Revelation 2:2   I know your works and your patience and how you cannot bear those who are evil ....

The Son of God commends his believers in Ephesus for despising evildoers.   The Son of God is not a hypocrite, therefore, the Son of God despises evildoers too and that includes evildoer Pharisee Paul, the anti-Christ and a false apostle:

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil.

The Son of God says evildoers hate the Light.   Anti-Christ Paul claims to have seen the Light, and come to the knowledge of God.   However, being that anti-Christ Paul is an evildoer that means he actually hates the Light.    To know of the Light and keep on doing evil shows hatred of the Light.    

Anti-Christ Paul pleads not guilty for his evil deeds, but the Son of God says evildoers who reject the Light do their evil out of love of darkness (John 3:19):

Romans 7:17   It is not me that commits my evil deeds, sin in my flesh commits my evil deeds

Did Pharisee Paul crawl out of a mental institution? He certainly writes as if he is insane.  Such outrageously psycho thoughts penned by Pharisee Paul.  Evil does his deeds, not he.   He serves God's law in his mind and evil forces him to serve evil in his deeds (Romans 7:25).    He moans and groans for death to his body so he can be free (2 Cor. 5:4).   

Psycho Christianity:

1 Corinthians 3:16-17   Do you not know that you are the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  If any man defiles the Temple of God, God will destroy him, for the Temple of God is holy, which Temple you are

Romans 7:24  Oh wretched man that I am, who shall save me from this body of death [body of death, Temple of God same thing, right Christians?]

Romans 7:23   but I see another law in my flesh warring against the law in my mind bringing me captive to the law of sin which is in my body [law of sin and Spirit of God both dwelling in the same body, right Christians?]

According to psycho anti-Christ Paul, he and his converts have holy Temple of God bodies that he also calls wretched bodies.  They are not to destroy their holy Temple of God bodies or God will destroy them, and at the same time they are to moan and groan over when they can get out of their alleged holy Temple of God wretched law of sin infested bodies.  

Psycho anti-Christ Paul says he and his converts have their bodies filled with the Spirit of God and also says he and his converts have their holy Temple of God bodies captive to the law of sin.      While claiming he and his converts have the Spirit of God filling their bodies, the psycho anti-Christ Paul also says:

Romans 7:21   I find a law that when I would do good, evil is present with me

If psycho anti-Christ Paul or his converts ever want to do good, evil is right with them.  Evil and God's Spirit present together in the bodies of Paul and his converts, according to psycho Anti-Christ Paul, or the evil just comes to sit along side their bodies, hang around the holy Temple of God bodies and causes the Temple of God bodies to do evil.  

Now why is evil present with psycho Paul when he says that Satan is too frightened of the Christians to hang around them?  Psycho Paul says that if the Christians resist Satan then Satan will run away from them.

Psycho Paul says the Spirit of God and the law of sin both reside in himself and in the bodies of believers in Paul's gospel.   Paul says his body is a holy Temple of God and that the Temple of God serves sin:

Romans 7:25  I serve God's law with my mind and I serve sin in my flesh

Yet he claims his flesh is the holy Temple of God.  Christianity is insanity, darkness.   No man's body is the Temple of God.  Christianity is an insane evil doctrine that claims believers in Paul's gospel have holy Temple of God bodies, that are also said to be wretched bodies of death infested with the law of sin.  A law dictates that evil must be present when the holy Temple of God bodies of the Christians want to do good (Romans 7:21).  Christianity is insanely evil doctrine.

The Son of God says that all who see the Light and still do evil, they shall go to Hell upon their death and the eternal fire after the judgment because they choose to love evil.  Pharisee Paul claims he wants to do good but the so-called law of sin keeps him from doing good (Romans 7:23).  However, in Philippians 3:4-6, Pharisee Paul says he kept every one of God's commandments in his deeds and only upon becoming an alleged servant of Christ did he give up following God's law in his deeds (Philippians 4:7).

The Lord hates the wicked, the people who never would stop doing evil, he loathes them. That is why they end up with Satan and Satan's angels in the everlasting fire.   The Lord has no respect for wicked people (Genesis 4:5), and the Lord has respect for righteous people (Genesis 4:4).   Pharisee Paul is a liar in claiming the Lord is not a respecter of persons. The lie of Christianity is that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord, all sinners, all short of the glory of God.    But that is not what the Son of God says:

Matthew 9:13   I did not come to call the righteous to repent but evildoers to repent

The Son of God calls upon evildoers to repent, but if they refuse he does not bring destruction upon them until they die by sending them to Hell; and for the evildoers living during God's judgment unto victory, they shall suffer God's wrath and when the victory of God takes place, the angels of God remove all evil people from the earth (Matthew 13:41).  Over is the era of 'repent or wrath', which ended with the coming of John the Baptist (Matthew 11:13).  As of John the Baptist, the message of God is 'repent because the kingdom of God is coming'.

All of mankind, either in this world or in the next, is shown the Light.    Evildoers hate the Light, but good people on the wrong path when shown the Light come to the Light and give up evil deeds.   

Many people repented upon hearing the message of John the Baptist, the Son of God and his apostles.    The Son of God says the men of Sodom would have repented had they seen his miracles.  The men of Sodom shall know of the Light in the next life at which time the Lord shall forgive them knowing that had they seen the Light they would have ceased evil deeds (Matthew 11:20-24).  The Son of God says that in this world and in the next world, the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31-32).   Which shows that the Lord does forgive and extend mercy at judgment to those who died not knowing the Light but who would have loved the Light had they known of him.    

How shall they be saved if we do not tell them of Christ, that is the cry of the children of Hell Christian Paul converts, especially when asking for money.    As if God shall sentence a person to the eternal fire who God knows would have loved him had they known of him, but because he did not hear of God before he died, God sends him to the eternal fire.   Yet Christian Paul converts make such claim, they are dogs.

God is a just God and he never justifies the wicked (Exodus 23:7), never.   Wicked evildoer Pharisee Paul was never justified by the blood of Christ.   The blood of Christ never justifies anyone, but redeems.    Who among mankind is worth redeeming?   The Son of God says only those who love the Light are redeemed.  Evildoers hate the Light, they are not redeemed.  

God did not box himself into a corner by taking away all penalty under the law through the shed blood of his Son such that now he must justify evildoers.    Penalty under the law took care of evildoers, death to the evildoers.   The Lord's shed blood atoned for breaking the law thereby taking away all penalty under God's law (Leviticus 17:10-11).    Then how is God able to destroy evildoers, being that all law breaking has been fully atoned for by the shed blood of the Son of God?:

John 3:19   And this is the condemnation, that Light is come into the world but men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil

Condemnation is for being a lover of darkness, a lover of evil.   Love to do evil, will not cease to do evil, then it is on that basis that the Lord will send  to the eternal fire (Matthew 25:41).    The Lord condemns those who reject the Light to do evil, and on that basis also, it can rightly be said that the Lord hates Pharisee Paul because he is an evildoer who loves darkness rather than the Light.  

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