is a dead pig yet walking, and the time and season for God imprisoning Satan for 1000 years is going to come to pass.   And God imprisoning Satan forever is going to come to pass too.   Mankind has been given knowledge by Satan's kingdom so that they may destroy one another, knowledge not permitted by God for them to receive until the appointed season and time.  The wicked possessors of the earth will destroy one another with the knowledge they have been given by Satan's kingdom (high explosive weapons and other technology of war) and they will also cause much destruction to the earth itself.   Daniel the prophet says a sign of the end time is that knowledge will greatly increase and people will be traveling to and fro - we are in the end time (Daniel 12:4).   The weaponry of destruction, given by Satan's kingdom in the form of knowledge transferred from Satan's kingdom to certain ungodly people, has the power to destroy the earth, a thing never before possible since mankind existed on earth:

Revelation 11:18    The nations were angry that your wrath has come and the time that the dead should be judged, and that you should give reward to your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name both small and great, and that you should destroy them which destroy the earth.

When God's wrath unto victory takes place, those whom God shall destroy have wrought much destruction of the earth itself ("that you should destroy them which destroy the earth").  The end time weapons of war have the capability of causing much destruction of the earth itself, and this will happen.  Such weapons exist now because this is the end time.

Enoch, all the other prophets of God, the holy angels and the Lord himself all state:  Fear God.  And none of them state:  Fear Satan.

In the evil lying doctrine of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul he teaches his children of Hell converts to cry out to God to give them body armor to protect them from Satan.   Fear Satan, he is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, says anti-Christ Paul.   Liar Pharisee Luke backs up anti-Christ Paul in his 'fear Satan' campaign, by one of his lies in Luke 22:31-34 (as noted above). 

Allegiance to Paul is allegiance to Satan.   Allegiance to Christ is allegiance to God.

The Lord says the power of evil on earth  is real, and he says woe to those who make a covenant with evil in order to escape the power of evil.    For a season and time, the power of evil is on earth, but that is not forever.   Only the kingdom of God is forever and ever, and God shall take rule over this earth and overthrow the wicked ungodly utterly destroying them (Rev. 11:15).  Satan's kingdom on earth,  its power of evil on earth, the power of evil ungodly on earth  is for a short time span.  And the Lord says through Enoch that when the Lord brings about an everlasting new heaven and new earth, evil shall never be thereon.  And this current earth is yet to experience the planting of peace and truth everlasting, and will experience it (Micah 4:3-4, Matthew 5:5).

Enoch and the Lord both say to the ungodly that they have no hope, and God is their destroyer.  All their evil deeds are kept record of, every day their evil deeds are recorded as testimony against them at judgment (Rev. 20:12-13).   There were righteous men who were put to shame by the unrighteous, but God shall pay back the ungodly with evil as recompense for their ungodly deeds.  The righteous shall each be seated on his throne of honor and the unrighteous shall lie on a bed of worms burning in eternal fire, and the unrighteous shall see from their eternal abode of torment the righteous living in splendor.   Woe to all who refuse the path of righteousness, the Lord shall destroy all of them forever (Isaiah 66:22-24).   

All the evil men that died in honor, their evil deeds never exposed.   The Lord says all the evil deeds of the ungodly shall be made known and none kept secret.   The Lord is the judge  and destroyer of all the ungodly people (Matthew 10:26-33).   The Lord prepared the lake of fire for Satan and his angels, and the wicked evil of mankind are also sent there for all eternity (Matthew 25:41).

Do not follow the path of unrighteousness.   Do not join with violent men, do not be companions of the wicked and evil people.   Do not be companions with liars, and they write their lies to get every one to act ungodly to their neighbor.  The Lord is holy and righteous and he hates evil and the power of evil is not forever, but short-lived and soon the Lord shall rescue the meek from the power of evil.    The Lord loves the Jewish people of God and he shall restore them and even greater fame and glory than they ever had before shall be theirs forever.  And those Gentiles who are good are loved by God and shall inherit the earth too.    The Lord shall bring about one pure language and his Temple in Jerusalem shall be a  house for all people:

Zephaniah 3:9    For then I will give to the people one pure language that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.

Isaiah 56:7  ... for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.

The house of the Lord is not any Christian church, or Mosque or any thing other than the Jerusalem Temple.  The Jerusalem Temple becomes God's house of prayer for all people after the Lord removes all ungodly people from the face of the earth.   No godless Jew or godless Gentile shall be left on earth.    Godless Christendom mocks the Jewish Temple and God's Jewish servants therein:

Hebrews 13:10  We Christians have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at.

Satan maintains the Christian church altars, the world has many of the ungodly possessors of the earth as protectors of the Christian church altar.  No church altar is of God.  Anti-Christ Paul mocks the Jerusalem Temple of God, mocks the Jewish servants of God's Temple.  It is the way of the Jews of God or be destroyed when God's kingdom comes to earth (Jeremiah 12:14-17).   Christendom is of Satan - see Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23. 

Revelation 2:9    I know the blasphemy of those who claim to be Jews and are not, they are of the church of Satan.

