Do not expect that your priest, pastor, minister and other church rulers will say that Paul is not of God.  To say so would be to end their jobs.  There is no place for church rulers among the followers of Christ.   Only in the gospel of Paul, Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter can church rulers claim their spot as rulers of the sheep of Christ.

The church rulers are these people:

Matthew 13:22   ... the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word and they are unfruitful

And these people:

Matthew 23:15  Pharisees and their converts are children of Hell

Acts 23:6  I am a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee

Church rulers are unfruitful in the eyes of God and they are converts to a doctrine of Pharisees (gospel of Pharisee Paul).   There are a few good, but deceived, church lay, but among the church rulers, they already are firm in their belief that Pharisee Paul the evildoer is of Christ.  The Lord says, come out of her, my people (Rev. 18:4).    Church rulers, and for the most part those who are the church lay, think they do great, wonderful, fantastic, loving, godly works, but they end up in the lake of fire:

Matthew 7:22-23   Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I shall tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

There are not many people who are thoroughly knowledgeable of Christ's doctrine and Paul's doctrine who hold out to people:  follow Christ only, do not follow Pharisee Paul.    Probably 99.9% of bible scholars, and I am scholar of bibles, believe that Paul is of God and not anything put to them to show Paul is not of God will persuade them otherwise.  They are blind children of Hell by reason of having converted to the doctrine of Pharisee Paul (Matthew 23:15, Acts, 23:6, Philippians 3:5).  

Do not expect church rulers to acknowledge the truth that is at  The gospel of Christ, which is truth, I teach, contrasted with the lying filth that is the gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.  Church rulers are dog lovers of lies, thoroughly knowledgable of Paul's lying, hypocritical, Christ-opposing doctrine and they love it, they accept it and will never let go of it.

There are good people who never knew God, but God knows them (Rev. 5:9, Psalm 1:6); and there are lost sheep who died lost, but Christ knows that had they received God's message, they would have ceased evil deeds (Matthew 11:20-24).  There is forgiveness and mercy for the lost sheep at judgment (Matthew 12:31).   God knows the heart of everyone, and only he knows who truly loves good, and who loves darkness.   God knows who would never cease doing evil, and who loves the light.    The only ones of mankind who end up in the everlasting lake of fire are those who would never give up evil deeds (John 3:19, Matthew 25:41).  An evil deed is to be unforgiving toward a brother, to show no mercy (Matthew 18:35, see tab Binding/Loosening).   An evil deed is to be a lover of lies (Rev. 22:15).   So one might say, what is the great evil done by church rulers that they shall end up in the lake of fire.   The great evil is that they prefer lies to truth; and this goes for the church lay too, aside from the good but deceived:

Romans 7:19  ... I practice evil

John 3:20   ... evildoers hate the light

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... lovers of lies and makers of lies

