Christ says what to do with a brother who offends another brother and then refuses to acknowledge, to apologise for his offense.   If the offending brother will not hear the brethren on the matter, to apologize to the brother he offended, then that offending brother can be considered to be as a heathen by the brethren:

Matthew 18:15-20    ... let him be to you as a heathen, a publican.   Verily, verily I say to you, whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven ....

The above is Christ warning, do not habor hatred for a brother who then becomes as a heathen to the brethren, instead always be ready to forgive and receive again that offending brother who is now as a heathen to the brethren.   

Suppose that offending brother ends up being in Heaven, forgiven by God for his offense for which he was loosed on earth by you, and you have loosed that brother in Heaven as well to loose him on earth,  thinking he shall never make it to Heaven.    

Christ is not declaring any believer on him has the authority to decide who receives mercy and forgiveness from God in the next life, at judgment (Matthew 12:31).  Only the Lord knows the heart of everyone (Jeremiah 17:10).     Christ is not saying any one man or two or more can say, we bind that person to be in Heaven forever, or we loose that person from ever being in Heaven - and God shall obey them!  

By, 'you shall loose in Heaven those brethren you loose on earth', it is referring to the person themself who does such loosening and not that God has necessarily loosed that offending brother in Heaven too.    Again, binding and loosening is a warning not to consider that such an offending brother is necessarily loosed forever in Heaven by God, for he may have a change of heart and later apologize to the offended brother; or you may not ever see that change of heart, but have already declared him loosed in Heaven in your own heart; that the offending brother shall never make it to Heaven.   

But beware, lest that offending brother does make it to Heaven and you have no forgiveness in your heart for that brother that you later meet up with in Heaven.   

What follows the above teaching of Christ on binding and loosening of an offending brother, it is the parable of the unforgiving servant!    Where a servant of Christ in the next life meets up with that offending brother who it turns out was forgiven by God, and that unforgiving servant meets up with the offending brother to 'settle the score'.    But when the Lord of that unforgiving servant finds out what he has done to the brother who God forgave, he sends for that servant and brings him before him:

Matthew 18:32-34  ... You wicked servant, I forgave you all of your debts ... deliver him to the tormentors ....

The payment can never be paid, so the wicked servant who refuses to forgive the brother that God forgave, he ends up in the everlasting lake of fire for all eternity for refusing to forgive his brother.   

Therefore, it is meant by the Lord:   BE WARNED, that the offending brother who is now as a  heathen to you, that you do not have no forgiveness in your heart for that offending brother, for if in the next life, the Lord does forgive that offending brother and you continue to harbor hatred in your heart toward said brother because you refuse to forgive him his offense, then God will send you to the everlasting lake of fire to pay for your offenses, which payment means eternity in the everlasting lake of fire.  As the Lord says, what shall a man give to the Lord to redeem his soul?   God requires everyone forgives from the heart, and any servant who decides not to forgive a brother from the heart shall not have eternal life with God.  

Matthew 18:19   ... if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them by my Father in Heaven


Matthew 7:2  For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged, and with what measure you mete out, it shall be meted back to you

If two brothers agree that the offending brother is loosed from Heaven in their hearts, then God shall do to them what they have agreed in their hearts toward the offending and unapologetic brother, they themselves shall be loosed from Heaven by God.  Do not be unforgiving toward brethren that have offended you.    And I stress, Christ is speaking of brethren in Christ.  Brothers of Christ are not brothers to children of Hell, are not brothers to evildoers who refuse to give up evil deeds:

Matthew 10:14-15   ... if they do not hear your words, brush the dust off of your shoes as testimony against them

And Christ said, you shall know them by their deeds.  Someone who does evil and refuses to give up evil deeds is not of God (Matthew 7:15-20).   Furthermore:

John 3:20 ... evildoers hate the light ....

3 John 1:11 ... evildoers are not of God

But the brother who offended a brother and refuses to acknowledge his wrong, apologize for his wrong, Christ says you may treat him as an unrepentant evildoer (a heathen), but be warned how you treat that offending brother in your heart, for if you harbor unforgiveness toward him in your heart and it turns out God forgives him, he is not an unrepentant evildoer, you must give up your unforgiveness in your heart toward him, or God will call you on it, and send you to the lake of fire for your refusal to forgive your brother from your heart.

Matthew 18:35  So likewise shall my heavenly Father do unto you if you do not forgive your brothers from your heart

And what does the offending brother do, whom God has forgiven for said brother's heart truly is good, when confronted by the unforgiving brother:

Matthew 18:29  I beseech you, have patience with me, I shall pay you back

But the unforgiving brother will have none of that, no mercy whatsoever.  And for his lack of mercy and unforgiveness, he goes where he belongs (Matthew 18:35)

The wicked Christian Paul convert bible scholars declare binding and loosening to be grants of authority from God to bind spirits and loose spirits over people.  I bind Satan's influence over your life; I bind the spirit of poverty; the spirit of oppression and the other nonsense lies the Christian scholar Paul converts speak of such as I bind that person for salvation, etc.   Only God knows the heart of everyone and can rightly judge who loves the light and who loves darkness. 

Christian Paul converts are blind dog lovers of lies and will end up in the lake of fire with their master Pharisee Rabbi Paul:

Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs ... lovers of lies and makers of lies

Romans 3:7  ... I am a liar

Romans 9:1   ... I do not lie

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Romans 6:14   We are not under the law, we are under grace [workers of lawlessness]

And there are children of Hell Paul converts who deviate from the letter of Paul's doctrine, saying there are laws of God to follow (the ten commandments, etc.), but their master says otherwise.   Their master says that the "law of the spirit in the life of Jesus Christ" replaced God's commandments (Romans 8:2).    Many Christian sects deviate from the doctrine of Paul coming up with their own mix of doctrines, taking some from Christ's word and some from Paul's word.    But the one distinguishing characteristic of all of Christendom is:


PAUL IS OF GOD, come Hell or high water all of Christendom screams -  PAUL IS OF GOD.   The high water came, Noah's flood and had Pharisee Paul converts existed then, they would have been taken away by the flood waters.    Not by will of Hell, but rather the justice of God, angels shall carry out the justice of God by removing all evil people from the earth, then the meek inherit the earth (Matthew 13:41, 5:5).     As in the days of Noah, so too when Christ returns, for as the waters of Noah's flood suddenly came and took the evil people to their deaths, so too the angels of Christ shall suddenly appear all over the earth and they shall remove all evil people from the earth.

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