What appears to be a man is actually a demon.    Just before the demon leaves the store, what is seen is pictured below. 

Demonic skeleton

The CCTV is black and white film and color shows up in the film because what is witnessed in the film is supernatural, of Satan's kingdom.   The demon skeleton walks through the glass and metal into the store and then walks through glass and metal out of the store.

Nothing face, just as Satan's kingdom does to people who are evil when they are shapeshifted such that their face is made a blur.  Examples of people with blurred faces, see Pope and Kirill being shapeshifted during their meeting.  See tab Shapeshifters 8 to see examples of people being shapeshifted such that their face is a total blur, as in the pic above.

Nothing face, and that is also done to people who are of Satan, a nothing face. To see examples go here:

Demonic face on back of his arm.

Face is now red with black along jaw line and greatly enlarged.

As the demon is leaving the store, his face is as seen in his pic.

Demonic skeleton.

The demon is partially through the glass and metal and its hand is greatly enlarged, and reduces in size as he continues to walk away from the store.

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