Romans 2:28-29 is the one and only teaching in all the world that Gentiles who believe on Pharisee Paul's gospel are the true Jews, and these are the people who claim to be Jews and are not.    Among the deceptions in all Christian bibles is alteration of parts of Revelation.  The dogs of Christendom insist the Lord speaks to Christian churches within the seven provinces of Asia in the opening chapters of Revelation.    That is not true, it was Jewish believers in the seven Asian provinces to whom the Lord spoke.  Even anti-Christ Paul admits that all of Asia rejected Paul's doctrine.  What did Paul come with?  His command to build a church altar, and perform the Eucharist.  Where Paul is rejected, his doctrine is rejected, his command to build church altars and perform the Eucharist is rejected, and therefore no churches in Asia:

2 Timothy 1:15   All of Asia has rejected me.

Give up Paul and you give up the churches because he founded them alone in his doctrine.  There is no church altar in the gospels of Matthew and John and the Jewish prophets of God foretell the Jerusalem Temple shall be a house of prayer for all people. The church altar set up by anti-Christ Paul mocks the Jerusalem Temple and the Jews who serve the Temple (Hebrews 13:10).

A Jew is one whose father is descended from a son of Jacob.  Jacob is Israel renamed by God to Israel (Genesis 35:10).  A Jew is of God or a Jew is of Satan (Jew Samuel's sons were Jews of Satan, Jew Pharisees are Jews of Satan):

1 Samuel 2:12  Now the sons of Eli were the sons of Belial [Satan], they did not know the Lord.

Eli a Jewish man of God, his Jewish sons, Phinehas and Hophni, were of Satan.  A Jew is a Jew by reason as aforesaid, and does not cease being a Jew by reason of him being evil (John 8:44, 8:37).   It  cannot be that an evil Jew ceases to be a Jew because a Jew is defined as one's physical heritage being that their father is a descendant of a son of Jacob.  Physical heritage does not change based on a person being evil or good.  Therefore, the only people who can claim to be Jews and are not, are Gentiles.  And as said, the one and only doctrine in all the world that teaches a Gentile is a Jew under a certain circumstance is anti-Christ Paul's' doctrine at Romans 2:28-29.  Therefore, Revelation 2:9 is the Lord stating the truth that Christian churches are churches of Satan.

So much for the lie of the world: "the apple does not fall far from the tree'.  A father is not responsible for the sins of his son, and the son is not responsible for the sins of his father.  God shall give life, or death, to every one based on his/her own deeds (Rev. 20:12-13, John 3:19).   Godly Jewish man Eli, and his sons were Jewish men of Satan.   Adam and Eve are the parents of ungodly Cain, they are also the parents of godly Seth and it is through the lineage of Seth that comes Enoch and Noah and Abraham, and from Abraham's son Issac came the twelve sheep of God from whom all of the Jewish people are descended.   Jacob is the father of those twelve sheep of God and God renamed Jacob to Israel (Genesis 35:10).

There does come a time during that 1000 year period that commences with the removal of all ungodly people from the earth that some Gentiles born are inclined to hear evil and obey evil.   After the 1000 year period has ended, Satan is let loose from his prison for a short time and Satan goes directly to Mr. Gog (Ezekiel Ch. 38).  Satan knows his own and he goes to a man in power on earth who he knows shall be receptive to his deceit, and Satan tells his lie to him, and Mr. Gog decides to go for it.  What is the lie of Satan, the thought given by Satan to Mr. Gog?  It is:  go to those Jewish people living in unwalled villages and having many possessions and kill them and steal their possessions.    And so Gentile Mr. Gog sets off on the mission and gathers a number of Gentile men to himself, which being already a leader of people he had ready power to do, and those men agree to do the deed.  But God destroys Mr. Gog and all his battle men by fire, and then God destroys all the Gentiles who assisted Mr. Gog and his battle men in their war endeavor.   Thereafter, Satan is forever imprisoned, the evil dead are judged and cast into the lake of fire and then God brings about an everlasting new heaven and new earth which is far bigger than the former, and the sun shall be seven times brighter and no evil shall ever set foot thereon.   Only  blessings of God upon the work of men on earth forever and ever.

Do not heed the liars, those ungodly scum, who say for evil to triumph requires only that good men do nothing.  The Lord said to his apostles that they are in the world as sheep among wolves, the terms 'sheep' and 'wolves' referring to the prey and predator situation of the animals sheep and wolves, which is not a forever thing (Isaiah 11:6), and the righteous are as sheep in the world and the unrighteous are the wolves in the world.  Want to be the head and wind up being the tail, but the righteous people have the  Holy Great One on their side and victory will be theirs over the unrighteous. The godly people shall be the head on earth and the ungodly people shall no longer be on earth.   At the end time the Lord of the sheep shall:

The  Holy Great One shall come forth from his dwelling, and the eternal God shall tread upon the earth, even on Mount Sinai, and appear from his camp.  And appear in the strength of his might from the heaven of heavens, and all shall be smitten with fear, and the Watchers shall quake and great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth.  And the high mountains shall be shaken, and the high hills shall be made low and shall melt like wax before the flame.   And the earth shall be wholly rent asunder and all the ungodly upon the earth shall perish.  But with the righteous He will make peace and will protect the elect and mercy shall be upon them.  And they shall all belong to God, and they shall all be prospered, and they shall all be blessed.  And He will help them all, and light shall appear unto them and He will make peace with them.

