The Christian church and the Jewish Jerusalem Temple are to each other as the Christian church is to the Muslim church.    In that the Christian church and the Muslim church both claim to be institutions that worship the one and only true God, and both say the other is not of God, the Christian church and the Jewish Temple both claim to be institutions that worship the one and only true God, and both say the other is not.

Just as the doctrine underpinning the Muslim church is diametrically opposed to the doctrine underpinning the Christian church, so too the doctrine underpinning the Jewish Jerusalem Temple is diametrically opposed to the doctrine underpinning the Christian churches (and the Muslim churches too).

The Jewish people of the Jerusalem Temple will say, as their Lord does tell them, that there is no altar on earth that is of God except the Jerusalem Temple altar.   

The Gentiles and Jews of the Christian churches do say that their church altar is a true altar of God on earth.   They have to say 'a true altar of God' because the Christian church is many, many altars, many different sects.   The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners do teach that only the Roman Catholic church altars are the true altars of God on earth, that salvation is only through the Catholic church, to the exclusion of every other Christian sect and every other religion, including the Jewish Temple worship.   

The founding doctrine of the Jerusalem Temple is the Torah.   The Torah is upheld in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 22:14); is upheld in the other writings of John and in Matthew.  The Son of God upholds the Jerusalem Temple (Rev. 11:1-2).  The anti-Christ Pharisee Paul speaks against the Jewish Temple (Hebrews 8:2, 13:10) and against its founding doctrine, the Torah (Romans 8:2, Ephesians 2:14, Romans 6:14).

Without the Torah, there is no basis for the existence of the Jerusalem Temple.   The gospel of Paul states that God did away with the Torah, and  pursuant to Pharisee Paul's doctrine, the Jerusalem Temple is the Jews' attempt to worship God that God no longer accepts as worship.  The Christian church altar is the only altar where God is to be worshiped says Pharisee Paul.

The gospel of Pharisee Paul is a totally different doctrine from the doctrine of the Son of God in John and Matthew's writings.    There is no Paul's 'grace doctrine' in John's Book of Revelation.  The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners did a little fixing up to deceive in Revelation (325 AD Council of Nicaea) by inserting their lie that Christ spoke to Christian churches in Asia.  Christ spoke to Jewish believers in their synagogues in Asia.  They were the Asian Jewish believers who rejected the gospel of Pharisee Paul (Rev. 2:2), all of Asia rejected Pharisee Paul and his gospel (2 Timothy 1:15).  The truth is that no where in the Book of Revelation is there any confirmation of Paul's lying doctrine.  No where in Revelation does Christ affirm anti-Christ Paul's grace doctrine. 

Judged by works (Rev. Ch. 20:12-13).   Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says, not judged by works (Ephesians 2:9).   
Furthermore, flesh and blood in the kingdom of God, the good people get to eat what God had available for Adam and Eve, the tree of life (Rev. 22:14).  Satanic Jew Pharisee Paul says no flesh and blood can be in God's kingdom (1 Cor. 15:50).  God loved the world of flesh and blood, earth, sky, the stars, the sun and moon, the oceans, the waters, the lions, birds, elephants, God loved his creation and said it was all good.  And he rested the seventh day from his creation.   

God loves the world he created, and he redeems the sheep which are those who are not of Satan. They get to live forever on earth, and the wolf and lamb will be friends, the leopard and calf will play together, a child will play with a lion (Isaiah Ch. 11).  And every new moon and every Sabbath all flesh and blood comes to worship before God, forever and ever without end (Isaiah 66:23).  The Lord died for the godly people (John 10:15).  Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul says the Lord died for the ungodly people (Romans 5:6).    Absolutely the Lord hates the Paul converts because there is no truth in them, they side with liar Jew Pharisee Paul.

The founding doctrine of the Christian churches is the gospel of Pharisee Paul.   This is what Pharisee Paul says of those who are of God's Jerusalem Temple:

Hebrews 13:10   We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at.

God shall establish his Jerusalem Temple soon.  The Son of God teaches and so do the prophets that the Temple of God will exist again before God begins his judgment unto victory (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31).    

Of God too are altars scattered all over the earth that say, you Temple servants are not allowed here?    The Christian church altar says, no Temple servants allowed (Hebrews 13:10).  The Lord deems the Christian church altars as his own altars when those altars mock his Temple servants, mock his Jerusalem Temple altar?    Every Christian church altar is an offense to God and they will all be destroyed by God's angels.  The Christian church altar was founded by Satanic Jew Pharisees.

