The Freemason dogs put up their Denver NWO airport murals to gloat before the world what they will do. 

A woman dressed as Muslim women dress.  It is Nazi Freemason third war Christianity v Islam.   Catholic militant Christian Nazi Steve Bannon says all Americans must unite under Judeo-Christianity.  See tab Steve Bannon Breitbart for video evidence, his interview, where he states the foregoing.  See also tab Habakkuk.

A lot of alternative news media sites are  promoting Nazi Trump and refusing to present the evidence that Trump's administration is the swamp made one million times more swampy.   White supremacists, Goldman Sachs men everywhere, this is Nazi Drumpf Trump's administration.   A president who his former wife said had copies of Hitler's speeches that he kept in the house; that Trump's cousin would sometimes greet Trump with a 'Heil Hitler' and click his heels.  

Militant Catholic Christian Bannon targets legal and illegal immigrants in the US, and the ones murdered by the Nazis are predominantly non-white, with the exception of one white girl, and that is a representation of Protestants, in the Freemasons' Nazi murals at their Denver NWO airport.  There is a cross symbol below and to the right of the red flower.

Run, says God, when you hear this ... and it is in Habakkuk and happens at the end time.   When the drunk comes to power and his desire is to heap all people to himself and he will cut off many people.   The man who calls all to himself, wants to heap all nations to himself under the banner of Judeo-Christianity, and he is a drunk.  In his drunkness is his monstrous desire and pride and unrighteous self-uplifting of his soul.  The Lord says his desire is as death, he enlarges his desire as Hell.  Those who refuse to bow to the drunk's approved doctrine:  Judeo-Christianity, they shall be the many he cuts off (see Habakkuk Ch. 2).   Freemason controlled Saturday Night Live, Freemason controlled Hollywood, music industry, sports industry.  The Freemasons gloat in displaying in SNL who Bannon really is, just as they gloat before the world what they will do in their hellish Denver NWO airport murals.  The Lord says his desire is as death, so fitting the Freemasons show Bannon as death incarnate, the grim reaper, the angel of death.

SNL for informational purposes.  Everything that comes out of Hollywood is of Satan, the entertainment industry (movies, tv series, all types of music, sports).  Christianity comes out of Hollywood sometimes and Christianity is of Satan.  See tab Touched By An Angel. 

The Lord says the drunk man's desire is as death.   Here is a quote from Nazi Catholic Steve Bannon:  "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power".   He also said, "darkness is good".

The dogs are going to do their thing and nothing will stop it.  They got a lot of alternative news media sites on their side, sites actually operated by covert Catholics and Freemasons.   Read those quotes from Bannon and the dogs of alternative media stay silent on that and instead promote the Trump and Bannon team.  Christianity is not of God and Pat Robertson, Ken Copeland, Rick Wiles are among the dog Christian leaders who are so evil, so blind they say Trump is a man of God.    They are children of Hell converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel.   Alex Jones goes head long into his joining with Trump, finally revealing conclusively that he is CIA.  It has been said that when Freemasons roll out Jones big time to the general public, that is when they are about to bring the Nazi curtain down on USA.  Jones is being rolled out to the general public by receiving 'tips' from Rosie O'Donnell of ABC's The View to tune into Alex Jones, some said Mark Dice - both Jones and Dice are CIA, and such 'tips' from other mainstream media.  In the waning days of the 2016 US presidential election, Hillary Clinton mentioned the name 'Alex Jones' while on her campaign trail.  CIA psycho shapeshifter Jones is who the globalist want people to go to.  Jones has a job, which is to gather many people around himself and excite them in a war under the bannner of Judeo-Christianity/right against Islam/left.    The violent thugs will stick with Jones and the children of Hell Paul convert militant Christians will also stick with him.   The evil deed will get done (Habakkuk Ch. 2, which is also Daniel 11:14).   The vision of the robbers of God's people is attempted to be established, but the robbers fall, and many are coming against them.  That part of Daniel 11:14 is Habakkuk Ch. 2, the visionaries are the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners.  Bannon is their man to get their Judeo-Christianity over the whole world and he rules over the USA.  Same thing Hitler sought, minus the 'Judeo' part.  Hitler upheld Christianity and the Vatican upheld Hitler.   Bannon can pull it off from his current position as reported puppeteer of puppet Donald Trump.   However, any good Jew or good Gentile reading who thinks otherwise, then at least know that if and when you see Bannon become VP, he is the man of Habakkuk Ch. 2. 

The Catholic Christian Nazi bloated sack of evil drunk, Steve Bannon:

He cannot hide that alcohol-induced red nose.  It appears he wears face makeup sometimes to tone down his alcoholic appearance, judging by the difference between this pic and the next pic.

Nazi Trump is in with NWO elite Jews, and he lies saying it was 'dancing Muslims', it was 'dancing Israelis' celebrating in NYC the planes flying into the world trade center towers on the day it happened, and CIA Alex Jones joins in with Trump on the lie.  The NWO vision (see Daniel 11:14), comes from the robbers of Daniel's people. Daniel's people are the Jews of God, and the robbers of the Jews of God are the Jews of Satan. 

The reason for the 2016 deadly school bus crash at Denver NWO airport on 9-11, is because same signals the commencement of their new world agenda as depicted in the murals at said airport.  The September 11, 2001 world trade center towers take down was the commencement of the Freemasons' new world agenda.   What happened in 2016 that shows the Nazi murals are in play, to confirm that indeed the deadly school bus crash so indicates as aforesaid?   This is what happened:

Second US generation son of Germany Donald Drumpf Trump, the Hitler admirer, was elected US president in 2016.

Got to put the Nazis in office first and then the Freemasons' Nazi world war depicted in the murals can play out. White supremacists, neo-Nazis around Trump's administration.  See tab Habakkuk.    The CIA or one of the US intelligence agencies said that president tangerine will die in jail.   The Freemasons intend to turn on Nazi Drumpf after they are done using the dog?     As to Nazi Bannon, the Lord says the remnant of the people shall spoil him, which means capture and jail him, or kill him or both.  See tab Habakkuk.

The Jews of Satan Pharisees robbed the Jews of God of their place with God in the doctrine of Pharisee Paul.   The Jew Pharisees created their gospel of Pharisee Paul and therein rob the Jews of God of their heritage with God by claiming God moved away from the good Jews to give an altar and God's blessings to Gentiles, and that Gentiles who believe on Pharisee Paul's gospel are the true Jews (Romans 2:28-29, Rev. 2:9).  The robbers are the Jew Pharisee owners of the Vatican, and their vision is called the New World Order vision.  They hate Jews of God and place Gentile dogs like Bannon in power, Gentile dogs who hate Jews of God. 

News report from 9-11-2016, link:

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