And behold he comes with ten thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all and to destroy all the ungodly and to convict all ungodly flesh of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed.  And of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.  [From the book of Enoch]

The Lord says that he shall take revenge upon the evil and wicked people in the end time and bring about everlasting peace and truth on earth, not that he gives his people the power to do the job themselves in the end time.   It is the Holy Great One with tens of thousands of his holy angels who shall execute judgment upon the evil and wicked people in the end time:

Matthew 13:41     The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth.

So never believe the lie of the world that failure to act by righteous people against the evil people is the reason evil prospers on earth.  A great evil is coming to USA and the Lord says to those who hear of the vision of evil to run:

Habakkuk 2:2-5   And the Lord answered me and said, write the vision and make it plain upon the tables that he who reads it may run.   The vision is yet for an appointed time but at the end it shall speak and not lie.  Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry.    Behold his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him ... yea, also, because he transgresses by wine he is a proud man, neither keeps at home; who enlarges his desire as Hell, and is as death and cannot be satisfied, but gathers unto himself all nations and heaps unto him all people.

A greatly evil man rises to power, a drunkard who gets his great pride through his drunkenness and his spirit is uplifted within himself, and he is unrighteous.  It is an unrighteous thing to uplift one's spirit, but rather the righteous walk humbly and lowly with the Lord (Matthew 11:29).  The drunkard seeks to gather all people to himself, and he is as death - and as to that great evil to arise, the Lord says RUN from it.  He does not say to fight against it.   So much for the godless saying of the world that for evil to prosper requires only that good men do nothing against evil.    See tab Habakkuk.  

Bible versions do matter, the King James version being more accurate than later versions.  The NIV version of the above Habakkuk passage reads so much differently than the King James version thereof that if one had only the NIV version and not the King James version as well, they would not be able to see that Habakkuk speaks of the alleged alcoholic Opus Dei Catholic drifter Steve Bannon.    The NIV version, at least one of them,  does provide some of the alternate text of the verse as shown in King James as an annotation, even so it is not adequate to relay the full statement as written in King James version.   The NIV version is the end time godless people exhibiting more and more their contempt for God, as they change scripture to write their own thing. 

** In Matthew 6:9-13 is the words given by the Lord for righteous people to recite in prayer to him:

Our Father who is in heaven, holy is your name. Your kingdom come [God's kingdom is coming to earth, Rev. 11:15], your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.   Give us this day our daily bread [God's word, see Matthew 4:4] and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us [forgiving brethren of God who trespass against brethren of God, see Matthew 18:15-20].   And  help us in our hour of temptation and deliver us from evil, for yours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory for ever.  Selah

Genesis 39:10-13   And it came to pass, as she spoke to Joseph day by day, that he did not acquiesce to her request that he lie with her or to be with her.   And it came to pass about this time that Joseph went into the house to do his business and there was none of the men of the house there within.   And she caught him by his garment saying, lie with me, and he left his garment in her hand and fled therefrom.

Now, prior to the foregoing event:

Genesis 39:7   And it came to pass after these things that the wife of Joseph's master [the king of Egypt] cast  her eyes upon Joseph and said to him, lie with me.

Genesis 39:8-9  But he refused and said to his master's wife:  behold, my master has all confidence in me to do right within his house, and he  has committed all that he has to my hand.  There is none greater in this house than I, and he has not kept back anything from me but you because you are his wife.   How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?

Joseph's honor is that he loved God and he loved people.  One can love people without loving God, but one cannot love God without also loving the people of God.  Joseph walked the path of righteousness, he refused to do in his deeds that which denies 'The Lord Lives'. 

The Lord gives the reasoning why not to walk the path of  evil:   FOR YOURS IS THE KINGDOM AND THE POWER AND THE GLORY FOR EVER.   The hour of Joseph's temptation had come, alone with a beautiful woman who wanted him, but married and therefore forbidden to him by God, and Joseph refused to walk any path that denies 'The Lord Lives', to walk the path of transgressors against God.   Joseph's heart and soul and mind immediately harken to the Lord in the situation with the king's wife, reasoning truth that his actions are seen by the Lord and how he can commit such wickedness before the Lord.

In the Lord's prayer is no teaching that the sheep are to fear evil or fear Satan who is evil, but is teaching that points the sheep to the truth in their hour of temptation so that the sheep have in mind and  heart and soul not to carry out an evil deed because evil has no future, only God's kingdom is forever.     The last statement of the Lord's prayer is that in the time of a righteous person's temptation to commit sin unto death, say help me God and keep me safe from evil because yours is the kingdom and the power and glory forever.    Abiding in the truth is what makes righteous people righteous.  The unrighteous people do not abide in truth.   Help us in our hour of temptation and keep us safe from evil because yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.    Anti-Christ Paul self-admittedly does nothing but evil in his deeds:

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil.