Should be cased closed, Paul is not of God for Christ says evildoers hate God and Pharisee Paul is a self-professed practitioner of evil!  But not case closed for the dog church rulers, evil people,  because lovers of darkness have their free will to love another lover of darkness, and that is Pharisee Rabbi Paul, a child of  Hell lover of darkness; and church rulers are even more the children of Hell than Pharisee Paul lovers of darkness (Matthew 23:15).  Lovers of darkness have their free will to claim to be of God, when in fact they are of Satan (John 8:37-44).  The Pharisees did it, and so do Christian Paul converts - claim to be of God but are really of Satan because they refuse to cease evil deeds, believing in lies about the God of Israel being among evil deeds people of Christendom do.   Like Pharisees with their Rabbi rule over Jews, (the wicked caretakers, the self-proclaimed masters of Israel, Matthew 21:33-42), Christianity is vain worship of the God of Israel for Christianity is the commandments of men (Benjamite Pharisee wolves' gospel of Paul), and not the commandments of God (Matthew and John, Christ's doctrine, see Matthew 15:8-9).  The religious rule of Rabbis over the Jews, the men of Satan who sat in Moses' seat (Matthew 23:2-3), was vain worship of God for as Pharisee Paul's Christianity is doctrine of men, so too Rabbis heap their evil doctrines on the Jews and claim said doctrines are the commands of God (Talmud, Mishnah, Book of Jubilees, gospel of Paul for Gentiles).  And the dog children of Hell church rulers, among their arguments in favor of Pharisee Paul's doctrine is that no way would God allow a holy book with evil in it; did God allow men of Satan to sit in Moses' seat?  Did God present the bible to any one man as he presented his doctrine to Moses?  The bible came about, a mere book cover, at a meeting over which heathen Roman Emperor Constantine presided, a worshiper of Apollo and other Roman gods.  But Constantine got behind the Benjamite wolf Pharisees in their church business because of the doctrine of the Pharisees toward government rulers. The Pharisees ingratiate themselves with world rulers by teaching their Rabbi Paul converts that all in government are of God (Romans Ch. 13, Titus 3:1-3).  Paul's gospel is a dream come true for any Hitler or other evil power, so long as the Roman Catholic church bestows its blessings upon such government, as they did with Pavelic in Crotia, Mussolini in Italy.  It was Mussolini who gave the church in Rome a sweet deal (Lateran Treaty).  Franco, God bless you Franco, said the Rome church rulers, we are behind you Franco.  And the papacy did sign a Concordat with Hitler.   Or if in Russian territory, the blessings of the Russian Orthodox church rulers, or if within the territory of the Ethiopian church, the blessings of that church.  As to Protestants, their church rulers are selling them out to Rome because Rome has the money, the power and the prestige.  Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland, prominent Protestants who are united with the papacy to hand over who they can of their flock to obedience to the papacy.  

As to the world's bibles that are widely claimed and believed to be all the word of God, is God's will done on earth as it is in Heaven?  Fools, blind church ruler children of Hell Paul converts.  The Jews of the Lord had to suffer men of Satan in the seat of Moses, you think you Gentiles need not suffer evil men to cozy up to Christ, to claim to be of Christ when they are not?  But Christ foretold such would occur (Matthew 7:22-23, 24:24)!  Christendom is of Satan, because Christianity is founded solely on the gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul who is of Satan (1 John 2:18-19, Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15, John 8:44, Acts 23:6).

Christians call Christ a liar, for they say evildoer Pharisee Paul is of God and Christ says evildoers hate the light. If I believe Christ's word, I must reject Paul.    By 'evildoers', Christ means those who would never give up doing evil.    They love darkness because they prefer their evil deeds (John 3:19). 

It is a preference for evil, a love for evil that people refuse to give up evil deeds and not as the false apostle Pharisee Paul claims that all flesh is captive to an alleged 'law of sin' that forces them to do evil deeds (Romans 7:23).     That whopper of a lie, the so-called "law of sin", all who believe in same belong in the lake of fire.   And many bible scholars, well-respected theologians and church rulers wax on stupidly about the law of sin, when no such law exists.   The aforesaid groups would say (in accordance with the alleged law of sin), I have done evil to you, but it was not my fault, it was sin that dwells in my flesh.    Lovers of lies, the many who claim to be of Christ, but actually they are Pharisee Paul converts.  And in fact, their own master Pharisee Paul declares he kept all of God's law in his deeds (Philippians 3:4-6), but the dog church rulers gloss over that, never look that way and if they do, they fail to see the connection that it cannot both be that all flesh is captive to an alleged law of sin and therefore no one can keep all of God's law and also that their master was able to keep all of God's law and voluntarily choose to no longer follow God's law in his deeds, as he clearly states in Philippians 3:4-6: 

Matthew 15:19  For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts ...

