Jewish men, Jacob Rothschild and George Soros, publicly pronounce doom to UK's economy if the people of the United Kingdom vote in favor of the referendum to secede from the European Union.

King of the UK shadow government, Jacob Rothschild ('king Rothschild'), would not have permitted the referendum to come into existence if king Rothschild did not want the UK to secede from the EU.

On Monday two UK polls - one showed a slight majority in favor of Brexit, and the other showed a slight majority against Brexit.    King Rothschild has seen to it that factors exist within the UK that give credence to a Brexit win.  May 2016 election of London's first Muslim mayor, threat of large scale Muslim immigration through policy set by the European Union.   The British tolerate a Muslim mayor over them, but they fear many Muslims immigrating with a mayor in power to see that Muslim dictates rule, such as the call by the Mayor for no more 'sexy ads'.   Added incentive for a populace move for Brexit.   The guise is well set.  No one would suspect a Brexit win could be a rigged vote, and might not require rigging given what king Rothschild has thrown at the Brits.  A first time ever Muslim mayor, threat of mass Muslim immigration per EU dictate, and to avoid that migration, vote yes to Brexit.

King Rothschild and his fellow Jewish Satanist, George Soros, are covertly gloating in public over what they know shall occur by their own hand but erroneously blamed on a Brexit win.  Destruction of the European economy and UK economy under guise of Brexit having brought same about.   Soros has financially positioned himself to profit from a Brexit win.

Reason Why Brexit is Phoney, a Guise To Enable Immediate Economic Collapse of UK and EU

Local and state European governments need the employment for the masses, the tax money and all that pertains to the current trade that the UK and EU do with each other.     The UK and EU officials should have already established a contingency plan regarding trade between them in the even of a Brexit win.

The evil British PM Cameron speaks of economic doom if UK secedes from the EU.  What Cameron and other UK and EU officials should be doing, should have already done, is publicly agree that they shall continue to abide by the trade rules they already operate under in the event of a Brexit win.    There is nothing that any EU official or any UK official can present as a legitimate obstacle to them agreeing to abide by the established trade rules between in the event of a Brexit win.  

As a matter of civilized decency, the EU and UK officials should have already publicly announced that in interest of pursuit of continued trade between them, and in the interest of the welfare of the citizens of the UK and EU, that they shall continue to abide by EU trade policy already established between them.  End of story, no need for Brexit fear mongering that is all centered around economic collapse.

Avoidance of economic harm is the only justification against Brexit being put forth by Cameron.  As said, all economic harm can easily be avoided.   But the plan of king Rothschild is to bring about economic devastation and he needs a guise under which to do it.   Brexit is that guise.  US subprime mortgage failures were the guise under which the US ZIRP began, the dismantling of the US economy.  The Federal Reserve bankers, who have full power of the banks of the USA,  or the Congress could ruled as a matter of national security, that all US adjustable rate mortgages remain at the 'teaser rate', and then worked out the problem from there.  As a matter of civilized decency, the Federal Reserve could have said that they were wrong in asserting that Americans can come up with cash on the spot whenever their mortgage increases by a hundred or several hundred a month and in the interest of decent society, work out a revision of the adjustable rate mortgages.   The USA 'subprime meltdown' was orchestrated to enable what the US economy is today, ever collapsing.  Brexit is put forth by king Rothschild as a guise to enable his inside central bankers to take down the economy of UK and EU.

King Rothschild and his Vatican Jew Brethren Have a New World Order Vision

King Rothschild and his fellow Jew of Satan George Soros are publicly yet covertly gloating over the coming economic collapse they are engineering, but which shall be blamed on a Brexit win.  The people shall be told they brought the collapse on themselves by voting for Brexit. 

King Rothschild, the Jews of Satan Vatican owners, their elite Freemason Gentile prey, already established their course of chaos for the people of USA, UK and Europe, including economic chaos, as part of bringing into reality their NWO vision.    Striking their own base with chaos, they have Russia and China ready to bring destruction to Rothschild's prey too, which threatens to derail Rothschild's NWO vision.   

King Rothschild's order out of chaos will go wrong this time because China and Russia shall overtake the military of Rothschild. 

Whipping their prey when two big dogs stand ready to kill the prey.   Need that prey now, Rothschild and Rockefeller?  Dumb them down, make them sick, take away their guns, but still not all of them, (working on the USA guns).  Poison them with GMO's, pesticides, big pharma, keep them economically suppressed by their central banks and the people shall rally behind their public rulers to keep them in power?   King Rothschild loses, the Freemason elite in power in USA, UK and EU lose with him, the NWO vision crushed.  Jew Soros is most evil, so is Jew Rothschild.