Man of God Joseph knew how to do good in his deeds and did good in his deeds.   The founder of the Christian church altar, the Eucharist, church masters and church lay states that he practices evil in his deeds, and the practitioner of evil anti-Christ Jew Pharisee says he shall make Gentiles obedient to God in their words and deeds (Romans 15:18).   Every convert to Jew Pharisee Paul is an anti-Christ (1 John 2:18) and is a child of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:4-6).   Militant  Christendom is on the march.  See tab Habakkuk.   What of the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners in this coming militant Christendom nationalism movement?  They seek a one world government, not individual nations ruling themselves.  After USA does its Hitler Germany thing (Fema camps, concentration camps mass murder in the millions), it shall be said in the world the only safety going forward is rule of the world by a world organization tasked with rule over all nations.    And that is the aim of the NWO visionaries (Daniel 11:14) out of the coming holocaust in the USA and in European nations, which will be far worse than the holocaust of Hitler's reign in Germany.   The NWO visionaries are going to demonize the ideology of nation sovereignty by having the holocaust occur in the context of pursuit of nationalism (Christian militant-led nationalism).   That the world should maintain its current individual nation sovereignty make up of the world would be thrown away in favor of supranational rule over all nations on the heels of the coming USA Christian militant-led holocaust, for it would be said that supranational rule over all nations is the only way to avoid another holocaust.  Being that the USA is falsely touted as the beacon of freedom in the world, the last powerful nation on earth that is the stronghold of individual rights and the rule of law, the rulers of USA having done their Christian militant-led murder of millions on USA soil will be reason enough for the world to adopt supranational rule.  All world trust in national sovereignty will be abandoned in favor of a supranational ruling body over all nations.   Bannon calls for militant Christianity to arise in USA, Europe and Latin America.  Of course, supranational rule would not achieve peace in the world and would permit supranational government-led murder of billions, to carry out Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones command that the world must maintain population under 500 million.   Current make up of the world is individual nation sovereignty, excepting for the European Union nations, the EU being a proto-type of what the NWO visionaries want for the entire world (as to current make up of the world predominantly being individual nation sovereignty, covertly the less powerful so-called 'sovereign' nations are lawlessly strong-armed by more powerful nations).   Every nation compelled to be a member of a World Union, and the rulers of the World Union are to be unelected rulers who rule over all the nations, and they shall operate a World Bank that controls all the banking and financial markets of all nations.   A World Union army that polices all nations.  A one world religion - the Roman Catholic church.  This is the vision of the robbers of Daniel's people (Daniel's people being the Jews), and the robbers are the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners (Matthew 21:33-46, see tab The Seizure Prophecy), and the vision is called the New World Order, but the visionaries shall fail in their endeavor.

The plan of the NWO visionaries is to bring a  holocaust to the USA where tens of millions of people are to be killed.  Just as Germany's Hitler brought war to many nations, while conducting a holocaust within Germany, same is intended for USA.   Out of the holocaust in Germany came the Pharisee-founded 1948 state of Israel, (establishment of a state of Israel was the purpose of conducting the holocaust),  and out of the coming USA holocaust is expected to come a supranational, unelected governance over all nations and supranational IMF and World Bank are to control all economic activity and be the sole credit creator for all nations.     The justification for USA giving up national sovereignty to a supranational unelected government over all nations will be that USA had just put to death tens of millions of people on USA soil and to prevent such a thing from occurring again, the then ruling USA president will sign over rule of USA, give up USA sovereignty to a supranational entity which shall rule over the USA and all other nations.   The  NWO visionaries anticipate decapitating the leadership of China and Russia, leave most all of  Russia and China destitute from war, land destroyed by war, and place their own trusted Russians in power in Russia, and same as to China, who will also sign over their right to sovereign rule in favor of rule by a supranational governing body.   Daniel foretells the NWO visionaries fail in their endeavor (Daniel 11:14).  

Though Pharisee-founded 1948 State of Israel is a doing of the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners, the revival of the State of Israel by the blind men of Satan Pharisees does not negate the fact that Jerusalem is the city of God, and that current State of Israel is part of  the land given by God to the Jewish people when he brought them into that land, called the promised land.

The Pharisees sat in Moses' seat in the Temple (Matthew 23:2), and the Lord called them men of Satan (John 8:44).  Jewish men of Satan sat in Moses' seat.  Those men of Satan want their Temple seat back, they wrote the doctrine of Freemasonry to enlist Protestant children of Hell, and other evil men,  in the pursuit of another 'Solomon's Temple'.  In the evil Freemasons' bible, they state that Solomon is the son of Ishmael, who is the son of Abraham.  Solomon is the son of David.   Worship of the bible and worship of and longing for another 'Solomon's Temple' is what Freemasonry promulgates, in addition to promulgating lies and every other form of evil.      