Matthew  6:21   Where your heart is, so will be your treasure

The Christian Paul converts call Christ a liar for they say, no way do evil deeds arise from the heart, their  master Pharisee Rabbi Paul says, he loves God with his mind but is compelled to do evil because a boogie man, so to speak, dwells in all flesh and causes all flesh to do acts contrary to the will of the mind.  The boogie man 'law of sin' dwells in all flesh, says Rabbi Paul.   Yet, as pointed out above, Pharisee Paul does say he kept all of God's law in his deeds but voluntarily gave up doing so (Philippians 3:4-6).  That is the reason bibles were later withdrawn from the public upon penalty of death by the Roman Catholic church because Paul's gospel is hypocrisy and lies and the church rulers do not want anyone pointing out the lies and hypocrisy to others.

The 'saved by grace' children of Hell Paul converts claim all flesh is evil, no one is good and only those predestined by God for salvation understand it is grace, not of works.  God picks who shall love the light and who shall love darkness (Romans 8:30, Ephesians 2:9).  But there again, the dogs of mankind call Christ a liar for Christ says it is not one's body that forces them to do evil, but their own love for evil deeds that is in their heart (Matthew 15:19).  The church rulers call Christ a liar, they misled people, they are converts to Paul, not Christ and they will end up in the everlasting lake of fire with their master Paul for teaching the lie, not of works, grace, which is the lie of Pharisee Paul, the man of Satan, the anti-Christ:

Revelation 22:12-13 ... judged according to works ... judged according to works

I'm going to take your wife to bed, it is the law of sin in my flesh taking over my good law abiding mind (Romans 7:25, 7:17).  I'm going to steal from you, just the law of sin in my flesh causing me to do evil.  I'm going to give false witness about you, just my flesh taking over my good mind because my flesh is captive to the law of sin.  I so want to do good but I cannot, I can only do evil (Romans 7:19).   See the whole of Romans Ch. 7, it is filth from Hell, and the moron children of Hell church rulers eat it up.  Pharisee Paul's vomitous doctrine and the dog children of Hell church rulers do eat up Pharisee Paul's vomit.  And then the Rabbi says, do not be unclean, you are called by God to holiness; walk in the spirit and you will not do evil deeds (Galatians 5:16).  Okay, church rulers, then why does your master Paul practice evil?  Because of the alleged law of sin?  But your master says if you walk in the spirit you will not do evil deeds?  And then your master says he cannot do good, he only does evil.  Again, no surprise to me that the Pharisees withdrew their bible from the public because they did so for the reason that Pharisee Paul's gospel is full of  lies and hypocrisy and they did not want anyone coming on the scene to rip apart, denounce, call out as lies and filth the disgusting doctrine that is and has been the Pharisees' ticket to wealth and power over the Gentiles, their gospel of Rabbi Paul.

Church rulers, if God predestines whom he shall save, as your master Rabbi Paul claims, then why did Christ do miracles before evildoers, and later berate those evildoers for refusing to give up evil deeds (Matthew 11:20-24)?   The evildoers were Jews, of the House of Israel, that Christ berated for refusing to give up evil deeds, so I ask you, church rulers, why did Christ say that the Jews of Capernaum, Bethsaida and Chorazin will be thrown down to Hell (Matthew 11:20-24)?   You do not know that your  master Rabbi Paul declares all of  Israel will be saved (Romans 11:26)?   Who speaks truth then, Christ or Paul?  They both cannot be speaking truth, for Paul says all of Israel shall be saved, but Christ says Israel Bethsaida, Israel Capernaum, Israel Chorazin, you shall be in Hell.  And of course, Pharisees and Sadducees are of Israel and Christ said Pharisees and Sadducees never go to Heaven (Matthew 5:20).  Israel is Jacob and all of Jacob's descendants are Israel, but not all of Israel loves the Lord, Pharisees and Sadducees being among them, as well as those Israelis who saw Christ's miracles and still refused to give up evil deeds (Genesis 35:10).     Rabbi Paul says all of Israel will be saved, but only some of the Gentiles shall be saved (Romans 11:25).  