The Christian church altars have a meaning behind them, they stand for something.  Pharisee Paul set up the church altars, and he divides Jewish Temple servants from his converts by excluding Temple servants from his church altars.    

Speaking in a lamb-like manner, but the action of  Pharisee Paul's doctrine is speaking like a dragon.   That is Jew Pharisee Paul's gospel.  A lot of lamb-like speak and in action it is dragon speak.   What do the Christian church altars represent?  In action they represent absolute prohibition of Temple serving Jews from among the Christian community.

The Jerusalem Temple of God will exist again, the  Jewish Temple servants therein are excluded from the church altars (Hebrews 13:10).    God never established any altars for Gentiles that mock his servants, never established any altars for Gentiles.  Therefore, the Christian church altars are not of God.   The Satanic Jew Pharisees gave Gentiles their unholy altars for the purpose of stealing their wealth.

Jew Pharisee Paul enforced his rule that no Jerusalem Temple servant is allowed at his altars (Hebrews 13:10).   The Jew Pharisees passed on their altar business to their Pharisee sons (Matthew 21:33-46).  The Roman Catholic church is that great false light ruling over Gentiles that the Lord said the Jew Pharisees would accomplish (Matthew 21:33-46).  It is the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners who send a vile king to destroy the Jews of God, and have the king set up an abomination in the Jerusalem Temple.  

That false light rule has been kept from taking rule over the entire earth (Rev. 6:8) by the rise of competing harlots who disrupt that power.  Catholic altars have competition in the Christian arena via the Ethiopian altars, Orthodox altars and Protestant altars.  Not until the eighth pope king Beast comes to earth is all power in the hands of that false light, the original and biggest and most evil church on earth, the Roman Catholic church.   Harlots took up that false light, they are the Ethiopian church, the Orthodox church and then the original false light, still going strong, had a schism with some breaking off to form the Protestant church false light.

The one and only true altar of God on earth is the Jerusalem Temple altar.   The Christian church altars are of Satan.  

Is the church altar an altar of God, or is the Jerusalem Temple altar an altar of God or are both the Christian church altars and the Jerusalem Temple altar the altars of God on earth?    The Son of God says there is only one true altar of God on earth, the Jerusalem Temple altar (John 4:20-24, Rev. 11:1-2).

Pharisee Paul the anti-Christ clearly teaches God moved away from the Jews and gave salvation to the Gentile Christian churches (1 Timothy 3:16, Romans 11:28).  The Son of God clearly teaches that salvation is of the Jews, not of the Gentiles (John 4:22).     Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul teaches that servants of God's Jerusalem Temple have no right to be at church altars (Hebrews 13:10).   But the Son of God says the Jewish Temple servants and the altar, and the Temple are his own.

Another example of lamb-like speak but dragon action in Pharisee Paul's gospel.  His lamb-like speak:   God has broken down the wall between Jew and Gentile.   But in action Pharisee Paul sets up a wall between Jew and Gentile:

Ephesians 2:14   Christ is our peace and he has made both [Jew and Gentile] one and has broken down the middle wall of partition between us.

Lamb-like speak, peace.    Now here is anti-Christ Paul's dragon action:

Hebrews 13:10  We [Christians] have an altar that those who serve God's Temple have no right to eat at.

Lamb-like speak  claiming peace, Jew and Gentile made one under Paul's gospel, but in action Paul divides the Jews of God from his Christian altar slaves by prohibiting Jewish Temple servants from being with the Gentile altar slaves serving the Pharisees' church altars.   In the Lord's gospel, he does not teach that there shall be no more Jew and Gentile.   That is the lie of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, and he separates Jew and Gentile in action, contrary to his lamb-like speak that Paul's gospel unites Jew and Gentile. 

The true understanding is witnessed to all nations by Jews of God just before God begins his judgment unto victory (Daniel 11:33, Matthew 24:14).    That truth is Paul's gospel is not of God.  The truth that is witnessed to all nations is Paul is of Satan, and the Lord has his truth in the Torah, the Tanakh and Matthew and John's writings.   Aside from the few deceptions in Matthew and John by the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.

As God's judgment of the world is taking place, he has two Jewish witnesses testify to the whole world, and they have miraculous powers and they preach the testimony of God.   These two prophets are permitted by God to bring disasters upon the earth:

Revelation 11:6   These have power to shut heaven so that it does not rain during the days of their prophecy and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will.