The evil Satanic Jew Pharisees desire another Temple and they think they shall rule in that Temple.  There will be another Temple of God in Jerusalem, (Rev. 11:1-2), it will be God's Temple and its re-existence spells the near end of this world being ruled by the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners, the end of ungodly people and is the saving of the godly people so that the godly people inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5, Isaiah 9:3, Matthew 13:30, 13:41, Isaiah 66:17).    And the evil Jew Pharisees shall never sit in Moses' seat in the coming Temple, and they will be the ones behind pollution of the Temple, as the vile king is sent by the Vatican into the Middle East to bring evil to the people there, including the evil of stopping  the Jews of God from performing their Temple services and setting up an abomination in the Temple.  And that coming act of the ungodly in polluting God's Temple shall be the final transgression of the Gentiles that the Lord permits, and once that final transgression is committed, Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish People stands up (Daniel 12:1).  

Under Chinese occupation of the Middle East, which occupation is a consequence of the coming world war, (Daniel 11:16-19), the Jewish people shall build the Jerusalem Temple.   The soon coming world war is a Vatican-led war that is to be carried out under guise of western Christian nations pursuing nationalism (same as in Hitler's Germany), and the Vatican seeks from this coming war world control over the whole world, namely - the banking and financial markets of the entire world.   Vatican and her Knights Templar of Switzerland, (Swissy still guards Vatican, Swissy houses the institutions that are at the apex of Christendom West's central banking system. Switzerland founded by the KT's in 1291),  already control western Christendom's central banking system, and they are going to soon make their move to control all banking of the world (the NWO vision, Daniel 11:14).   

War dog useful idiot alleged Opus Dei Catholic drunk drifter Steve Bannon is a most evil man, like Hitler, just the kind of dog the Vatican wants in power, and who is in power, to carry out the coming USA holocaust.   Among Bannon's evil movies is one called Generation One, or something like that,  and in that movie his eye is on 'useful citizen' 'non-useful citizen', just like Hitler toward the Germans.  Bannon, whom the Lord says is as death, sees himself as the God-appointed mediator of who is a useful citizen and who is not a useful citizen.  And what to do with the non-useful ones (death to them, that is what the Bannon machine shall do).   The Bannon machine will bring war to many nations under banner of:  "If you do not join with us, then you are against us'.    Bannon will do his utmost to destroy all who refuse to join his Western Christendom war against Islam.  To be against Bannon's dictates from his seat of power in his coming position as vice president or  president of the USA, or may be from vp to president of the USA, will be justification enough in Bannon's mind to destroy those nations that refuse to join with the Bannon war machine.

In Bannon's said movie, he mocks and condemns the USA children of the USA WWII men who returned home from war and began to have children, stating that those children were too much doted upon by their parents, making the children too materialistic and tending toward secularism.  Then Bannon casts his evil eye toward the hippie generation, stating the hippies were seeking a life of self-happiness and a rejection of materialism, which Bannon condemns and mocks.  Bannon has his own idea of what makes a person a 'useful citizen' of Western Christendom, and Bannon's ideal  Western Christian citizen is one who is willing to go to war at the beckon call of his rulers.   Bannon loves war, he is as death.   Bannon looks down on individual pursuit of happiness, for others but not for himself.  The war pig will be wallowing in his own happiness brought about by pursuing his own happiness, which is to bring war and death to many people, for he is as death.   God promises to the godly people that they shall all be able to pursue their own happiness, (Micah 4:3-4).  The evil people of the world, like Bannon, think they shall dictate what others shall do.  God told the king of Egypt to let his people go so that they may worship God.  The moronic evil king refused, God destroyed Egypt and its army.   Then the people of God were led out of Egypt by the hand of God and began to worship God.   The Jews will be taken by the hand of God again, and rescued from all of the ungodly people in the world.

The evil Freemason USA Constitution does declare the right to pursuit of happiness, but that is just for the high level Freemasons.   Bannon declares himself a constitutionalist, yet denies pursuit of happiness for  the common man.  For Bannon, who is as death, his pursuit of happiness is to study the history of wars, war gaming, strategizing - it is all very exciting to him and brings him such pleasure.

The Bill of Rights was for the common people to sucker the hold-outs against only the US Constitution, as written, being the whole of the governing doctrine.  The Bill of Rights was written separately and apart from the Freemason Constitution for the specific purpose at a future time -- the Freemason elite will disallow the Bill of Rights, leaving only the Freemason Constitution standing.   The Freemason elite are of the NWO vision,  and the outer court of non-degree Freemasons are riled up to support the Freemason elite's NWO cause under banner of USA Christian patriotism (or French Christian patriotism, German Christian patriotism, Italian Christian patriotism, etc.).   The Freemason elite in Europe and in USA are going to galvanize populations to support their Christian rulers and follow their war dictates under the banner of rescuing Western Christianity from Islam.  Bannon calls for the rise of militant Christianity, which is Christianity wearing brass knuckles.  Conquering by the sword Christianity, the advent of the rider on the white horse which began with Roman Emperor Constantine (Rev. 6:1-8).  Constantine succored the cause of Christendom by conquering territory for the Vatican's church altars via the sword.  Convert or die, or convert and die as the Vatican and the Emperor saw fit.   White horse, black horse, dappled horse, red horse, they are not of God's judgment but are the consequence of the rise of Christendom in the world.  They are the advent of Christendom in the world, which the Lord foretold would happen at the hands of the Satanic Jew Pharisees (Matthew 21:33-46).   

