Among some of the adults shown in the video upon whom comes the Anti-Christ Spirit, as the spirit enters them, they begin to hiss out of their mouth like a snake.  They blow through their mouth making a hissing sound.

As to the woman who shakes and says, "he grieves for your spirit', that is a lie, for Christ came down hard upon people who refused to give up evil deeds.  God grieves for those who refuse to love the light?   That is the cry of the Anti-Christ Spirit to get the morons in the audience to cajole people to become church members.

Matthew 11:20-24   ... Capernaum, you shall be thrown down to Hell

People have free will to love evil, or to love good.  And for the lost sheep who are sick, Christ gives them forgiveness and mercy in the next life if they died lost (Matthew 9:12-13, 11:20-24, 12:31).  

Christ laid down his life for the sheep only, both the lost sheep and those who were never lost (John 10:15).   No sheep is cast into the everlasting lake of fire with Satan.  All who are worth redeeming among mankind are redeemed by the blood of Christ.  The only people worth redeeming are those who love the light.  Christ does not redeem anyone who would never give up evil deeds (John 3:19). 

Christendom is scary stuff, Anti-Christ Spirit, Beast and Satan (see tab Unholy Trio); and what is witnessed in the above video is people under the control of the Anti-Christ Spirit.

As to the pastors who are with Rodney Browne, hear the evil laughter from Browne and the man he embraces falls into the arms of the men behind him as he is slain in the Anti-Christ Spirit.   Among the men on stage with Browne is the son of Oral Roberts.  All very evil men, children of Hell converts to Pharisee Paul's gospel.

Pastor humiliated by the Anti-Christ Spirit, and Satan's fool who thinks he is of Christ, both are under the power of the Anti-Christ Spirit.  

Satan's fool, Mr. Browne is quick to say, as the fool begins to act strange, that "this is what people are afraid of", but he insists it is what is needed in America, on the schools, towns, villages.  He is scum of the earth.  Consider, if a fire alarm went off in the building, would Satan's fool be able to compose himself and walk out of the building?  To say this is of the God of Israel is blasphemy, to say that is spirit of God is blasphemy.  It is the  Anti-Christ Spirit (1 John 4:3, Acts 2:3-4).

And Jews are supposed to believe Christendom is of their God of Israel, the one who speaks to them through doctrine and whose Son came bearing doctrine from his own lips, his own commands spoken orally and written down by his apostles so that the world can know his doctrine?:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

Matthew 28:19  Go into all nations teaching them everything I commanded you

God wants people to know about him through speaking his word and would not come upon any of his own to cause them to be able to not speak, to act like fools!   But such happens to the children of Hell Paul converts when the Anti-Christ Spirit comes upon them, if the Spirit so chooses to cause a man to behave that way.  So far, the Anti-Christ Spirit has not come upon Rodney Browne to make him act like a fool, to be unable to speak, to laugh inappropriately, to shake like an epileptic and other such evil doings of the Anti-Christ Spirit, at least not that I am aware of, not in any of the videos I have seen of him, where he is with others who are set upon by the Anti-Christ Spirit to cause them to act strangely.

All the people laughing hysterically like fools with Kenneth Copeland, if a fire alarm went off in the building, would the spirit that is upon them give it rest and let them walk out of the building?   How about the children in Catholic uniform who are shaking like epileptics, lying on the floor shaking, slain in the spirit, if a fire alarm bell rang in the building, would the spirit stop shaking them, raise them from their slain state so they could get up and walk out of the building?

Anti-Christ (Pentecostal) Spirit (Acts 2:3-4).  Truly a spirit did come on that day and make the false apostle Pharisees act like drunken men and it was the Anti-Christ Spirit (see tab Anti-Christ Spirit).    Truth is that Christ himself breathed the Holy Spirit upon his apostles (John 20:22).

While the humiliated by Anti-Christ Spirit pastor is going through his facial contortions, his hissing sounds through his mouth, his sudden intense brain fog, the audience, and some on stage, are laughing hysterically at the man.  Rodney Browne appears upset at the preacher's strange behavior, mocking Browne's festival of testifying pastors.  Browne recovers quickly saying that the preacher is just being loved by a spirit, so he cannot testify to his faith.  Browne commits the only unforgivable sin, which is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.   It is the Anti-Christ Spirit in action in the video above.

Christianity commits blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by claiming that the Anti-Christ Spirit is the Holy Spirit.  The evil Christians think it is godly when the children are thrown into crying fits by the Anti-Christ Spirit.   God protects his non-fold sheep who out of ignorance are in churches (Rev. 18:4).

In a Catholic church the Anti-Christ Spirit comes on the children.  It is an ugly scene and the sound is ugly too, sounds of Hell, mostly wailing, squealing like pigs, some demonic laughter.    Pause the video and using a magnifer, every child is being shapeshifted by Satan's kingdom. 

See tab Come Back Protestants - therein Kenneth Copeland, in the video above laughing hysterically and then in a somber mood, is praising pope king Bergoglio, and in the audience are Protestant church rulers, who take back to their places the Anti-Christ Spirit and the love and unity and desire for others to have that same love and unity with their brother Bergoglio and his fellow Catholics.  In the video, Bergoglio makes his pitch to his Protestant brethren.   What is there to protest, Protestants, must come back to the brethren Catholics from where you came.  And the Anti-Christ Spirit gives the Christians the feelings within, plays upon their emotions, controls their physical body to keep them where they should be in zealous fervor for Paul, the workers of lawlessness:

Matthew 7:22-23   Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name.  We cast out demons in your name and prophesied in your name.  And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

No one but by the power of God's spirit can cast out demons.   God is not with the Christian Paul converts (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).  The Christians think they cast out demons, but they do not.  Just as they think they are of Christ, but Christ tells them he never knew them.   Since Satan, his Beast and the Anti-Christ Spirit are of Christendom, to give backing to Christendom, appearance of being of God, when a demon possessed person encounters relics of Christendom (cross, so-called holy water), if it best to make the Christian appear triumphant, then that is what will happen and the demon will respond in such a manner that best encourages faith in Christianity.  For most certainly, no demon is driven away by a cross, holy water or anything else that Christendom can throw at a demon.   Christendom is of Satan and Satan wants people to believe in Pharisee Paul's gospel.  Satan's Beast carries the mother church (Rev. 17:5, 17:7, 13:2).

The Christians issue prophecy, they say 'repent or wrath', they are liars:

Matthew 3:2  Repent because the kingdom of God is coming

Matthew 4:17  Repent because the kingdom of God is coming

Matthew 10:7  Repent because the kingdom of God is coming

The Christians claims God's wrath comes, or not, depending on the level of sinfulness in a society.  For example, Billy Graham's wife has said that if God does not destroy America, he must apologize to Sodom.   The Christians issue prophecy of 'repent or wrath', and it is lies in all cases, even where the issuer of the prophecy of repent or wrath claims fulfillment.  Lots of evil Christians will claim it is God's wrath when any disaster hits a nation.  

But Christ says the following, and Christians do not love Christ, they do not state what Christ says.  If they did follow Christ, they would stop speaking the lie of  'repent or wrath' (see tab Repent Or Wrath):

Revelation 22:14   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still ....

Matthew 13:30  Let both grow until harvest  [evil people and good people]

There is no stopping God's wrath to come (Rev. 6:9-11).  God's coming wrath is his revenge on the world for killing his people.   The people of God who were killed for the sole reason that they gave the testimony of God.

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