King Rothschild Aims to Force China and Russia's Submission

King Rothschild is not have an easy time so far in getting China and Russia to submit.  And he will be unable to do so.  

King Rothschild is striking China's military by striking their economy, that is his plan.  The people of USA, UK and Europe can starve, will starve, in the economic collapse of USA, UK and EU, that does not diminish the power of Rothschild and he is using their miserable economic collapse to come to crush China's export markets.   Economically crush USA, UK and Europe and who does China export to that replaces those markets?  There are no replacements.   Throw China into economic chaos to keep them busy while king Rothschild executes against Russia if necessary, should Russia continue to interfere with king Rothschild's Middle East war.  NATO is there on Russia's borders.  31,000 strong so far, and to build. 

King Rothschild, Jew Pharisees' Vatican and the Evil Gentile Rulers Obeying Them Shall Lose

God's holy prophet Daniel foretells their lose (Daniel 11:14).   The guns will be drawn and someone will shoot first, it is just a matter of time.  King Rothschild holds a gun to China and holds a gun to Russia, and Russia knows it and so does China and they may pull shoot a gun at king Rothschild before he shoots his gun.  King Rothschild's satellites are all within reach of missiles owned by China, missiles owned by Russia and missiles owned by India.  Strike at the heart of king Rothschild's battle field advantage by taking out their satellites.   King Rothschild is insane and so are his Jews of Satan brethren, and so are the evil Gentiles in league with them.

How Did Jew Rothschild Come to Possess His Great Power and Wealth?

Ever since the Jew Pharisees of Satan did as the Lord said they would, (seize on his inheritance with the Gentiles). the European Gentiles that the Vatican ruled over with absolute dominion for almost 1600 hundred years, were whipped up to war against each other, time and again, by the Vatican.    The Vatican wants her big rear, those queen Jews of Satan Pharisees, over the entire world, their NWO vision.  Turn over your wealth to the Vatican and kneel before their altars.     The Vatican is the driver of the cars that are USA, UK and Europe.   The Vatican wants her NWO in place, and China and Russia are standing in the way.

It is the Jews of Satan who founded Israel in 1948.  Not at all speaking against the Jews of God in speaking the truth as aforesaid:

Matthew 21:33-46   ... this is the son.  Come let us kIll him and seize on his inheritance.  What will the Lord to do those wicked caretakers when he returns?  He shall miserably destroy them ....

The Lord Father speaking to the Lord Son:

Isaiah 42:6   I have called you in righteousness and will hold your hand and will keep you.  I have given you to the people for the covenant and for a light to the Gentiles

Only when the Lord Son rules on earth as in heaven is the Lord's covenant to the Jewish people fulfilled (Rev. 11:15). The Jews of the Lord shall receive their joy as men divide the spoils of war only when the covenant is fulfilled that a descendant of David shall sit on his throne and rule forever in righteousness.  Peace forever.  The weakest among the Jewish men shall be as strong as king David when the Lord reigns on David's throne.  No one can ever do them harm again, though Satan, being let loose for a while, does get accepted by Mr. Gog who, with the men he gathers to his side, tries to take a prey and a spoil of God's Jewish people (Rev. 20:7-10, Ezekiel Ch. 38).   As to Gentiles, he is to be their Light.  Satan has Paul, the Jew Pharisee, as an alternative light for the Gentiles, just as he had his word as an alternative to God's word in the ear of Eve in the garden of Eden.    The Son of God says, as quoted above, the Jews of Satan seize on his inheritance.   Jews of Satan have the inheritance of God with Gentiles, as thieves-in-possession.

The Jews of Satan sat in Moses' seat (Matthew 23:2-3).  The Lord said to his people to obey all that the Jew Pharisees dictate to them from the law of Moses, but do not do their works.  The words of the Jews of Satan is to not follow God's law.  The Lord says, do the opposite of the Jew Pharisees' works, that means to do works that are in obedience to God's law. 

The Jews Pharisees sent Jew Paul to the Gentiles to tell them do not be under the law, be under grace, a workers of lawlessness.  Paul's doctrine is to be a worker of lawlessness.  Not under the law, under grace.  What are the works of grace?

