Vid time 6:15   This provides a glimpse of the years to come.  Israel's strategy is simple, provoke Syria and Iran until one of them retaliates.

January 28, 2017 Anonymous uploaded the above video, and therein declared Israel will spend years trying to get Iran or Syria to strike out against Israel, Nato or USA, the latter engaging in provocations to get them to so act.    Israel shall be so doing when world war 3 is raging on?  In early May 2017, Anonymous uploaded a video declaring that world war 3 is in 2017.  And just a month before then, Anonymous uploaded a video declaring 2017 is the year the people in the USA take control of Congress and the courts, citing a quote from Abraham Lincoln to that effect.  The people shall take control as said while world war 3 is raging on?  Anonymous is all over the map on its prognostications for 2017.   

Vid time 7:17  Trump wasn't supposed to win.

The dogs behind Anonymous did their Simpson's predictive programming showing years before the 2016 election in a 2003 Simpsons episode that it would be Trump and Clinton as the candidates in the final run for presidency, with Trump winning.    The dogs of Anonymous hope their viewers do not know, or do not recall,  or if recall do not think anything of that predictive programming.    The dogs of Anonymous are liars and are a thing of the New World Order visionaries.  Trump was chosen because he is an admirer of Hitler, and the NWO visionaries are ready to do their Nazi thing, per the Nazi murals at the Denver NWO airport.  Steve Bannon is the Nazi who will be to USA as Hitler was to Germany when he assumes office of either vice president or president from which he will wield all power given to him by the apex of the NWO visionaries.   Bannon is a useful idiot to them, just as Hitler was.   

And if Nazi Drumpf Trump was not supposed to win, but the Illuminati's predictive programming showed he was supposed to win, then how will the Illuminati's Nazi future as depicted in the Denver NWO airport Nazi war murals come about?  Got to get the Nazis in power and then the dogs can have their Nazi future in USA come true.  Donald Drumpf Trump and his chief strategist Steve Bannon are Nazi Christians.   At some point in time, the powers that be must install leaders in the USA who will carry out their Nazi future - unless they have changed plans.  But then they did not change plans.  On September 11, 2016, an unexplained bus crash happened at Denver NWO airport.   What that crash signified is that just as September 11, 2001 ushered in the new USA war on terror (never ending war) via the WTC towers take down, so too the dogs desired to commerate their kick off of Nazis taking power in the USA (via Drumpf and Bannon) via death of the school bus driver at Denver NWO airport.   Inexplicably, the bus driver drove head on into a garage pillar on September 11, 2016.    The powers that be knew all along that Drumpf Trump and Steve Bannon, who are Hitler admirers,  were going to be seated in power by the powers that be.

The symbol of Anonymous is a resemblance of the United Nations logo and an empty business suit standing in the middle with a question mark for a head.  The logo means who will be the man who rules the entire world.  Anonymous bills itself as defenders of freedom, when in fact it is the Illuminati behind Anonymous.  The desire of the Illuminati/Freemasons, the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners being the apex thereof, is a one world government.   Anonymous logo is who is the man that shall lead the one world government.

In the video above Anonymous warns world war 3 is imminent with North Korea being spark that ignites world war.   But about four months ago, Anonymous declared Israel is going to spend years trying to get Iran, Syria to strike out against Israel, US or Nato; he also said Russia is a wild card in that scenario.  How can that be if world war 3 is imminent in 2017?  Anonymous dogs take delight in instilling fear and panic in their viewers, it could also be theater for Russia and China.  Not all the propaganda of the NWO is aimed at the populations of the west, but is also aimed at the leaders of China and Russia.

The NWO visionaries cannot take on China and Russia until they have taken out Iran and thereby control the Middle East.  With control of the Middle East, China's oil supply route can be cut off by the NWO.   So far it appears that India is on board with the NWO, which greatly assists the NWO in that effort.  Without India, it would be nearly impossible to pull it off.

North Korea is controlled by Switzerland Knights Templar, still in service to the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners, and the USA is in league with them, so too Europe and UK shadow governments.   North Korea's belligerency is a false flag to enable full blown Japan remilitarization (under guise of North Korea threat) and enable US to place THAAD and other military assets in the area which are ultimately for the purpose of containing China and placed under guise of North Korea threat.    Switzerland military trains North Korea soldiers, and until recently Swissy was paying North Korea soldiers to be trained by Swissy.

About one month prior to the dogs of Anonymous posting the above video warning of imminent world war, they posted the video below:

Vid time 4:38  Be compassionate.

