John 15:5-6   I am the VIne and you are the branches ... If a man does not abide in me, he is cast forth as a branch ....

The words of the Son of God were somewhat altered in John 15:5-7 by the Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea.  It is not men who cast branches that are not of the Son of God into the fire, it is God who casts into the everlasting lake of fire all who hate the LIght, and the Son of God is the Light (Matthew 25:41, John 8:12. John 3:19 - see Footnote 1 below).      Some died having no opportunity to see the LIght, but the Lord knows the thoughts of everyone toward his Son, and he sends no one to the lake of fire who he knows would have loved the Son had they seen the Son of God during their time on earth (Matthew 12:31-32, 11:20-24).

All Christian churches beckon people to become branches of Paul.   Paul is the holy apostle whose words they do eat in all the Christian churches.  And while being branches of Paul - obeying Paul's commands, they think they are branches of the Son of God, obeying the Son's commands:

Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in your name.   We prophesied in your name ... And I will tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness

It is impossible to be a branch of two trees.  One is either affixed to the Son of God, he is their friend, it is his commands they obey; or one is not affixed to the Son of God.   And then there is this strange group, not unlike the Pharisees, who worship God in vain because they believe doctrine of men is doctrine of God.  The Son of God did not speak the testimony in Paul's gospel, that is the commands of the Benjamite wolves in the gospel of Pharisee Benjamite wolf Paul.   The Pharisees sat in Moses' seat in God's Temple (Matthew 23:2), men of Satan that like to cling to God, claim they are of God; same with Pharisee converts, who are twice the children of Hell than the clown Pharisees who themselves are children of Hell (Matthew 23:15, Acts 23:6).  Children of Hell stand right there shoulder to shoulder with Children of Heaven, to harrass them, kill them, mock them, speak evil of them (Matthew 10:22-25, John 15:26 - 16:4, Rev. 18:20).

The Christians heed the Son of God in no way whatsoever, mere lip service worship they give to the Son of God.  Even in the area of prophecy, they disobey the command of the Son of God:

Matthew 10:7    As you go preach, repent because the kingdom of God is coming

Matthew 4:17   From that time, the Son of God began to preach saying:  Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand

Matthew 3:1-2  In those days came John the Baptist preaching  ... repent, because the kingdom of God is at hand

Yet again, another deception of the Pharisees in altering Matthew 10:7, leaving out the word 'repent'.    Most assuredly, the Son of God instructed his apostles to do just as he did, preach: repent, because the kingdom of God is at hand.     But what do the Christians preach:


It is probably the USA that receives the brunt of the kicking from the Christians, always saying the Lord is about to destroy the USA because of its sins.  When the events do happen, as the Son of God said they would, that nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, that wars and rumors of wars shall all occur, the Christians seize upon the chaos that ensues when nations and kingdoms rise against nations and kingdoms to claim same is wrath of God.  The Son of God said there shall be earthquakes, and Christians seize upon natural disasters as being the wrath of God.  But the Son of God said of all those aforesaid things that they are the beginning of sorrows, not that they are the wrath of God.

The Son does not know those who are not his branches, he casts all who are not for him into the everlasting lake of fire.  To be a friend of the Son of God is not to tell people to believe in  a message that is contrary to the message the Son of God wants people to believe in!  And that is the very thing Christians do, to lead them away from Vine Son of God, to be a branch of Tree Paul (Isaiah 66:17, Matthew 7:22-23).     Self-deluded people:

Matthew 15:8-9   ... these people worship me in vain because they teach doctrine of men as though commands of God

The Christians believe upon the commands of the man Jew Paul, the Roman citizen from Tarsus, as though same are the commands of the Son of God, other than where the Pharisee Benjamite wolf Paul specifically states he is giving his own command, otherwise all that Paul commands are deemed by Christianity to be the commands of the Son of God.

The Son of God speaks the same doctrine in his position as the risen and ascended into Heaven Son of God as he did when he, born of virgin Mary, came into the world, in the flesh, and spoke his doctrine - whosoever, (Jew and Gentile), shall teach and do God's commandments shall be called Great in the kingdom of God;  and blessed are those who do God's commandments because they shall receive immortality in their flesh and blood body (Matthew 5:17-20, Rev. 22:14).

John 15:10  If you keep my commandments, you shall abide in my love ....

Christianity is founded solely on the commands of men of Satan, the Benjamite wolves who conquered Gentiles with their false christ doctrine.  