According to Rabbi Paul, who admits his gospel is lies (Romans 3:7), the Jews will start kneeling before church altars and give up Moses' law once the total number has been reached that represents all of the Gentiles that God has predetermined he shall save (Romans 11:25-26).  It is all a bunch of bull from the Pharisee wolves who sought and got Gentiles to become paying members of the Pharisees' church altars.  Can one imagine that, the world of Jewish Rabbis and their converts before church altars?  

The Pharisees did all in their power to keep Gentiles oppressed, poor.  One need only look at Europe and UK during that 1600 year supreme reign of the Roman Catholic church to see how they operate among the bulk of the populace, which was to keep the masses under control of the church and where a ruler arose within the territory of Catholic church altars who opposed the church, do all to bring down that ruler.    About 98% of the populace were landless peasants at the mercy of the Pharisees' Roman Catholic church, and they were and continue to be the pawns of the church.   And they want that same level playing field for the bulk of the populace of the world(99.9% of the world); and that is where their magic, their Talmud, plays in, and Freemason Solomon's Temple, which is why the papacy always sought Jerusalem, and has it now wrapped up, on paper that is having signed written Agreements with the State of Israel wherein the Temple Mount and, to my knowledge all of East Jerusalem, is under sole authority of the Vatican, because the Pharisees own the Vatican and their Pharisee fathers sat in Moses' seat in God's Temple and the Pharisee sons want that seat back for themselves.  But the whore of Revelation that is the Roman Catholic church empire, the Pharisee owners thereof shall be enraged when they have no part in the rebuilding of the Lord's Temple.  It is the Pharisees from their perch at their Roman Catholic church empire that expect to direct the construction of the Jerusalem Temple, but they will no hand whatsoever in construction of same, but they will have a hand in the desecration of the Lord's Temple (Matthew 24:15, Daniel 11:31, Rev. 11:1-2).

Why is Christ upset that the people of Capernaum and Bethsaida and Chorazin refused to give up evil deeds (Matthew 11:20-24)?    According to Pharisee Paul, Christ operates as follows:  to the evildoer Christ chooses for himself, whom Christ picks out for salvation (grace), he says:   I make you, evildoer,  my own. I save you by grace, now know you have been appointed to do good works, now start doing good works.   And also, Christ knows Paul?  So Paul says he practices evil, should not Christ expect the same from the people of the aforesaid towns, that they too, like Paul, would never be able to cease evil deeds?  Rabbi Paul is a liar and the good works he insists Gentiles do,  he himself does not do, a  hypocrite Pharisee (Matthew 23:2-3).  In Romans 15:18, Pharisee Paul declares God has given him authority to force Gentiles to be obedient to God in their deeds, while yet in Romans 7:19, Paul declares he is a practitioner of evil deeds (Romans 7:25).   He orders his converts to take revenge on children of disobedience, while he himself is a practitioner of evil (2 Cor. 10:6, Ephesians 2:2-3).  But of course it is a lie that God chooses who shall love the light and who shall love darkness.   Christ did miracles before those who refused to cease evil deeds (Christ knew they would so refuse because God knows the heart of everyone) and Christ's miracles will be testimony against said people at judgment.   No man goes to the lake of fire for mere want of a person having told them God's message, that those who would have ceased evil had they received God's message nevertheless go to the lake of fire though through no fault of their own they did not receive such message.  One could say, then why preach Christ's gospel at all, being that lost sheep, (which are sheep who are lost, doing evil when they should not be, but if they received God's message to turn from evil, they would), are saved through mercy and forgiveness at judgment (Matthew 11:20-24, 12:31).   But Christ says to preach his gospel to all nations, and Christ recognizes and states that for governors, kings and Gentiles, telling them the gospel of Christ is testimony against them.    The bulk of Gentiles who hear Paul's gospel accept same, and then those who come along with Christ's gospel are rejected by those Gentiles who believe on Paul.  Christ's gospel becomes testimony against many Gentiles, as there are about two billion or so people on earth now who claim Paul is of God.  And many more Gentiles who reject Christ's gospel. 

