I was not aware that Christian theologians, bible societies that print and distribute bibles in all languages to all the world that they do teach that Matthew and John are not for Gentiles. Gentiles are not to heed anything that is said by Christ in Matthew and John, so they say.   These are among the Christians who are the workers of lawlessness that Christ says are children of Hell and go to the lake of fire.   I became aware of same when I emailed a lady who has a website teaching Paul is of God and she wrote back, you do not know how to divide the word.  So I looked into what is 'divide the word' and I could not believe what I heard, here it is, the blind scum of the earth who actually say, divide the word, divide the word - Paul is for Gentiles.  Matthew and John is for Jews.  Gentiles, do not listen to Matthew and John - Paul is for you.    Yet, the smokescreen is maintained as the Christian theologians and pastors, priests, Paul convert church lay do speak from Matthew and John to their Gentile church lay.

2 Timothy 2:15 was totally off my radar screen, and I did not know that is the one verse, a dark sentence of anti-Christ Paul, that gives the go ahead for his converts to sever themselves from anything that is written in Matthew and John; and which verse acknowledges that there is no reconciling whatsoever the doctrine of Pharisee Paul with the doctrine of Christ, for they absolutely contradict each other.  I already knew that Pharisee Paul separates himself from Christ (Romans 15:20, Galatians 2:7-8), but I did not know others saw the separation too, but for them, they accept that Paul teaches against what Christ taught because Paul says, I am for Gentiles, Christ is for Jews,and for those dog children of Hell that settles the matter.  Revelation 14:6, Matthew 10:18, 28:19, 3 John 1:7, none of these passages ring in their ears, which all say that the gospel of Christ (Matthew and John) is for Gentiles too.  How evil they are, and of course, they would be out of a job if Gentiles were to be of Matthew and John only and exclude Pharisee Paul's lying gospel because Pharisee Paul's doctrine founded churches, not the doctrine of Christ.  If Gentiles were given a choice, here is a Gentile bible, you can believe Paul for your salvation; or here is a Jewish bible, you can believe Christ the Son of God for your salvation.   That will never ever happen!!  Talk about a DaVinci Code, wow.  But then again, in the end no sheep (sick and well) can be taken from the Father, and all given to the son.   Only those who would never give up evil end up in the everlasting lake of fire (Matthew 25:41, John 3:19).

But I do not accept what Pharisee Paul says and neither do the true apostles of Christ, neither does the doctrine of Christ which teaches that Christ is for the other sheep too that are not of the fold of the House of Israel, and these other sheep are the Gentiles (John 10:16).  One fold under one Shepard who never speaks lies.  In addition:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

Matthew 28:19  Go into all nations teaching them everything I commanded you

Revelation 14:6   And I, John, saw another angel flying through the midst of Heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to every nation, tribe, language and kindred

Applied by bible societies, Christian theologians, pastors, priests and other church rulers, 2 Timothy 2:15, which is to tell the Paul converts, you are going to see contradiction after contradiction between what Christ teaches and what Paul teaches, so divide, divide, divide.

But the dogs refuse to come out with a Gentile Bible that does the dividing that otherwise all Christian theologians, all bible society members, pastors and priests do in their minds, separate Christ, he is just for Jews, and separate out Paul, he is just for Gentiles.  But those evil scum of the earth will never do the actual physical separation in the form of a Gentile Bible and a Jew Bible.

Love that smokescreen, the children of Hell love the smokescreen of keeping a Gentile bible together with a Jew bible, and so they will not allow a bible that shows in reality the dividing away of Christ from Gentiles (Matthew and John) that the dog Christian theologians, bible societies, pastors and priests make in their own hearts through adoption of the belief in Pharisee Paul.  The contradictions are there, yet some still lie saying the bible has no contradictions, and the way to deal with the contradictions is as aforesaid - divide, divide - divide Christ from Paul, and it is divide Christ from Anti-Christ.    To the lake of fire for dogs of mankind, which are all who never want to give up doing evil and loving a lie and making a lie are among the evils people do.

Churches are such a big business, got Satan behind it, his Beast, the Anti-Christ Spirit, but only the dog children of Hell Paul converts and the lovers of darkness in and of the churches and outside of the churches end up in the lake of fire and their great deception does not cling to the sheep (well and sick).  The sick sheep are forgiven by God in the next life (Matthew 12:31, 11:20-24) and the well sheep already shunned evil deeds:

Matthew 9:12-13   ... they that are whole do not need a physician, only the sick ... I did not come to call the [well sheep] but the [sick sheep] to repentance

John 10:14-16   ... I lay down my life for the sheep ....

Among the sheep, some know God and some do not (Rev. 5:9).  Sheep are people who would never refuse to give up evil deeds, give them up in a heart beat and some always did shun evil deeds.  The goats are people who would always refuse to give up evil deeds (John 3:19).

Above is the link to the website that is the American Bible Society.

2 Timothy 2:15    Study to show yourselves approved by God ... rightly dividing the word of truth

I did not know until recently that the above teaching by Pharisee Paul is the antidote to the problem of Paul teaching against what Christ taught, just divide those doctrines - separate what Christ taught from what Paul taught.   Christ is not for Gentiles, the bible societies say, Christian theologians say, pastors and priests say.