You must keep the commands of the Son of God if you want the Son to love you.  And where the Son of God says, evildoers hate him, you are no friend of the Son of God where you insist an evildoer does love him, and this the Christians do insist, that their evil master Paul loves the Son of God:

John 3:20   Evildoers hate the light

Romans 7:19   ... I am a practitioner of evil

John 8:12  ...  I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD ....

Paul hates the Light of the world, he hates the Light - who does not hear the Son say evildoers hate him, yet they embrace an evildoer who says he does love the Son?   The crazy evil world of Christendom, which is all the Christian churches, the born again evangelical types, the conservative types, the Moses' law types, the no more law, grace types and all the other Christian sects,  all have one thing in common:  they all insist evildoer Paul loves the Son of God, and they insist Paul's doctrine is the doctrine of the Son of God.

Footnote 1:  Another example of alteration by the Pharisees' 325 AD Council of Nicaea is everywhere in Matthew and John's writings where the Son of God allegedly referred to himself as the Son of Man.   When the Light came to earth, he never said to anyone that he is the Son of Man:

Matthew 27:43    He trusted in God, let God deliver him if he wil have him, for he said, I am the Son of God

It suited the men of Satan Pharisees (of whom is false apostle Paul, the anti-Christ) to state that the Son of God referred himself as being the Son of God when hanging on the cross, but while the Son of God walked the earth, in the flesh, doing great miracles, in the context of Christ the miracle worker, the speaker of doctrine of God,  the Pharisees call him the Son of Man to belittle him, diminish him and call  him a liar, for if Christ was the son of a man, then he is not the Son of God.   But in the context of him dying on the cross, the Pharisees leave be that the Son of God did refer to himself as the Son of God (not the Son of Man), because in a state of dying, they like it to be known they did kill not a Son of Man, but the Son of God; for they knew he was the Son of God and were pleased to see him die so that they could take over his inheritance:

Matthew 22:33-46    ... When the [Pharisees] saw the [Son of God] they said among themselves, this is the heir.  Let us kill him and seize on his inheritance ...  When the [Son of God] comes, what will he do to those men?  ... HE WILL MISERABLY DESTROY THEM ....

The inheritance of the Son of God is that he shall be a light to the Gentiles, and to the Jews is the promised one of the covenant (Isaiah 42:6).    The Son of God says that the Pharisees seized on the inheritance of the Son of God, and that they, through deceptive doctrines aka sorceries, remain in control of the inheritance of the Son of God until he returns to destroy them (and all other evil people. Matthew 13:41).     How do the Pharisees control the inheritance of the Son of God with respect to Gentiles and Jews?

Revelation 18:23   ... for by your sorceries all the nations were deceived

Pharisees, the Benjamite wolves, brought their own false christ light to the Gentiles, and they control the Gentiles (and some Jews) through the mother church, the only church that existed until the rise of the Ethiopian church in the 4th century, and which is that church founded by Pharisee Paul, in a conspiracy with other Pharisee Benjamite wolves to conquer Gentiles with a false christ gospel, the Roman Catholic church.   For more detail on the conspiracy of Benjamite wolves, which was prophesied by Jacob, see page titled "Prophecy Of  The Wolf", among the titles listed above.

Non-Catholic Christian churches are no better than the original church founded by the master of Christians, Pharisee Paul, they are the harlots of the whor* (Rev. 17:5).  

The Pharisees also control Gentiles through their doctrine, the Koran.  In the Koran, Mary, who is the Catholic's Queen of Heaven, is highly revered.

The Pharisees control some Gentiles and Jews through their Freemason doctrine.

The Pharisees control some Gentiles through their Book of Jubilees

The Pharisees control many Jews through their Talmud and Mishnah.  The Mishnah (also called the 'Oral Tradition')  is a perversion of the five books of Moses aka the Torah.  God gave no oral tradition, he gave his law in writing, written down and placed in the Ark of the Testament.  It is evil Pharisees and scribes who wrote the Oral Tradition.

Judaism is of the Pharisees and scribes.  Some Jews insist on doctrine outside of the Tanakh and the Torah, other than the testimony of the Son of God in Matthew and John, which testimony is not in conflict with the Torah or the prophets.    Some Gentiles are invited to join with the Jews in Judaism.  To justify inclusion of wealthy Gentiles into Judaism, some Rabbis alter the definition of Jew to say that a Gentile can be a Jew.   The Son of God says it is blasphemy for Gentiles to call themselves Jews (Rev. 2:9).    Not all sects of Judaism invite Gentiles to become members of their sect.   Some sects of Judaism exclude Gentiles from their community of worship.   All forms of Judaism, and Christianity, are worship of God in vain, because both Judaism and Christianity believe in doctrine that is not of God.
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