Romans 7:19  I do not know how to do good.  I am a practitioner of evil

Jews of Satan are practitioners of evil because they refuse to follow God's law.  The Lord said do not do the works of the Pharisees.  Pharisee Paul comes along and claims he got a new christ from heaven, forget that christ in the flesh, listen to Paul's alleged christ.  And so many of Christendom have stopped up ears, they love their Paul.  Hand in hand with Paul they go into the eternal fire.   For whatever reason those of Christendom refuse to hear the Son of God, including the truth of God that their church altars are not of God.  The Christians say a person is of Satan if they come with Christ alone, not Paul.   Evil man of Satan, Richard Bennett of Berean Beacon, ex-Catholic priest, has a saying 'in Christ alone', but then he always brings Paul along, so he lies in saying 'in Christ alone' is his salvation.    Cannot turn a goat into a sheep, and many goat refuse to hear the Son but claim to be of him.  The men of Satan Pharisees did the same with respect to the Father God, claiming to be of him and yet seeking to kill his Son (John 8:37-44).   The many of Christendom claim to be of the Son and they believe in the word of the enemy of the Son.  Eve believed in the word of the enemy of God.

Only the good people hear the Son when he is made known to them, the rest of the people do not:

John 3:20  Evildoers hate the light

Romans 7:19  ... I am a practitioner of evil

The evil snakes of Christendom slither up to people and tell them to believe in the word of an evildoer.  Many of Christendom would not suffer that their church altars be held as offensive things to God.  The Son of God says they are (John 4:20-24, Hebrews 13:10, Rev. 11:1-2).

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... whosoever loves or makes a lie

King Rothschild wants a war.  He has many evil Jews and many evil Gentiles at his service to carry out his aim.  The Jew Pharisees own the Roman Catholic church, they own the Vatican***.   God's holy prophet Daniel states that the robbers of the Jewish people have a vision.  They shall lurch forward to establish their NWO vision and do fall:

Daniel 11:14     At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA].  Also, the robbers of your people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision but shall fall

The Jews of Satan and 1948 Founded Israel

The Jews of Satan murder God's Jewish prophets, they murder other of God's Jewish people too (Matthew 23:31-32).   The Jews of Satan are the robbers of God's Jewish people spoken of in Daniel 11:14.  Their vision is the New World Order which is Jew Pharisees' vision, they own the Vatican.  The Jews of Satan seize on the inheritance of the Lord with respect to Gentiles too.  It is not the Lord who founded Israel in 1948, it is the Jews of Satan.  The Jews of Satan rule of God's inheritance until he returns to destroy them.  The Jews of Satan are the ones who seek control of the world as portrayed in the book, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  But it is not to be.  The good Jews have yet to have their promised rest, righteousness and peace forever to be given to them by God.  No Jew of Satan gives such thing, only the Lord and the Lord has yet to return to kill the Jews of Satan, remove all evil people from the earth and establish his rule on earth as it is in heaven, thereby being the fulfillment of God's covenant to his Jewish people that they shall have a king who sits forever on David's throne and never allows harm to his people again (Matthew 21:40-41, 13:41, Rev. 11:15).  And fulfillment of God's Light to the Gentiles.  When the Son of God reigns on earth, there shall be no Paul convert to slither around deceiving people, calling them to the word of man Paul and thereby urging them to abandon the word of the Son of God.  Yet those Christian snakes claim to be of Paul is to be of the Son of God.  They are dog liars and lovers of lies (Matthew 7:22-23, Isaiah 66:17, Romans 3:7, Rev. 22:15).

Paul the false light of the Gentiles, a Pharisee from Benjamin tribe (Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:5).  The Jew Pharisees did as the Lord aid they would, make a false light for the Gentiles.  Jew Pharisee Paul gives the Gentles their church altars (Hebrews 13:10).  He told them to give 'us', ( the Jews Pharisee false apostles) money (Romans 15:27).  Jew Paul established an office to oversee the operation of the Gentile churches (Romans 11:13).  That office became the offices of popes of the Roman Catholic church.  Paul is the first pope of the Catholic church.   Peter, a Jewish man of God, an apostle of the Lord, had nothing to do with the churches the Jew Pharisees established for Gentiles.  1 Peter and 2 Peter are Pharisee forgeries.  The first bible came out of the Jew Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.   The men of Satan placed the lie of false light Pharisee Paul with the truth of the true Light Son of God under one book.   Jew Rothschild has his power by reason thereof.  The Jews of Satan Pharisees began their rule over the Gentiles when the Gentiles agreed to believe in Paul's gospel and become paying members of the Pharisees' church altars.   The power of the Jew Pharisees only grew from there, but their power is limited on earth (Rev. 6:8).   When the Jew Pharisees try to establish their NWO vision, they fail to do so (Daniel 11:14). 

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