But if predestination was true (Romans 8:30), then why is Christ berating those who refused to give up evil deeds?  Christ does not know he predestines and saves by grace evildoers he chooses to bestow his grace on?  Pharisee Paul is a liar!  No predestination, only free will of people to love good, or to love evil.  

Christ does not know that there exists a 'law of sin"?   Christ does not know his followers remain evildoers because all flesh is captive to the law of sin (Romans 7:23, Matthew 5:17-20)?   Why did Christ tell the woman caught in adultery not to do evil again, he does not know of the law of sin that Rabbi Paul says will force said woman to do evil again and again (John 8:11)?   Pharisee Rabbi Paul's gospel is insanity, darkness, lies and all who eat up his gospel are lovers of lies (Rev. 22:15).    The endeavor that is Paul's gospel was undertaken by the Pharisees for one purpose only:  to steal the wealth of Gentiles (Genesis 49:1, 49:27, Philippians 3:5, Romans 15:27).

The idiot children of Hell church rulers never make the connection:  Wait a minute, our master says he practices evil, he wants to do good but does not know how; that even a law exists that when Christians want to do good, evil is always present (Romans 7:21).   So how can it be that Paul converts are ever able to do good works in their deeds given the alleged existence of the law of sin?  But the dog church rulers never hit that crossroad, or if they do, they ignore it or are blind to it.  Christ is the liar, not Paul, as far as the children of Hell church rulers are concerned in all matters where Paul conflicts with Christ, which conflicts is in all matters relating to Christ's doctrine  - one example:  Matthew 10:16  Be harmless as doves; but I must disobey Christ to follow Rabbi Paul: revenge all disobedience (2 Cor. 10:6).

Pharisee Paul teach he cannot do good works, and while referencing himself as an example, he does not mean that he is suffering from a unique condition, but rather claims that "all flesh" is captive to the so-called "law of sin" compelling all people to do evil (Romans 7:23)?  Therefore, how can it be that Rabbi Pharisee Paul (who says he cannot do good, he can only do evil, he is captive to the alleged law of sin), has a way for his converts to do good, be holy not unclean (Galatians 4:7), while yet maintaining he must be unclean by virtue of the law of sin?  He is a wretched man trapped in a body of death that causes him to do evil contrary to his good mind (Romans Ch. 7).  Fool children of Hell Paul convert church rulers, their time comes to an end when Christ returns to reign on earth (Jeremiah 12:14-16).   No church altar shall be left on earth when Christ sends his angels to remove all offensive things and all evil people from the earth (Matthew 13:41). 

To make it easy: 

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner?

Do the church rulers need a lesson in 101 evil and good?  They do not know that truth NEVER comes from lies?  Dog church rulers, they are evil spreading as being of God the evil doctrine of Rabbi Pharisee Paul; and for the sheep and lost sheep, please know you must not trust in the dog church rulers.  I do not care how loving any church ruler may seem to be, the good works they do, for in the end their works are to say:  no more law, grace.   Yet even for those church rulers who modify the doctrine of Paul to include the law, (whereas their master Paul specifically states, no more Moses' law, Romans 8:2), nevertheless, all church rulers maintain that Paul is of God, and so they are liars, lovers of lies, deceivers.   A common denominator among all Christian church rulers is that Pharisee Rabbi Paul is of God; and so run from church rulers for Paul is the anti-Christ and all who convert to his gospel are children of Hell.

Read Matthew 25:31-46 and ask yourself, where is the judgment of Christ upon those who did not give to churches?   Churches are not mentioned at all by Christ; and yet the church rulers preach that God requires tithing to churches, attendance to the church altars.    

Entertain yourselves there Christians, kneel before your altars, and listen forever to evil sermons on Paul's gospel, as if Paul is of God, from the dog church rulers.   The church altars were established by anti-Christ Paul and stand as symbols of mockery toward the Lord's servants in his House of Prayer (Hebrews 13:10).

