At video time 4:35,  the evil Jew Cahn, who calls himself a messianic rabbi, claims that Gentile nations have suffered economic collapses because they did not observe God's command to the Jews to wipe out all debts every fifty years.

What a hypocrite child of Hell that Pat Robertson:

Vid 13:05  "If money is our god, which it has become, God will take down the false god"

Pat Robertson is reported to have a personal net worth of close to $1 billion USD.   Here is a report in video below of Pat Robertson signing deals with former president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, (who was later convicted as a war criminal), so that Robertson could conduct his gold mining operation in Taylor's territory.   Taylor had absolutely nothing to gain by stating that Robertson promised him that he could get favors done for Taylor in Washington, D.C. if Taylor would enter into agreement with Robertson, but Robertson claims Taylor was lying, that Robertson never said he could get things done in D.C. for Taylor.   Robertson is a punk high level Freemason, and because he is a high level Freemason, he does have friends in high places - his brother Freemasons high in government.


Freemason Lion's Paw hand gesture

Here is what God says about his laws to the Jews relative to the Gentile nations:

Deuteronomy 4:8  What nation is there so great that has statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day

God himself declares the Gentile nations do not have the statutes and judgments governing them that are the statutes and judgments of God's law governing his people, the Jews.   God has never yet said to any Gentile nation here "I set before you this day" my law!  Gentile nations were not given the law of God, only the Jews.

Therefore, these evil messianic Jews, who do not believe in Christ (Matthew and John), they believe in the false christ of Pharisee Paul's gospel, are absolute liars in claiming God's wrath is upon any Gentile nation for failure to follow the statutes and judgments God gave to the Jews to follow.

The Gentile nations were not commanded by God to worship only the one true God, for God did not reveal himself to the Gentile nations as he did to the Jews.  The Lord told Jews not to worship the sun, moon or stars or any of God's creation, but to worship the Lord only.  But as to the Gentiles, God said worship of God's creation is divided among all the Gentile nations on earth (Deut. 4:15-19).   Prophet Elisha told Gentile Naaman to be at peace when he visits the Gentile temple of Rimmon (2 Kings 5:19).   God had his prophet, Jonah, appear to Gentile nation Nineveh resembling their half man/half fish god, Dagon, by having Jonah spit out of a whale upon the shores of Nineveh (Jonah 2:10).

Not until Christ sent his apostles to the Gentiles with his gospel were Gentiles called to turn away from their false gods and worship the one true God (Matthew 10:18, 28:19).   During God's judgment of the world unto victory, he again calls Gentiles to worship the one true God (Rev. 14:6-7).

The Gentile nations were not given a Temple of God, therefore not commanded to tithe for tithing is in relation to God's Temple.  The tithes of the Jews were brought to the Temple priests to be used as God commanded, and the tithe was a portion of one's agricultural production (Deut. Ch. 26).  Anyone who tithes to a church is throwing his money down a sewer, is supporting the operation of what is an institution of Satan; Christian churches are of Satan, not God.

The Jews who calls themselves messianic Jews are just glumming onto the money gravy train that is Christianity, though perhaps some have indeed become children of Hell converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel, converts to Paul's false christ.  All messianic Jews claim that the Hebrew bible (which contains same new testament section as Christian bibles) and Christian bibles are all the word of God.  They come on Christian television shows and other Christian venues calling down God's wrath on Gentile nations for not adhering to the fifty year debt jubilee, for not adhering to other of the statutes and judgments God gave to the Jews.    As to the evil Jew Cahn in the above video speaking with child of Hell Pat Robertson, he claims the World Trade Center destruction was God's wrath on the USA for failing to abide by God's law to the Jews.   Nonsense!   The WTC false flag was to enable those who are of the vision soon to be attempted to be established (Daniel 11:14) to kick off the start of their vision.   The vision is to rule over the entire earth, bring all under the Roman pope and to get their vision established, they first want their third world war which is to be Islam versus Christianity, hence the WTC false flag was blamed on radical Islamists.   Freemason Rand Paul continues the vision, claiming radical Islamists are the greatest threat to USA.