The evil people of the world will hate those two Jewish prophets of God and deem them to be of Satan, and deem the slayer of them to be of God - the First Beast is the eighth pope king of the Catholics and he slays the two Jewish prophets of God.  

All the world will have already been conditioned to see the phenomenal before their eyes in the actions of the two Jewish prophets of God, including:

Revelation 11:5   If any man tries to hurt them, fire comes out of their mouth and devours their enemies

In addition to their calling down 'no rain' and the world sees it is no rain other phenomena is their proclaiming plagues and the plagues happen and turning water to blood.   They prophecy and they say repent of evil deeds.  The people will hate them, all whose names are not in the Lamb's book of life.   As said, the evil people will have been conditioned for receiving the mythological-appearing First Beast and Second Beast after having gone through 'paranormal', 'scientifically-impossible, yet did occur' events that will happen with the two Jewish prophets of God to come.   

And the world is forced to focus on the God of Israel because of the two Jewish prophets.  The God of Israel is not what is depicted in Christianity (anti-Christ Paul's gospel).  Christianity is a false light that lies about who the God of Israel is.   

The Jerusalem Temple is absolutely upheld by the Son of God (Matthew Ch. 21):

Revelation 11:1-2   Measure the Temple and the altar and those who worship thereat, but the court outside the Temple do not measure for it is given to the Gentiles who shall trample the holy city for forty two months.

In Matthew and John's writings is absolute upholding of God's holy Jerusalem Temple.  It is in anti-Christ Pharisee Paul's gospel that there is a hatred for God's holy Jerusalem Temple, not just as to the building itself and its altar, but also the doctrine underpinning God's holy Jerusalem Temple is hated by anti-Christ Pharisee Paul - the Torah.   

The underpinning doctrine of God's holy Jerusalem Temple is the Torah, and this is what anti-Christ Pharisee
Paul says of the Torah:

2 Corinthians 3:7   Death written in stone ....

2 Corinthians 3:6   The letter that kills ....

Romans 8:2  The law of the spirit of life in Jesus Christ freed me from the law of sin and death [the Torah]

Colossians 2:14  Christ nailed the law of God [handwriting of ordinances, the Torah] to the cross.

Ephesians 2:15  Christ abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances [the Torah], in order to make for himself of the two [Jew and Gentile] one new man, so making peace.

The evil people believe anti-Christ Paul, instead of believing the Lord who says his law has not been done away with, and the Jewish Temple exists to permit fulfillment of the Torah.   The Lord brings back his Jerusalem Temple, the Temple declares it possesses the one true altar of God on earth.   That makes every church altar a lie, an offensive thing to God:

Revelation 22:14   Blessed are those who do God's commandments that they may have the right to enter the city through the gates and eat of the tree of life.

Paul condemns the Torah to death, the doctrine that underpins the  Jerusalem Temple without which doctrine there is no basis for the existence of the Jerusalem Temple of God!  But Paul is the liar, the Torah remains and God's Jerusalem Temple returns and the truth is witnessed to all nations just before the end comes (Matthew 24:14, Daniel 11:33).

Paul is the anti-Christ, his converts are the many anti-Christs (1 John 2:18).  And God shall bring back his Jerusalem Temple and the Gentiles shall be in outrage over the Temple. 

Outrage because they suffered greatly under the actions of the aforesaid two Jewish prophets of God and so seek to exact revenge on the Jews, and they are organized to trample Jerusalem by the First Beast pope king and the Second Beast lamb to come.    The First Beast and Second Beast will be hailed as heroes to the evil people of the world because they killed their tormentors, the two Jewish prophets of God.
Because the First Beast and Second Beast were permitted by God to kill his two Jewish prophets, and because they are presented to the people of the world through the authority of the papal office,  (the First Beast is the eighth pope king  of the Vatican, Rev. 17:10-11),  the people will accept the First Beast and Second Beast as being supernatural beings sent by God to rescue the Roman Catholic church from the scourge that was those two Jewish prophets of God smiting the earth as often as they willed with drought, plagues, etc. (Rev. 11:6).  And they will besiege the Jerusalem Temple when the First Beast and Second Beast come to earth in physical form.