The Satanic Jew Pharisees are foretold by Christ to give Gentiles a false light, and that many Gentiles would follow that false light.   Jew Pharisee Paul claims he was made apostle to the Gentiles (Romans 11:13).   Christ told his apostles to go into all nations (Matthew 28:19).    A man of Satan says he is just for the Gentiles sent by Christ, and he claims he received from Christ theretofore unknown doctrine of Christ, and that doctrine makes a mockery out of the truth spoken by Christ in Matthew and John, and makes a mockery of the truth of the risen and ascended into heaven Christ as he reveals himself in the Book of Revelation, less those few deceptions to deceive by the 325 AD Council of Nicaea, a thing of the Pharisees, in said writings.  The first bible in the world is Catholic, and it came out of the 325 AD Satanic Jew Pharisee Vatican owners meeting called the Council of Nicaea.  And makes a mockery of the Jewish prophets of God in the Tanakh, and makes a mockery of the law of God in the Torah.

Where in the world is the Satanic Jew Pharisees fulfillment of the Lord's prophecy that they would establish a false light for Gentiles?   The only correct answer to the aforesaid question is that fulfillment is via the false light created by Jew Pharisees for Gentiles, which is Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel, as the Lord foretold they would do (Matthew 21:33-46, see tab The Seizure Prophecy).

Revelation 18:23  ... For by your sorceries you deceived all of the nations.

Among the sorceries (which means doctrines) in the world that are of the Satanic Jew Pharisees are the Talmud, the Koran and the gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul.   Those three doctrines alone have a combined number of billions of adherents thereto and they are the primary Pharisee sorceries that deceive the whole world. 

The reason that Roman Emperor Constantine allowed the Pharisees their altars for Gentiles to flourish in his kingdom is:

Romans 13:1     Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers for there is no power but of God and the powers that be are ordained of God.

Jew Pharisee Paul teaches his Gentile prey that all of the ruling authorities over the Gentiles are put in their position by God, are ordained of God.    Who is the ungodly ruler who does not want his subjects to think of him as being of God?   And this is exactly what Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel teaches, that all the people in government are there by the will of God:   

Matthew 4:8-9   Again, the Devil took him up into an exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them and said to him, all of these things I will give to you if you fall down and worship me.

Matthew 4:10   Then Christ said to him, get thee hence Devil, for it is written:  You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.

Is there another truth Christ could have quoted which would state that the Devil has no authority to give any of this world to anyone, but that God alone has such authority?   If same existed, Christ would have quoted that truth.  Rather, he teaches that no one in power is of God:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

When God decreed that he will no more cut down the ungodly until the time of judgment unto victory, (Matthew 13:30, 12:20), there was no more cutting down the wicked from their places of power in this world.  

Matthew 13:30  Let both grow until the harvest [ungodly and godly grow until the harvest].

Paul's doctrine is that evil in power is to be obeyed unquestioningly (Titus 3:1-3).    Contrast the Satanic Jew Pharisees' teaching to obey evil in power (steeled-up Christianity aka militant Christianity, 2 Cor. 10:6), with what the God of the Jewish people states:

Matthew 10:18   You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

The justification by militant Christendom to take the sword as the allegedly godly men defending godly Christendom against the ungodly by command of God:

Matthew 13:30   Let both grow until the harvest.

God appoints no army in His  name to take the sword to the ungodly.   Ungodly Satanic Jew Pharisees in their false light for Gentiles gospel of Jew Pharisee Paul do command such action, because they make money from Gentiles paying money to their churches, and so furthering the Pharisees' churches is increasing the wealth (and authoritative power) of the Pharisees.    See John 16:1-4, no one is more hated by the Satanic Jew Pharisees than the godly Jewish men, they are mortal enemies.   But the former has the upper hand, for now.  They even killed John the Baptist.   But soon Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish people shall stand up, and those Satanic Jew Pharisees and all the world of Gentiles whom they deceived by their doctrines, (Rev. 18:23), shall be destroyed by God via his holy angels who shall execute judgment upon them all;; and the judgment ends in eternal victory for the Jewish people of God, and also for the people of God among the Gentiles.

By far, the Gentile common folk in the West go for the false light of Paul (the Christian churches, gospel of Pharisee Paul).   Enoch states that lambs (children among the Jewish people) will be born whose eyes shall be open and they shall call out to the sheep, and that this occurs in the end time.  This is what is in Daniel 11:33, those Jewish people who have understanding shall instruct many in the end time.  This is also in Matthew 24:14:

Matthew 24:14   And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come.