Readers, I have contacted big names in Christianity, and not one of those dog church rulers acknowledges the truth that Paul is not of God.   Therefore, I say do not expect church rulers to guide you away from Pharisee Paul, their life is wrapped up in Paul, they love anti-Christ Paul.  The best argument the children of Hell church rulers can mount against the testimony of Christ I present is, well if you disregard Paul's writings and the other writings you say are not of God, then most of the new testament section is thrown out, leaving only six writings (Matthew and John).  How awful to lose twenty-one writings in all four bibles in order to GAIN CHRIST!:

1 John 2:18-19   You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs

An anti-Christ is strictly one who believes on the doctrine of the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.  Like matter and anti-matter, Christ and anti-Christ; very close together - in fact right beside each other after a few hundred years apart, per the 325 AD Council of Nicea.  A mere book cover 'bible' under which were placed writings that already existed, and then the bible deceivers declared all these writings are of God.  And there was Roman Emperor Constantine to punish any dissenters who said that Paul's gospel is not of God.  Then began the riding of the four horsemen of Revelation (6:1-8).   The first rider is on a white horse and he has a weapon.  White signifies truth, but the four horsemen bring, death and Hell.  Christianity claims to be the way to worship the God of Israel, but Christianity lies for they are not worshiping the God of Israel, are not worshiping Christ.  Christianity is in fact this:

Genesis 49:1, 49:27   ... in the last days ... Benjamin is as a wolf who devours his prey and divides the spoils

Philippians 3:5  ... I am a Pharisee from the tribe of Benjamin

Romans 15:27   I taught the Gentiles it is their duty to give us money

Benjamite wolves, the Pharisees, said, we shall present our christ to the Gentiles and we shall rule over them. And all who refuse to believe in Paul's gospel, they are children of disobedience and the command of Paul is given:  my converts, revenge all disobedience (2 Cor 10:6, Ephesians 2:2-3).   Christendom goes forth conquering and to conquer.  To conquer, meaning the attempt is made to convert a territory to becoming slaves to church rulers, church altars but fail in their attempt.    Knights Templar, papal wars, and other wars undertaken in the name of Christianity, this is the four horsemen, Christianity, riding to conquer and conquering.  Christian Dominionism Theology is of the four horsemen, a modern day philosophy to give the okay to Christian theologians to pursue Pharisee Paul's doctrine:  all outside the church are children of disobedience, of wrath and be ready to revenge all disobedience.   All the world must come under church rulers.

Part of the inheritance of Christ is that the Gentiles shall trust in him.  Gentiles are the other sheep (John 10:6, Rev. 5:9).   The liars of Christendom say Christ only came for the House of Israel, but that is not true:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

Matthew 28:19  Go into all nations teaching them everything I commanded you

Revelation 14:6   And I, John, saw another angel flying through the midst of Heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation, tribe, language and kindred

The gospel of Christ taught to Matthew and John and their fellow apostles and first spoken to the House of Israel is the same gospel that is to be spoken to the Gentiles. And said gospel is against most Gentiles, for they prefer either Pharisee Paul the anti-Christ, or other doctrine that is not of Christ.  Christ says that there  is one gospel for all, but the dog church rulers prefer the lie of their master,  Pharisee Paul, who says that there are two doctrinally opposing gospels of Christ, one for Gentiles and another for Jews:

Galatians 2:7-8   Peter is the preacher of the gospel of Circumcision for the Jews and I am the preacher of UN-Circumcision for the Gentiles

Romans 15:8  Christ is the preacher of Circumcision

Christ preached a gospel which the evil anti-Christ Paul sums up by one word:  Circumcision.  And Paul preaches not what Christ taught, but a new gospel he claims he received from Christ and he sums up his gospel by one word:  UN-Circumcision.

Go against the preacher of Circumcision to your eternal destruction, and there are many that do (Matthew 7:22-23).  The many who claim they do their works in the name of Christ, but whom Christ sends to the everlasting lake of fire, they are the people of  Christendom; they love their master Pharisee, but claim to be of Christ to love him.  One cannot love and serve two masters.  One must disobey Christ, call Christ a liar in order to believe in the filth that is the doctrine of Rabbi Pharisee Paul.  