I got a great idea to make it easy for the people, bible societies.   Why not have a bible for Gentiles and a bible for Jews?   Take note, any Muslims reading, for I know in the Koran (that evil Pharisee doctrine) it states that the Christians and the Jews believe in the same bible yet fight each other, so the Koran mocks them in that respect.   The reason therefor is that bibles are not separated as they should be.  Do a Bible for Gentiles that leaves out Matthew and John's writings, since the bible societies and Christian theologians, pastors and priests maintain, (pursuant to 2 Timothy 2:15), that said writings are only for the Jews, and not for Gentiles.  Then do a Bible for Jews that has their Tanakh and Matthew and John's writings under one book cover.

Would that not be neat?  Remove the smokescreen veil that has the people confused to let them know, you dog Christian theologian, bible society. pastor, priest children of Hell tell the Gentiles, pursuant to 2 Timothy 2:15, that Matthew and John, (wherein is Christ's doctrine), is not for you.  Gentiles, you heed Paul, who shall tell you how to get to Heaven and be with Christ.

Sheep, well and sick, never will the bible societies that print the bibles come out with a Gentile Bible and a Jew Bible.   Here Christians, here is your Gentile Bible and Matthew and John are not in there to make it easy for you all to understand that Paul is your master who shall guide you to Christ.   If the Gentiles are curious as to what Christ taught for the Jews, they can purchase a Jewish Bible.

And those dog children of Hell Anti-Christ Spirit filled bible society members and Christian theologians, and pastors and priests and so forth, they already bought in to the separation.  They are very pleased to separate Christ from Paul and throw the Gentiles to the anti-Christ Paul and call Christ a liar for the Jews (Romans 11:30-32).  Paul is for Gentiles and Christ is for the Jews.  But those dogs are always feeding some of John and Matthew to their Gentile church lay, making it appear as if Matthew and John are for the Gentiles, when those dog wolves say otherwise that Matthew and John are not for the Gentile Christians, pursuant to their belief in 2 Timothy 2:15.    What to do with all of these contradictions between Christ and Paul - we divided the word - Paul is for Gentiles and Christ is for Jews.  To maintain the smokescreen, the dogs feed Christ and Paul to the Gentiles.  Never a Gentile bible excluding what the church rulers, Christian theologians, bible societies maintain is doctrine that is not for Gentiles, Matthew and John.  That would be too easy for the world to see Paul is not of Christ, the smokescreen must be maintained, the illusion must be upheld.   Need that Anti-Christ Paul riding right next to Christ.  The gates of Hell, the path to Hell in all bibles, the gospel of Pharisee Paul.

For the sheep (well and sick) in the churches, if the smokescreen were removed and they were fed a steady diet of Paul, Paul and more Paul, they would leave the churches.    The dogs feed some of Matthew and John when those dogs otherwise hold that Matthew and John are not for Gentiles.

And those dogs love John's Book of Revelation, tearing it apart and slobbering all over it with their false interpretations of same.

In light of the foregoing, which has recently come to my attention that there are Christians who teach, separate, separate, get away from Christ in Matthew and John, Gentiles.    Here is your master, Paul the Pharisee, Gentiles, and knowing such people exist, it brings clarity of just how evil these people are that claim to be of Christ and Christ sends them to the everlasting lake of fire.  The absolute disgusting behavior of such people who dare to separate Gentile sheep from their Christ through their teaching:  divide, divide, keep Matthew and John away from Gentiles and thereby keep Christ away from Gentiles.  To keep Matthew and John away from Gentiles is to keep the Gentile sheep away from their Lord, and so to the lake of fire they so well deserve, they are so evil.   The illusion is maintained for the Gentile church lay, most of them, that Matthew and John do not conflict with Paul's gospel, it is all love, love, love, charity, faith, love - but that is not true, and so they do not fear feeding their Gentile church lay some of Matthew and John, but the biggest part to give the Gentile church lay to keep them fed is Paul, with 21 writings in comparison to only 6 writings that are the doctrine of Christ (except the few deceptions applied therein by bible deceivers).  Paul is for love? He is a wolf (2 Cor. 10:6, Ephesians 2:2-3):

Matthew 7:22-23   MANY shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in  your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

Romans 6:14  We are not under the law [lawlessness], we are under grace

Sheep, well and sick, know that Pharisee Paul is the liar, not Christ:

Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner

Romans 11:30-32, as follows, this is what Pharisee Paul teaches:

1.  Jews believed the truth of God in the past and Gentiles did not

2.  God decided he wants Jews to believe lies and Gentiles to believe truth

3.  God exercises mercy on everyone by having the Jews believe lies

4.  God sent Christ to preach lies to the Jews to put them in delusion

5.  God sent Paul to the Gentiles to give them the truth of Christ

One problem with Pharisee Paul's contention that God lied for the good purpose of being able to exercise mercy on everyone:


God says he never lies, for any reason whatsoever, God never lies.    Pharisee Paul is a self-proclaimed liar (Romans 3:7) and he lies in saying that the Jews were put in delusion to the truth so that God can exercise mercy on everyone for God clearly says, I DO NOT LIE.

So let the world have a Gentile Bible.  Why not, bible societies?  End the confusion and separate, do the physical dividing of Bibles that you dog children of Hell Paul converts do in your heart and mind, pursuant to 2 Timothy 2:15 - divide that word, divide that word - Matthew and John are for Jews only.  Paul is the master, the presenter of the way to Christ for the Gentiles.  So put out a Gentile bible, put out a Jew bible and end the confusion.  This is for the sheep, sick and well.

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