At video time 5:19, Gingrich speaks of Trump being "outside of the club", "uncontrollable", "he didn't belong to the secret society".  

"He didn't belong"?  Perhaps Gingrich speaks knowing Trump is to be assassinated, "he didn't belong to the secret society".  Trump is not dead, therefore it should be, 'he does not belong to the secret society'.  Note Gingrich says, "the" secret society.  There is only one secret society that rules, that is the Freemasons, and they also go by the name, Illuminati.  JF Kennedy was an evil man, a shapeshifter, and he also said there is one secret society because he said there is a monolithic conspiracy, and that one monolithic and ruthless conspiracy is carried out by the one secret society that rules a large portion of the world - Freemasonry.

Predictive programming exists showing Trump running for president long before it had occurred.     National Broadcasting Corporation is Freemason controlled, and they gave Trump a tv show that undoubtedly has played a big part in his acceptance among the populace that have voted/will vote in the presidential primaries and election.  The Freemason owned NBC executives gave Trump his tv show, The Apprentice, with the sole goal in mind of building his popularity among the electorate.  Trump has never held a political office, and in that respect he is indeed an apprentice at being a political figure, the title of his tv show is also predictive programming.    Based on the evidence of predictive programming in film/tv shows years before Trump's 2016 presidential campaign,  the Freemasons who do have the ear of Trump have given Trump the impetus to run for president and that is how the Freemasons were able to predict in their film/tv shows that Trump would run for president.   

The Freemasons do engage in killing of people for reasons that include sacrifice to appease their god, Satan, done in conformity to their numerology/Gematria doctrine.    

Perhaps the Freemasons are playing a game with Hillary Clinton, planning on destroying her through Trump and then having Trump be the Freemason's blood sacrifice.    Perhaps the Freemason plan is for the public to be greatly distracted by the coming vitriolic attacks to come when Trump goes after Clinton unmercifully, and there is enough true fodder for Trump to use to go after Clinton that will greatly humiliate her before the public. It will make for must see news coverage among many in the USA   The final blow to Freemason Clinton would be indictment over her use of an unsecured server while conducting affairs of her office as secretary of state, and then the assassination of Trump.  Freemason Biden, the current vice president, would then be the Democrat candidate for president.   In a real twist and something unheard of, Freemason weirdmageddon, Biden could make Obama his running mate.  Biden dies and then Obama would be president again1

However the Freemasons intend to play out the 2016 election for president, there is no disputing that Trump's bid for presidency was foretold in Freemasons' entertainment venues long before Trump announced his candidacy, and therefore Trump is a quantity the Freemasons wanted, and expected, to appear on the scene as a POTUS candidate, but for what end purpose is speculation until the outcome is known.    But an educated guess is possible given that Freemasons' third war is Christianity v Islam and that is the reason millions of Muslims have been let into Christian UK, Christian fortress Europe and same proposed for Christian USA, for the purpose of bringing war to the civilian realm on European, UK, and USA soil.  NATO has said that the new battleground is to be the civilian realm.     Muslim radicals in USA, Europe, and UK neighborhoods being the justification for Freemasons' desired war among the civilians, justification, (so it will appear), for a military police state, not merely a civilian  police state.  If Trump holds true to his campaign platform, he will not allow Muslims to immigrant to USA, and will deport many Muslims that are in the USA, and such a position is certainly contrary to what the Freemasons desire to bring about, which is a military police state in USA, Europe and UK and mass migration of Muslims into the USA is a key part of bringing about that military police state in the USA.    Therefore, if Trump truly wants to evict Muslims/keep Muslims out of USA, then the Freemasons have a purpose in Trump's bid for presidency that does not include Trump becoming president because clearly the Freemasons want a flood of Muslims to come into the USA for the aforesaid purpose.


Vid 21:29  [NATO's Presser] "If you want to have intel-driven operations, you  need highly sophisticated, modern equipment.  So, in other words, if you don't see anything, you are blind  ... But if you have something in the air, you see something, you look to the horizon and you see everything.  Then you can distinguish between the good man and the bad man ... There are always very skilled, very agile young men and women and they have ears on the ground.  They hear a lot.  And so there is a sense of it, if you will  ... it is human sensors, they live in the country, they live in the villages, they know what's going on.   And they know that is a good man, this man, person, I'm not sure, but this is a dark man."

"They live in the villages, they know what's going on".  That is the coming civilian brown shirts in USA, UK, and Europe living in the villages as spies for the military, pointing out to military authorities who is a good man and who is a "dark" man and who is an unknown quantity.  As the NATO official said in the video: "And they [the brown shirts] know that is a good man, this man, person, I'm not sure, but this is a dark man." 

The civilian brown shirts will be the military's informants living in the villages who must quantify every one within their village to determine who is bad, who is good and who is not yet known to be good or bad. That means every civilian must lay out his life before the military authorities' brown shirts, for the brown shirts will be tasked with quantifying every one within their village.   As stated above, the justification the authorities will use to bring about the scenario of brown shirts in USA, UK and Europe is terrorism among the populace brought about by the millions of Muslims let into Europe and UK, and anticipated to be let into the USA in great numbers.  The Freemasons would then unleash false flag terrorism in UK, Europe and USA blamed on the Muslim immigrants and there would also be terrorism that is carried out by Muslim immigrants, with and without the guiding hand of Freemasons.  Ordinary citizens targeted for take down can be falsely accused of being in cooperation with, carrying out terrorism with no recourse of the falsely accused since USA Patriot Acts permit indefinite detention of US citizens, without charge, with no privilege of habeas corpus.  The Freemason written US Constitution states habeas corpus is a privilege, not a right.

Predictive Programming Regarding Trump's Presidential Bid

 1 The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution does not explicitly, or implicitly, prohibit Obama from becoming president again through succeeding to the office via occupying the office of vice president upon the death/incapacity of the sitting president:

Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

The prohibition against occupying office of president more than two terms is applicable to the following two circumstances only:  1) becoming president via election to office and 2) a vice president becoming president (or acting president) via the death/incapacity of the elected president for more than two years of such elected president's term may be elected to office of president for one term.   Obama is precluded from occupying office of president for a third term only through election, but not through succession where he is vice president and becomes acting/sitting president upon incapacity/death of the elected president.  Perhaps the plan is to force Clinton to make Obama her running mate, and then she probably would know that her death/incapacitiy would be sought and carried out once she got in office.   Hold over her head the threat of indictment, because Obama could have the Justice Department indict her if he wanted.  Obama has said that if he ran for president again, he would get elected so apparently he wants to be president for another term, or two or three or four.

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