Why do the Benjamite wolves sum up said doctrines by a term that is in reference to a man's private parts?   They are dogs, obsessed with that stuff.  Pharisee Paul is a Benjamite wolf.   It was some men of the tribe of Benjamin that engaged in Sodom-type behavior, men raping men (Judges Chs. 19 and 20).  The Benjamite wolf Pharisees wrote the Talmud and therein say it is okay for men to have sex with boys.    That is why mystery Babylon is called Egypt and Sodom, spiritually (Rev. 11:8).    Egypt, because the church rulers are slave masters over the church lay.  Pay us money, kneel before the altars, obey and submit to the church rulers, obey and submit to all in government; these are the teachings of Pharisee Paul (Romans 15:27, 1 Cor. 9:9-11, 1 Timothy 5:16-18, Hebrews 13:17, Romans Ch. 13, Titus 3:1-3).      And Sodom because these are Benjamite Pharisees, and they teach in their Talmud that men having sex with boys is okay; and they brought with them that practice to their empire over the Gentiles, the churches founded by the Benjamite wolves that became what is the Roman Catholic church empire.    

Personally, I would never consider that Christ's gospel could be summed up by a word that references God's command to Jewish men as to their privates, and Gentiles where called upon to do so.  But moron, phallus-obsessed anti-Christ Pharisee Paul sums up both Christ's doctrine and his own doctrine by just such a term.  Paul wants that skin on, and Christ wants it off where God's law requires same, as Christ said do God's commandments (Rev. 22:14).    On every matter, it is as matter and anti-matter; Christ says this way, and anti-Christ Paul says no, go this way.

The commandments of God in Moses' writings are to be wholly ignored, says Rabbi Pharisee Paul.  Whereas Christ says from Heaven after his resurrection:

Revelation 2:14  ... you have with you those who hold to the doctrine ... that is okay to eat food sacrificed to idols

Revelation 22:14  Blessed are those who do God's commandments ....

Christ hates the doctrine that it is okay to eat food sacrificed to idols.   And what does anti-Christ Pharisee Paul teach - GO AHEAD AND EAT FOOD SACRIFICED TO IDOLS.

So I have no hope that any church ruler will acknowledge that Pharisee Paul is not of God and therefore cease telling others that Paul is of God, and thereby help gather for Christ, instead of scattering.  No church ruler is for Christ, they are against Christ and are for the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul:

1 Corinthians 10:30  For if by grace I partake of [food sacrificed to idols] why do people speak evil of me

1 Corinthians 10:8   For meat [food sacrificed to idols] does not commend us to God; neither if we eat are we better or if we do not eat we are worse

Christ teaches contrary to what Rabbi Pharisee Paul teaches; and Christ calls the doctrine that it is okay to eat food sacrificed to idols a stumbling block to the children of Israel to cause them to commit the sin of eating food sacrificed to idols, for God forbids his Jewish people from doing same.  But Pharisee Paul claims Christ approves of people eating food sacrificed to idols, including Jews.

And there is Pharisee Rabbi Paul saying, join with me to eat food sacrificed to idols for we partake in same by the liberty God has given us, his grace.   Grace is a lie of Rabbi Pharisees, and believe same to your eternal peril.

Everyone decides within his own heart whether he loves darkness or loves light. God cannot force anyone to love the light.   The Jews of the Lord say, and it is true, that God knows everything, and just because God does know everything does not mean that people do not have free will to love God, or to not love God.   People do have such free will.  Just because God knows all does not mean that people do not have free will to love the light, or to love darkness.    Those lost sheep caught up in doing evil, they are as Christ says, sick people who need a doctor (Matthew 9:12-13).  But those who never want to give up evil deeds, their condemnation is for the reason that they would not give up evil deeds, not that they had broken God's law (John 3:19).