The Jewish prophecies in the Tanakh speak of a time when God saves the Jewish people from all of their enemies and never again do they suffer harm, never again do the Jewish people depart from the Lord.  The lion shall eat grass, like the strong ox eats grass, peace among the animals.   The world lies with is 'survival of the fitness' theory among wildlife.  They are ungodly who do not tell the truth that the animal kingdom prey-predator situation will one day be over forever and peace shall reign among the animals, for this is what the God of the Jewish people foretells in the Tanakh.   God promises to His Jewish people a time to come when evil is forever put down and righteousness and peace is forever planted on earth.  This is not the case yet for the Jewish people, awaits to be fulfilled, and evil Christendom claims God has already brought his kingdom down to earth in the form of the Christian churches.  They are dog liars.  The fulfillment of God's promises of eternal righteousness, peace and love for the good Jewish people (and good Gentiles) commences when Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish People stands up.  God's kingdom is not on earth until the Jewish people receive the aforesaid, which they receive upon God's kingdom coming to earth (Rev. 11:15).  Christendom was birthed by the anti-Christ  Jew Pharisee Paul (1 John 2:18), the fulfillment of the Lord's seizure prophecy with respect to Jew Pharisees making a false light for the Gentiles (Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 42:6). 

Christendom has been known to all nations of the world for centuries, but not adopted by all nations.  Asia has known of Christendom for many centuries, and largely rejects the doctrine of Christianity (Satanic Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel).    Therefore, it cannot be that Christ speaks of the gosepl of Paul as being that gospel of the kingdom, for the end is not come and yet for centuries the world has known of Paul's gospel.   Knowledge of the kingdom to come witnessed before the world is just before the end comes.

Futhermore, in Galatians 2:7-8, Pharisee Paul states that there are two gospels of God in the world, Paul's gospel and the gospel of Christ.   Paul states the latter gospel is just for the Jews, and that Paul's gospel is for the Gentiles (see also Romans 11:13).  It is in Christ's gospel that there is preaching of God's kingdom to come on earth.  There is no such teaching in the gospel of Paul.  Paul denies such a thing, and states that no flesh and blood shall be in God's kingdom (1 Cor. 15:50).   Christ teaches God's kingdom comes to earth and flesh and blood shall be there (Matthew 5:5, Isaiah Ch. 9).   The truth of Christ is what is made known in the end time, and it is the Lambs from among the Jewish people whose eyes being open see that kingdom of God is coming soon, and they shall instruct many of that truth (Matthew 24:14), and some Gentile Christians shall cling to them out of selfishness, and shall think of them as being wayward, but shall indulge them and cling to them with flatteries.   All this happens in the end time, the gospel of the kingdom shall be made known to all nations as a witness and then the end comes (Daniel 12:1 - the end (judgment of God upon the world) unto truth, Isaiah 42:3).  The world adopted the lies of anti-Christ Jew Pharisee Paul, commencing the riders of Rev. 6:1-8.  It awaits, and occurs right at the end, that Christ's gospel of the kingdom of God coming to earth is witnessed to all nations, and then the end comes.  

1.   The Left Behind series by children of Hell Christians, Tim La Haye and another author.  No gospel of the kingdom of God coming to earth in anti-Christ Paul's gospel, in Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter, but rather destruction of the earth forever.   Famous Christian series, The Left Behind, where the good Christians are taken off the earth to go live somewhere with God and all the evil people are left on earth to be utterly burned up with the earth.

2.  What remains to be witnessed to all nations just before the end is the gospel of the kingdom of God which states all ungodly people shall be removed from the earth by God's angels leaving only the godly people on earth to inherit the earth.  The meek shall inherit the earth. 

Two wholly different scenarios stated above which are first one being anti-Christ Paul's lie, and the second one being the truth of God.  The lie of Paul has already been witnessed to all nations.   The truth of God has yet to be witnessed to all nations and does not occur until just before the end.  Time wise, literally, just before the end.  Witnessed the gospel of the kingdom to all nations, and then the end comes.  There has been no end come from the time Paul's lying gospel was witnessed to all nations many centuries ago, until this time.   But when this truth of God's kingdom coming to earth is witnessed to all nations, the end is what comes imminently next.

And just goes to show how evil those children of Hell Paul converts are for those dog liars say, the meek shall inherit the earth and while also saying (and believing) that the earth shall be burned up with all the ungodly on it, and the godly people shall be taken off the earth to live somewhere with the Lord.  No more flesh and blood mankind, but mankind will be given a new type of body (1 Cor. 15:50, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).  They are deceivers and liars and no truth is in them (Matthew 7:22-23).

Daniel says those with understanding shall instruct many, and informed instruction is given right before the end comes.  Christianity has been known to the people of the world for many centuries.  

Daniel Ch. 11:14 is the last world war , and it is coming soon.  The world war in Revelation Ch. 19  is not nations gathered to fight each other, as in this coming world war,  but is nations gathered together, with the Beast and False Prophet, to do battle against Christ and His Holy Angels.  Daniel Ch. 11 is speaking of the last world war, in fact it is nothing but wars that continue once world war three begins, a tumultuous time for all nations right up to the time the end comes.   The last war of this world under Satan is all of the nations gathered together, with the Beast and False Prophet, to battle Christ and His Holy Angels, but the Beast and False Prophet are immediately cast into the lake of fire, and the Lord causes the men of the nations gathered together on the battlefield to begin to fight against each other so that they all kill each other leaving none alive.  

Under Chinese occupation of the Middle East brought about as a result of the soon-coming world war, the Jews build the Temple of God; then comes the vile king (Vatican led) whose army pollutes the Temple; the king of the north fights against him; and soon thereafter the vile king dies.  

