In London-based newspaper Al-Hayat Daily, a Saudi legal expert named Katib al-Shammari says the US masterminded the World Trade Center crime.  Al-Shammari says that the WTC crime was carried out by the USA itself in order to justify a worldwide war on terror.   

Terrorism comes to the world at the hands of the US shadow government (SG).  Why does the SG want to create terror in the world?  Some say to take over the Middle East in order to secure oil.    That cannot be the sole reason, if even a reason, because the SG is wanting to bring Muslims by the millions in to the USA, and is currently allowing unchecked crossing of people into the USA along the US/Mexico border, which the SG knows is occurring and has ordered that border patrol agents stand down to let the immigration through.  Therefore, the SG have another agenda at foot since the 9.11 kick off of their campaign of terror to the world scene.  That other agenda is as Hitler did.  Hitler's SS and other troops were in the streets (Hitler dogs) of Hitler's Germany.  Hitler dogs among the civilians of Germany doing evil to their own people before Hitler proceeded to bring evil to people of other nations.   The US has long been bringing evil to other nations.  

Why the SG want a Hitler dogs-type thing in the USA?   George Bush Sr, former US president, is the son of Prescott Bush who was a Hitler dogs supporter.  The SG are Nazis, the Fourth Reich seeking to bust through on USA land, UK land, European land.   

How to justify a Hitler dogs situation coming to fruition in USA, UK and Europe?  Load the places up with Muslims, the same group that is blamed by the SG for the 9.11 WTC crime!

Once the Muslims are situated in the millions among the civilians of USA, UK and Europe, SG and its counterparts in UK and Europe will do other 9.11-type things and blame those things on the Muslims.  Only instead of the Muslim perpetrators being way over there in the Middle East, as with 9.11, and SG sending its Hitler dogs over there, the purported Muslim perpetrators (SG will probably blame some US citizens too) will be on USA soil, on UK soil, on European soil, and so the war is taken to the civilian realm of USA, UK and Europe.   The SG's Hitler dogs will be charged with hunting down the purported Muslim/US perpetrators living amongst the people of USA.  Same will happen in UK and Europe.    I back up the foregoing contention with statements from NATO officials that they will have eyes and ears on the ground in every village and those eyes and ears will look at every one in their assigned territory to assess them.  The NATO official listed the categories every citizen shall be put in, though its Hitler dogs in every village eyeing every one to make a determination of the character of every person in that village:  good man, dark man, not sure.

"Victory by means of archives", this is what the Saudi legal expert, al-Shammari, said of the USA.   In other words, blackmail.      The archives need not even be factual.  The US blamed Sadam Hussein for 9.11 and it was Iraq that had SG's Hitler dogs unleashed on it in retaliation for 9.11.    Now the SG blackmails Saudi that it shall blame Saudi Arabia for 9.11 through public release of its archives.  The classified 28 pages of the Congressional report on the WTC crime.

New York senator Chuck Schumer placed an amendment into the bill that passed which allows WTC crime victims to sue Saudi Arabia over the crime.    The amendment is that the US State Department can at its discretion disallow any suit to be filed, or if already filed, to halt all legal proceedings and compel the court to issue an order dismissing the lawsuit.    Schumer allows for blackmail.    The SG can force another nation to play ball with it by saying, do what we want and the State Department will see to it a lawsuit cannot be filed.  Or if a lawsuit already underway, the State Department can have the lawsuit dismissed.    If Saudi does not do what SG wants, it may be that a lawsuit is filed against Saudi in connection with 9.11 and in that case, Saudi's hand might be forced to go along with SG.  However, that could be one of the NWO visionaries gamble that does not pay off.   After all, the NWO visionaries shall fall, and the things that bring about that fall have yet to play out.   Saudi just might turn fully to China and/or Russia cutting ties to US.  Also, the Schumer amendment might be a head fake, with the SG already having full intentions of military invasion of Saudi Arabia.

The question is, what is Saudi Arabia not doing that the SG wants it to do?   The US is blackmailing Saudi.  Is the blackmail in connection with Saudi putting out the US fracking business? That SG demands Saudi allow high price oil?   Could be based on the information at this link:

Saudi's oil minster said, why forestall the inevitable; let them (US frack/shale) lower their price, go into debt or go bust.   Was SG demanding Saudi forestall same but Saudi refused?

The Saudis and SG are definitely in a struggle with each other, but neither wants to part entirely, yet.   That they are attempting to resolve and remain allies is known because of the said Schumer amendment and the fact that it is through Saudi newspaper that the Saudi government is airing its anger, rather than publicly through Saudi government officials.   An absolute cut of relations would be for an official of the Saudi government to assert what the Saudi legal expert stated in the Saudi newspaper, as aforesaid.   

Troubles come upon the USA regarding the SG's NWO vision, it is stated in Daniel 11:14.   The vision is the New World Order. The NWO is a Nazi Fourth Reich vision.    The vision comes out of the Vatican and is a vision of a Nazi Fourth Reich (aka NWO) over the entire world.  The Vatican is the robber of the Jewish people.  The Vatican is the owner of the Roman Catholic church, that which evolved from the Jew Pharisee Benjamite wolves founding of churches for Gentiles.  The false apostle and anti-Christ Pharisee Paul is a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin (Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 2:15, 1 John 2:18, Philippians 3:5).   The Roman Catholic church claims they have the true altars of God on earth.  The Son of God says the Jewish people have the one true altar of God on earth (John 4:20-24).   In that way, the Vatican is the robbers of Jew Daniel's people.   

Daniel 11:14  At that time, many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision [NWO] but shall fall

The likelihood of success of the NWO visionaries to establish their NWO vision becomes dimmer and dimmer with each passing day.  But those NWO visionary clowns nevertheless think they can pull it off.   The numerous cracks appearing that may be among the reasons that the NWO visionaries fall.  Fall they will, why is not known yet:

1)  The attack, and more to come, on the US dollar by China and Russia.

2)   Russia's involvement in Syria.

3)   China steadily building up its military presence in China south sea to bring about the time when it shall totally push the USA out of the China south sea area, a thing the US vows to prevent.

4)  China establishing a military presence in Africa.

5)   A struggle between US and Saudi Arabia where US is demanding of Saudis and Saudis are not delivering.   Do not know for sure what the demands are. It is clear SG is blackmailing Saudi and that Saudi is pushing back.

The above list is what cracks I am aware of.  There probably are other cracks going on at this time.
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