On every point, even the simple teaching of Christ as what is the greatest commandment of God, the anti-Christ Paul speaks in opposition to Christ's word:

Matthew 22:37-38     Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul and mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment

Galatians 5:14   For all the law is fulfilled in one word, you shall love your neighbor as yourself

All the law is not fulfilled in the manner that Pharisee Paul claims,  but rather as Christ says!  Again, even on the the simple matter of what is the greatest commandment of God, the anti-Christ Paul speaks against what Christ taught.  

Christianity is a man-centered religion and is not of God.   Claiming to be a religion of Christ, it is actually Pharisee Paul who is the focal point, a man, not Christ who is the Son of God.  But the dog church rulers may think they have Christ in Paul for Paul does say he has the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16), which should be enough  for people to give up belief that Paul is of God, for here a man claims to have the mind of God, for Christ is God, God the Son.   Do church rulers actually believe that evildoer Paul had the mind of Christ, whack jobs is what they are, children of Hell dog lovers of lies.

Pharisee Paul is the founder of Christianity, not Christ.  If Christ was the focal point, there would be no churchgoers. no church altars, no church rulers, no Christianity for they would say, we follow Christ, not Paul.   One must believe in Paul's doctrine to believe that church altars and church rulers are of God, for it is solely within the doctrine of Paul that church altars and church rulers are founded, not the doctrine of Christ.   The doctrine of Christ speaks against everything that churches are:

1.  No church altars (John 4:20-24)
2.  No church rulers (Matthew 23:8-10, John 10:14)
3.  No pay-for spiritual teaching (Matthew 10:8)

As to 1 and 2 Peter they are obvious forgeries (see tab PETER), and the Pharisees forged said writings under Peter's name to give the appearance that Peter approved of Paul, approved of Paul's establishment of churches.   Paul is the sole occupier of office of apostle to the Gentiles and said office was passed on to the Pharisee sons and became what is known as the Petrine Office (Romans 11:13).  The correct title is Pauline Office, not Petrine Office, for Peter was not of the false apostle Benjamite wolves (Rev. 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:15). 

The bible is the greatest deception in the world, for absent that book cover, who could demand one must obey Rabbi Paul's gospel?   Presented with Christ's gospel and Paul's gospel, the believers on Christ smash the doctrine of Paul.   Precisely why the 325 AD Council of Nicea was convened, to quash the believers in Christ who knew Paul is the anti-Christ and without a book deemed holy within which was both Christ's doctrine and anti-Christ Paul's doctrine, the Pharisees were losing out to the sound doctrine put forth by Christ's followers.   But with the new book deemed holy, the reason why Paul must be followed was given:  the bible is a holy book and there is Paul's doctrine in the bible, so therefore Paul must be of God.  But bibles are not holy book covers, not all writings therein are of Jews of Lord, for each of the four bibles have within their new testament section twenty-one lying writings of Jews of Satan (the Pharisees).   Worship bibles to your eternal peril, many do.

In the end, none of the sheep of God, even those who died as lost sheep, end up in the lake of fire.  But to the sheep and lost sheep that are of the Roman Catholic church, the only church that shall be left standing during the reign of the Beast, (the Beast is the eighth pope king, Rev. 17:10-11), if they are part of that church empire at that time when God judges Babylon the Great, they shall be killed for being part of that evil church empire when God pours out his judgment upon the empire of the Pharisees (no church altar is of God, Rev. 18:4, 7-9):

Matthew 23:35  Upon you [Pharisees] shall come judgment for all the righteous blood shed on earth

Revelation 18:24    In her was found the blood of the prophets and of the saints and all the righteous slain on earth

I point out the above passages to show, the Roman Catholic church is the empire of the Pharisees. Within mystery, Babylon the Great is all the blood of God's people; and it is upon Pharisees that judgment comes for all the righteous blood shed on earth - therefore, Babylon the Great is the empire of the Pharisees; and that empire is the Roman Catholic church, that which evolved from the church altars Pharisees founded for Gentiles.
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