When the beasts are on earth for 42 months, the focus of the Gentiles is the Jerusalem Temple.   It is Catholic Christians that are in supreme power because the First Beast is the pope of the Catholics and the First Beast pope is the one who rules all the earth because no one is permitted to buy or sell without his authority.  The people who worship the First Beast are worshiping a Christian, the eighth pope king of the Catholics.   It is what Isaiah says are the evil people that exist on earth when God sends his angels to remove all evil people on earth, Christians.   At that time every one who is evil is under the umbrella of Christianity because worship of the Beast is worship of the pope:

Isaiah 66:17   Those who purify themselves and sanctify themselves in the gardens behind one tree [Jew Pharisee Paul] in the midst, eating swine's flesh [Paul's gospel], and the abomination and the mouse shall all together be consumed.

Matthew 13:41  The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth.

The First Beast is the final pope king of the Catholics, the gospel of Paul is the underpinning doctrine of the Catholic church and on Paul's gospel they rely to sanctify and purify themselves before God.  In the end, it is the Beast pope who rules the earth and his religion (Christianity) teaches how to be sanctified and purified by God and it is based on Paul's gospel, Paul the swine, the pig whose words (flesh) they do eat.  The Lord did say, unless you eat of my flesh ..., and of course he did not mean cannibalism, he means to eat up his words, believe on them and you have life.  Many eat the flesh of another, Paul, and claim they eat Christ's flesh while in actuality they eat Paul's flesh.   The Lord calls Paul a pig and that he is.

There is going to be a uniting of the world under an out-of-this-world type alien-threat scenario, only the players are not going to be as depicted in movies.   The players are going to be two Jewish prophets of God and the First Beast and Second Beast.   The two Jewish prophets of God are going to be the threat that unites the world to destroy them.   But no man is allowed by God to destroy them, and any who try will be killed by fire from the mouth of the prophet they are trying to kill.   

Then beings comes that are within the realm of the Catholic religion, and come as the pope king of the Catholics and a lamb as his false prophet (Rev. 19:20).   They are the First Beast and the Second Beast. 

The scene at the hour of judgment is Gentiles trampling God's holy city (Rev. 11:1-2).   The Gentiles will be plenty sore at the Jewish people and their Temple because of what the two Jewish prophets did to them (Rev. Ch. 11).   The First and Second Beasts will be directing the Gentiles in their trampling of the holy city.

Satan's First Beast and Second Beast hate God, hate his Temple, hate his people and those beasts direct the Gentiles, though authority of the papal office, to trample Jerusalem. and their reign is for 42 horrific months.
For 42 months the Gentiles shall trample the holy city Jerusalem.  These are the Christians led by the First Beast who is the eighth pope king of the Vatican:

Revelation 17:10-11   And there are seven kings.  Five are fallen and one is and one is yet to come and when he comes he must continue a short space.   And the Beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven and goes into perdition [Rev. Ch. 19:20 the Beast was cast alive into the lake of fire (perdition)].

The Beast is in spirit form among the Vatican pope kings.  The Vatican pope kings are those popes who reigned in office when Vatican became a sovereign nation and continuing to this day.  Bergoglio is the fifth pope king.      The United Nations declared Vatican is a sovereign nation in 1964.   Papal office is highest office in Vatican, akin to being the office of a king upon Vatican being declared a nation.  

The Vatican is a religion, not a nation. 

The Vatican is akin to being the headquarters of a multi-national corporation, and their primary business is the Roman Catholic church.  

They do have another business under the table, the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners own the western central banks and it is their Jewish pals who head those central banks and it is their Knights Templar of Switzerland who are the money-handlers, as the Jewish bankers place their centuries-long trust in those Knights Templar.  Switzerland was founded by the Knights Templar in 1291.  

The Knights Templar never lost control of the Switzerland they founded, just as every US president has been related as kin and so the power that founded US keeps that power.  Trump is probably also among that kinship of US rulers. 

Switzerland houses the central bank of western central banks which is the Bank for International Settlements.   Switzerland comes cloaked in a 'perpetual neutral' lie - 'neutral arbitrators' so to speak, for the disputes of the world.   Come to the Knights Templar of Switzerland and they will guide rulers on how to mend disputes.   Vatican and KT's many intrigues to gain an edge over the nations, and the 'perpetual neutral' lie is one of them.  Switzerland is not neutral, they are working to further temporal rule of the Vatican.  

Swissy is the fifth column in many nations and their military that comes cloaked as 'neutral peacekeepers' and their Red Cross are Trojan horses by which they enter nations to do their intrigues in pursuit of the mutual interests between Vatican and the Knights Templar.  