The evil Jews who claim to be of Christ are claiming God's wrath has come upon the USA, and they use prophets' writings to back up their claim, but they are liars and speak prophetic writings of God's prophets that are not applicable to situations in the world which they claim to be applicable.   So to any messianic Jews reading, you are evil liars.  I shall quote a portion of Isaiah Ch. 42 which is speaking of the coming Messiah, Christ, and the matter of God's wrath upon nations:

Isaiah 42:3   A bruised reed [evil nations] he shall not break and smoking flax [evil nations] he shall not quench, until he shall bring forth judgment unto truth

Isaiah 42:4 ... and the isles shall wait for his law

The isles shall wait for his law, and it is when the ambassadors of God (when Christ is reigning on earth) shall go to the isles and tell them of the fame and glory of God, that Gentile nations shall have and are compelled to obey the same statutes and judgments of God's law that the Jews have:

Isaiah 66:19  ... to the isles far away that have not heard of my fame neither seen my glory, they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles

Jeremiah 12:16  And it shall come to pass if they will diligently learn the ways of my people ... then shall they be built in the midst of my people

Jeremiah 12:17   But if they will not obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation, says the Lord

Since Christ brings no wrath upon any nation until God's judgment unto victory, as stated in Isaiah 42:3 and repeated in Matthew 12:20, Jeremiah 12:17 is speaking of the time that Christ is reigning on earth and not before that time.   When Christ reigns on earth, the Gentile nations must obey the Lord or if any refuse to obey, then the Lord will destroy such nation.   When Christ is reigning on earth, it is the way of the Jews that Gentiles must obey or God will destroy them.

The term 'way of the Jews' is in reference to God's commands for the Jews, not meaning the way all Jews conduct themselves, for some Jews do not obey the commands of God.  Some Jews write their own commands and claim they are God's commands (Talmud, Mishnah, Pharisee Paul's gospel).    

The Lord says that when Christ is reigning on earth, the Gentiles must follow the way of the Jews or God will destroy them.  It is not the way of the Jews to kneel before church altars, it is not the way of the Jews to believe in Pharisee Paul's gospel.

Being that when Christ reigns on earth, he shall command Gentiles to be of the way of the Jews or be destroyed, how can it be true that Christ wants Gentiles to be of Christendom when Christendom is not of the way of the Jews?    Christians say Christ taught one way for Jews, and sent Paul to teach another way for Gentiles, but such is a lie and flies in the face of Jeremiah and flies in the face of what is stated in the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 14:6   I saw an angel fly through the midst of Heaven having THE everlasting gospel to preach to EVERY nation, tribe, language and kindred ....

Is it Christ's gospel that is to be preached to everyone on earth or is it Paul's gospel that is to be preached to everyone on earth?  Revelation 14:6 declares there is one gospel for everyone on earth!   The Christians who say 'divide the word' cannot reconcile their dividing the word with Revelation 14:6 which declares there is no dividing of gospels, there is only one gospel for everyone on earth.    There is only one true doctrine of Christ (which is inclusive of the prophets and the law, Matthew 5:17) and what is claimed to be a gospel of Christ, the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, is a lie:

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie ....

Here is that disgusting child of Hell, Paul Begley, interviewing a messianic Jew.  Other lying evil messianic Jews
include Steven Ben Denoon and Tovia Singer.   The evil Singer wrote back to me stating he did not understand what I wrote, which I find not credible, but rather think he knows exactly what I was stating but chooses to live a lie rather than embrace the truth.  Messianic Jews are children of Hell converts to Paul's gospel or feigning belief in Christianity in order to grab some of that Christian money that comes their way.   Denoon also wrote back to me stating he did not understand what I was stating.   

The one true gospel of Christ is in the writings of Matthew and John, less the few deceptions applied therein by the 325 AD Council of Nicaea.   Said Council engaged in a grand deception by placing twenty-one lying writings of Pharisees with writings that are of God's Jewish prophets and apostles under one book cover and declaring all the writings thereunder to be of God.  Their deception also included altering parts of Matthew and John's writings.

Daniel 11:14   The robbers of God's people shall exalt themselves to establish their vision but shall fall

What is their vision, who are the robbers of God's people?


