The false apostle Pharisee Paul lays out his contention, his  doctrine, as follows:

Galatians 2:15  ... a man is not justified by works of the law but by faith

Romans 4:15  the law works wrath, where there is no law there is no transgression

Romans 3:20  No one shall be justified by doing lawful deeds because by the law is the knowledge of sin

Christ never taught the above.  And what the man states is patently untrue.   To be a Christian, one must not only trust  a man who claims he heard from Christ in Heaven but trust in him so much they willingly let Paul be for them the one who has the words of eternal life.  Clearly, Christ and Paul teach opposing doctrines and for Christians, Paul is the one who has truth, not Christ.    The truth is that Christ has the words of eternal life, not Pharisee Paul.


Man is justified by his works solely.   Matthew 25:31-46 Christ says those who acted good toward others receive eternal life, and those who acted badly toward others receive eternal damnation.    Christ teaches that how people treat others will determine whether they receive eternal life or not.      


The law did work wrath, but no more.  Matthew 11:13 states that the law and the prophets prophesied until John the Baptist, which means the penalty under the law no longer applies (and  no more prophets'  repent or wrath).  The law called for wrath upon the woman caught in adultery, Christ let her go (John 8:11).  Pharisee Paul is a liar in claiming the law brings wrath.  The only sin that is never forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31).  

As to his claim that where there is no law, there is no transgression, that is a lie.  There was no law at the time of Noah's flood, yet the people were destroyed for their transgressions.  


Matthew 25:31-46 Christ says - you fed, you gave drink, you clothed, you sheltered - come blessed people into the kingdom prepared for you.   Christ says - you did not fed, you did not give drink, you did not clothe, you did not give shelter - depart from me into the everlasting lake of fire.  It is in conformity with God's law to judge as aforesaid because Christ said the law is wholly fulfilled by loving God and loving neighbor as self and the acts on which Christ judges people are all acts of love and kindness toward others and acts of no love, no kindness toward others (Matthew 22:39-40).  It is a lie to say therefore that no one is justified by doing lawful deeds.  Pharisee Paul is a liar.  

According to Pharisee Paul, no one should say the Lord's prayer because the prayer is knowledge of sin.  Pharisee Paul contends no one is justified by loving God and loving neighbor as self (the deeds of the law) because the law is knowledge of sin.  Matthew 6:9-13   Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done .. and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us ....

Cognizance of sin is in the Lord's prayer and the evil Pharisee Paul says we are to have no cognizance of sin.  Hebrews 10:2-3 is where Pharisee Paul claims if the law were good, then the worshipers should no more have cognizance of sin.  Pharisee Paul claims to be conscience of sin is evil. Christ gives us a conscience of sin in the Lord's Prayer.  

Pharisee Paul never intended that all of his writings be under one book cover.  What he states in Romans is contradicted by what he states in Philippians, and his self-contradictory statements are many, with just one of them cited below.   To the great shame of Christians, here goes:

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I do evil

Romans 7:23  ... all flesh is captive to the law of sin

Romans 7:25  I serve God's law in my mind and sin in my flesh

Philippians 3:4-6  If any man thinks he can trust in his deeds under the law, I more.  Circumcised the eighth day, of the stock of Israel.  A Hebrew of Hebrews, of the tribe of Benjamin.  As touching the law, a Pharisee.  As touching the righteousness in the law, blameless

In Philippians, Pharisee Paul says he kept all of the law blamelessly.    But in Romans, he says he is relegated to serving God's law in his mind only because his flesh is captive to sin (Romans 7:25).   In Romans, Pharisee Paul fails to state that he did keep all of the law blamelessly, as he states in Philippians.  To the great shame of Christians every one of whom have bought into the lie of Pharisee Paul that there exists a law of sin that all flesh is captive to.   Here their master says that he was blameless in keeping all of God's law.   Thousands upon thousands of sermons have been given by  pastors, ministers, priests on the subject of Paul's indwelling sin, and the dopes fail to realize that Paul says at one time in his life he was not captive to the s0-called law of sin because he kept all of the law, was blameless as touching the righteousness that is in the law!   It never dawns on the dopey Christians that their master Pharisee Paul is a clown liar.   The Christians have been suckered and duped, conquered prey of the Pharisee from the tribe of Benjamin, Paul/Saul of Tarsus:

Genesis 49:1, 49:27  ... in the last days ... Benjamin is as a wolf who devours his prey and divides the spoils

Christianity is a scam.  More than a scam, it is the seat of Satan as the Beast carries the Roman church (Rev. 17:7), and the harlots too are founded on Pharisee Paul's gospel (Rev. 17:5).

Of course, the doctrine of Pharisee Paul is all nonsense, and the reason therefor is to get sucker Gentiles to pay money to church rulers.  Pharisee Paul established the church altars, the evil ritual to perform thereat and taught the Gentiles to pay money to church rulers and to obey the church rulers, obey all in government (Hebrews 13:10, 1 Cor. 11:26, Romans 15:27, Hebrews 13:17, Romans Ch. 13).

Pharisee Paul proclaims a new law:  "the law of the spirit in the life of Jesus Christ", and under that new law, he sentences a man to death.   While claiming to free his converts from sin and wrath, he places his converts under a new law and brings wrath upon those who break the law:

Romans 8:2  The law of the spirit in the life of Jesus Christ freed me from the law of sin and death

1 Cor. 5:1-5  ... [because he sinned] hand that man over to Satan so that Satan can kill him and thereby save his spirit

Christ refers to the churches (synagogues) of Satan in Revelation 2:9.  Christ says that those who claim to be Jews and are not are of the synagogue of Satan.   Gentile believers on Paul's gospel claim to be Jews, it is in Romans 2:28-29.  Paul teaches that the true Jews are those who are circumcised in their heart, and Paul teaches that the only way to become circumcised in the heart is to believe on Paul's gospel.   Once a Gentile believes on Paul's gospel, his heart is circumcised and he becomes a true Jew, says Pharisee Paul. 

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