Swissy guards the Korean DMZ.  Swissy arms North Korea, Swissy trains North Korean soldiers.   Vatican and her Knights Templar have a use for North Korea, it is a club for them to use against who they want to put the club to.  

Switzerland is Knights Templar posing as a nation.   Vatican is a religious business posing as a nation.

Vatican and Switzerland united against any and all nations that will not do their bidding, and working within nations as fifth columns to use resources of those nations to do their bidding.  That is Vatican and Switzerland, but Vatican is the non-hidden fifth column in nations that is received with open arms in many nations.   There was a time when it was unlawful to perform a Catholic mass in the US.  Nations of have kicked out Jesuits for their subversive deeds in nations on behalf  of the Vatican.  

The Knights Templar have their incentive to stick with the Vatican.  They get a portion of the money the Vatican receives from its 1.2 billion or so members.  Stealing and murdering, trafficking in people, drugs and arms, forced conversion, forced tribute money that is the Knights Templar and the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners is their partner in crime (Rev. 18:13).   Forced conversion not too long ago.  During world war two, Ante Pavelic was president of Croatia, and with the blessings of and hands on assistance from the Vatican, he did force conversion to the Catholic church or be killed or exiled.   There are accounts of mass conversions that ended with the Pavelic army murdering the converts just after having converted or within a short time thereof. Pavelic sought to make Croatia an all-Catholic nation.  Their brutality exceeded that of the German Nazis.

The Knights Templar are the trusted Gentiles of the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners to enforce the temporal rule of the Vatican on earth, to further it and in exchange for the knights' efforts on behalf of the Vatican, the knights get a share of the loot that comes to the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners.   And they control North Korea.  China does not control North Korea, and the only reason China tolerates North Korea is because it fears a united Korea more.  Historically, China has always preferred a divided Korea to a united Korea because of enmity with China when Korea is united.  The Knights Templar and Vatican have played on that to their benefit.    The Korean war was Vatican's war.  

Hitler started bombing nations, taking over nations, and the world was astonished, but not the Vatican and not Switzerland's Knights Templar who orchestrated Hitler's rise to power to bring about their  scheme of creating the Jew Pharisee Vatican's owners 1948-founded Israel, that conquering by the papacy of Jerusalem always sought by the Vatican but never achieved until 1948.  When North Korea strikes, it will be on order of Vatican through her knights in Switzerland.

The First Beast comes to earth in physical form as the eighth and final pope king of the Catholics.  All the world will be in wonder of him because of his physical body.  People will be amazed to see a very large being with multiple heads (Rev. Ch. 13).

The Christians are among the wicked who do not understand God's word (Daniel 12:10).  They think that God speaks in a metaphor when describing the physical appearance of the First Beast and the Second Beast.   No metaphor, they shall be mythological-appearing in their physique, and that is why the world will wonder after them.   The Second Beast comes appearing as the  lamb of God and so he and the First Beast will be accepted by most of the world because the Second Beast physically appears to them to be of God.   The world's focus is going to be on God at that time because of the preceding two Jewish prophets of God having brought that focus to the world:

Revelation 13:11   I beheld another beast come out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and he spoke as a dragon.

The Second Beast has the appearance of being the lamb of God.  There will be two horns on the lamb, unlike most of the Catholic images of their lamb. 

The lamb of God is a symbol often used in Catholic religious imagery, so they will readily adopt the First Beast despite his frightening appearance because they take comfort in the physical appearance of the Second Beast because his appearance is as one of their own symbols of God.   But the Second Beast is a dragon, by his actions and speech.    Lamb of God in appearance, but of Satan in speech.   Both beasts arise one right after the other, both being presented to the world at the same time coming in the authority of the papacy.

When the Jerusalem Temple exists again, the world is dragged before God whether it likes it or not, and it will not like it.  The world has been of Satan since the Lord ceased destroying the wicked on earth as he did in the era of 'repent or wrath', not destroying them until he brings judgment that ends with this world becoming the world of God.   Let both evil people and good people exist until the harvest (Matthew 13:30).   

As to the harvest, the Christians lie saying the harvest of God is saving souls for Jesus.  The harvest of God is when God's angels take every evil person off the earth:

Isaiah 9:7-8  You have multiplied the nation [Israel] but not increased the joy.  They shall joy before you according to the joy in the harvest  ... For you have broken the yoke of his burden and have broken the rod of the oppressor ....

Matthew 13:41   The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth [same as Isaiah 66:17].

The rod of the oppressor forever broken because all evil people are taken off the earth, that is the harvest. 
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