NEW WORLD POPE, the Roman Pope being the Pope of the WORLD is part of the vision of the robbers of God's people. The other title of Freemason Time Magazine is Pope for a New World, what new world?  The vision of the robbers of God's people, a New World they want which is the world at Christian altars, which would eventually become all Catholic altars, and commerce in the hands of only Opus Dei members, only in the hands of the Knights of Malta (Rev. 18:23 - your merchants were the great men of the earth).   Freemason's Circle Solomon's Pillars, claiming to have the true worship of the God of Israel is Christendom Freemasons, but they do not have the true worship of God within the gospel of Pharisee Paul, within their churches.  And Daniel foretells when the visionaries make their move to establish their vision, they shall fall.  Freemasons have no right to be in God's coming Jerusalem Temple.    Freemasons will be among the Christians outside the Temple trampling the holy city with the Beast for forty two months:

Revelation 11:1-2    ... measure the Temple of God and the altar and them that worship therein.  But the court which is outside the Temple, do not measure it, for it is given to the Gentiles and the holy city they shall tread under foot for forty two months

The Christians are liars claiming God gave up on the Jews and moved on over to the Genties to give them the allegedly true altars of God on earth (church altars):

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles, as testimony against them

Clearly, Christ did not give up on Jews and move on over to Gentiles!
  The Lord restores the Temple of Jerusalem to the Jews, he counts as his own those who shall be worshiping within the Temple, but the Gentiles he does not count as his own and they shall be hating on God's city Jerusalem for forty two months with the Beast of Revelation, who is the eighth pope king of the Vatican, not a man but an entity of evil that is of Satan's kingdom that ascends from the bottomless pit and who is in spirit form with the current pope king Bergoglio and has been with all popes since they became as kings in 1964 when the United Nations declared the Vatican a sovereign nation:

Revelation 13:5  ... power was given [to the Beast] to continue for forty two months

The Beast has power on earth for forty two months, and the Gentiles with the Beast shall trample God's holy city for forty two months

Revelation 17:10-11  And there are seven kings, five are fallen and one is, and the other is yet to come and when he comes he must continue a short space.   And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goes into perdition

No one man is among all the seven pope kings, therefore the Beast of Revelation is not a man, and he is among the seven pope kings in spirit form.   The Beast arises out of the bottomless pit in physical form to assume his forty two month reign on earth as the eighth pope king (Rev. 11:7, 17:11).   All the world shall be in wonder of the Beast because he is mythological in his appearance.  See Ezekiel Ch. 1 which describes holy, mythological appearing creatures.  Unholy mythological appearing creatures also exist, and the Beast is one of them and so is the coming False Prophet spoken of in Revelation.  The Beast has the carried the Roman Catholic church since its inception (Rev. 17:7).

Knowing that Christ says his gospel is against Gentiles, knowing that Christ counts as his own those who shall be worshiping in the coming Jerusalem Temple, is not anyone reading who kneels before church altars now terrified to continue to do same?:

Hebrews 13:10  We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at

Hater Pharisee Paul hating upon those who God shall measure as his own, the worshipers in God's coming Jersualem Temple!  The Christians have their Gentile church altars courtesy of man of Satan Pharisee Paul, but God does not measure any church altar or those who worship thereat.   As to any of God's people who are in any church, the Lord says COME OUT, my people (Rev. 18:4).  And if you do not come out, you become a partaker of the sins of churches.   Churches are full of abominations, including their unholy altars; and Christians are workers of lawlessness preaching, no more law, grace:

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I shall tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlesness

Romans 6:14   We [Christians] are not under the law, we are under grace

Lovers of lies go to the everlasting lake of fire, and grace is a lie (Rev. 22:15, Matthew 25:41):

Revelation 22:14  Blessed are those who keep God's commandments that they may have the right to enter the city through the gates and eat of the fruit of the tree of life

The Christians insist it is grace, not the keeping of God's commandments, that grants a person eternal life with God, but Christ in his Book of Revelation says it is keeping God's commandments, not grace, that grants a person the right to eternal life with God.

The Christians claim it is not works of righteousness that saves, but grace saves.  Christ says no such thing:

Revelation 20:12-13   ... judged according to works ... judged according to works

Believe the liar Pharisee Paul and end up in the everlasting lake of fire with him.  Many do believe on Paul, and Christ says it shall be many who claim to be of Christ that end up in the everlasting lake of fire (Matthew 7:22-23):

Ephesians 2:9  NOT OF WORKS lest any man should boast

What a flimsy reason from Pharisee Paul as to why allegedly salvation is not of works.   Believe Paul and go to Hell where Paul is and then later be sentenced to the everlasting lake of fire where Paul shall be as well.

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