IMMINENTLY ON THE HEELS OF THE DEATH OF THE VILE KING IS GOD'S JUDGMENT UNTO VICTORY THAT BEGINS WITH AN EARTHQUAKE THAT MOVES EVERY MOUNTAIN OUT OF ITS PLACE (Rev. 6:12-17).   That earthquake and other disasters occur when Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish People stands up on behalf of the Jewish people of God.

The Lord says when you see the Temple polluted, understand Daniel where he speaks of that abomination of desolation in the Temple.  The time is then now wherein those events that Daniel speaks of as occurring when the abomination is set up in the Temple of God are unfolding.  Receive the instruction of God to his people who are living in that time by understanding Daniel.  So a believing Jew and Gentile reading Daniel knows that when they see or hear of the Temple having been polluted that they are to immediately flee to the mountains.  God is going to shake the earth like never before, so flee to the mountains before the event occurs, and the cue to flee is when the Temple is polluted:

Matthew 24:15   When you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel stand in the holy place (let him who reads understand)

Matthew 24:16-18  then let him that is in Judea flee into the mountains; let him that is on a housetop not come down to take anything out of his house; neither let him that is in the field come back to take his clothes.

Matthew 24:20  for then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time and shall never be again.

Michael is the Great Prince who stands up for the Jewish People.  When the Lord is ready to rescue the Jewish people, Michael is the Great Prince to whom God delivers the orders to execute on their behalf.  Michael is always ready to do good for the  Jewish people and is eager, as are all the holy beings of God in heaven, to have God's will executed on earth.  David was given victory by God over all the enemies of the Jewish people, and so long as the Jewish people kept from evil in their deeds, God was with them and defeated their enemies.   The David-like victory to come for the godly Jewish people over all their enemies is a victory that shall last forever and the judgment unto victory commences when Great Prince of the Jewish People Michael stands up (Daniel 12:1).    John the Baptist said the ax of God is laid at the bad trees.  When Michael stands up, God is executing judgment that ends with the ax being swung, resulting in all the ungodly people being removed from earth, leaving only the godly people on earth to inherit the earth.  The meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

The ungodly have the power on earth now until Michael stands up.   The power behind the ungodly are beings of Satan's kingdom, they are the ones who have dominion over the ungodly. 

The possessors of the earth shall all be put to shame because they refused to honor God on earth.  If one seeks to pounce on another person with an evil eye toward them, if such a one acknowledges:  The Lord Lives, do they still want to get crushed by God by doing evil, knowing God shall punish them?  Because if you truly believe that The Lord Lives, then you know with absolute certainty you are going to be punished with death by God for your evil deeds if you do not cease doing evil.  But the possessors of the earth deny 'The Lord Lives', and they do pounce with evil upon people.  In the end it comes down to two groups of people:  goats say The Lord Does Not Live, and the sheep say The Lord Lives. 

Peace and order in God's creation for He Lives and He is absolutely all Holy and Righteous.  God suffers evil on earth for a time and the everlasting rescue from evil on earth by the command of God commences when Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish People stands up.    Great Prince of the Jewish People Michael stands up, an everlasting victory for the godly Jewish people (and godly Gentiles) over the ungodly people and Satan's kingdom.   

Christendom says they are God's kingdom on earth, which is a lie.  The Muslims believe they are the people of God on earth and that mosques are the temples of God, all lies.   That all changes when Michael the Great Prince of the Jewish People stands up.  There is no other God but the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and there is only one Temple of God on earth and that is the Jerusalem Temple.  The fame of the Jewish people shall be made known to all nations and their fame among the nations shall be greater than they ever had, (the exodus from Egypt), when God removes all ungodly Jews and ungodly Gentiles from the earth (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 13:41)).  The God of the Jews shall have taken away all the oppressors from off the face of the earth, only good people shall be left on earth.   The great fame of the Great God in defeating all evil on earth shall be the glory of the godly Jewish people, and all of the  godly Jewish people shall all be holy unto the Lord forever.

The time of the ungodly is over soon after God's Jerusalem Temple is built (Daniel 11:31).  

The gospel of the kingdom is in Isaiah's gospel, in Micah's gospel,  in Zechariah's gospel and in other writings in the Tanakh and that gospel of the kingdom is defined as being:   The Lord shall rule all the earth from the throne of David in Jerusalem.  The streets of Israel shall be full of girls and boys playing, every man shall have his own garden and no one shall make them afraid.  Eternal life on earth in truth and peace forever for the godly people.   A time on earth when God's Jerusalem Temple is the house of prayer for all people (Isaiah 56:7) and God gives to mankind one pure language (Zephaniah 3:9).   Mankind had one language at the beginning, and the ungodly built a Tower of Babel denying 'The Lord Lives', and the Lord caused them to no more understand each other by giving them new and different languages.   When the angels of God remove all ungodly people from the earth, (Matthew 13:41),  the Lord returns to mankind one language for them all, for then only godly people shall exist on earth and godly people do not join with each other to deny, The Lord Lives, as the ungodly people did at the Tower of Babel:

Zephaniah 3:9   For then I will return to the people a pure language that they may all call upon the name of the Lord to serve him with one consent.
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