The dog hypocrites of Anonymous, for their evil slogan says that they never forget, they never forgive.  Never forgiving is not being compassionate, where forgiveness is warranted because the heart is contrite.    The dogs of Anonymous admonish their viewers to be compassionate, but Anonymous vows no compassion in its slogan.   The hypocrisy of the Anonymous dogs, where the masses must forgive, but Anonymous does not,  is consistent with their goal of a one man leader of a one world government.   Anonymous wants the masses to be dumbed down fools who make no distinction among mankind based on actions, or beliefs - as the dogs admonish their viewers to judge no man and consider themselves all of one conciousness, all one lump of mass -- and Anonymous does so because a one world government requires the ruled populations to assume their role as a lump of mass who do exactly as the world government commands them.    Like a leader who seeks union of his nation so that he can prosper, a world leader must tame all the populations of the world so that they do not rise up against each other and wreck havoc in his empire over the world.    The New World Order vision is of the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners and they will  never achieve it (Daniel 11:14).

Vid time 4:40  Comprehend that terrorists, racists, haters are just human beings who unlike you have had the bad luck to have their minds corrupted and infected with stupid ideologies ....

Illuminati are evil clowns.  They think they have wisdom but they are in total darkness and their eternal abode is the everlasting lake of fire.  Their destroyer is wide awake and sees everything that they do.   The destroyer of all the evil spirits is the Head of Days, the Lord of the Spirits, he takes vengeance upon all evil spirits punishing them with the most severe punishment imaginable for all eternity.   Their suffering and torment shall never end, and they shall see the righteous living in splendor while they are in eternal torment.

The video which is titled "The World in 2017" shows no world war, but rather shows more people wearing the mask of Anonymous and marching in the streets, and being a so-called 'light' to society.   The video ends with what is said to be a quote from Abraham Lincoln:   "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress, and the Courts.     Not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert it".

In April 2017, Anonymous predicts that the world in 2017 will witness a rising of the people in the USA to assert their role as rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts.  How are they going to do that when it is world war three in 2017, as Anonymous now predicts?   In early May 2017, the dogs at Anonymous uploaded a video stating that it is world war 3 in 2017.   Yet in video a few weeks earlier, they show US retired general Wesley Clark declaring USA plans on taking out seven countries, the last one being Iran.  So which is it, Anonymous dogs, world war 3 in 2017, or continued plan to take out the last of the countries mentioned by Clark?  It cannot be both because USA/Nato cannot fight a world war on three fronts:   China, Russia and Iran - except to surprise them with simulatenous nuclear attacks, but the consequence of that would be total destruction of the USA by the retaliatory nuclear weapon strikes of Russia and/or China.  It is not world war 3 in 2017, but world war 3 is coming.  However, in saying 2017 shall not see world war that is from the USA/Nato perspective.   It is possible China and/or Russia makes the first move that starts world war three.   The  NWO is doing their best to confound Russia and China as to their plans for world domination.  They have done so by placing business man Drumpf Trump as president, and having opposing ideologies around him (globalist Kushner competing with nationalist Christian Nazi Bannon for Drumpf Trump's ear).  Freemason SNL assisted in that confounding in their skit showing Kushner has won out over Bannon.  Bannon's ideology set aside they say,  but in truth that is not the case.        
When the USA makes its move on Iran, it shall already have in place much military assets around China and Russia which US/Nato thinks shall contain them, but it shall not.   Russia and China will not permit the USA to take over the Middle East, which is what USA taking over Iran would be.   Daniel 11:14 - the visionaries shall fall (New World Order vision).  Daniel 11:15 - king of the north Russia conquers new territory.  Daniel 11:16-19 - China shall occupy the Middle East for a time.  Under Chinese occupation, the Jews shall built the Jerusalem Temple.  

In one of the above videos, Anonymous dogs say the Federal Reserve is tightening credit.  That is not true because they are permitting a housing bubble 2.0 by the policy of allowing student debt to not be included in a mortgage application if the applicant merely states that someone else is paying off their student loan debt, among other new policies.   The auto industry has propped up sales by giving an auto loan to practically anyone (subprime auto loans) and this continues but the number of sales are slowing.  The office of US Treasury Secretary is wholly controlled by the private corporation Federal Reserve.  Munichin is US treasury secretary and he is advocating for a large tax cut.  So the Federal Reserve so far is not tightening credit.  It remains to be seen for certain, and that depends on whether interest rates continue to go up.  They may raise one or two more times to give the appearance that the US economy is recovering, thus justifying increased interest rate.   They are not ready to tighten because they want the border wall built, and they want to greatly increase military spending and when they do have USA declared bankrupt, they want Islamic terrorism and immigrant terrorism to be the cause of the downfall of the economy or something like that.  They want an outside source to be the blame for the coming economic implosion, which may be a North Korea EMP, or a NWO satellite EMP strike that is blamed on North Korea.  Such an attack would justify an invasion of North Korea by USA/Nato giving them a firm foothold in China's region, and North Korea's military assets at their disposal which would be their way of containing China ahead of a decisive move against Iran by the NWO.    

However it plays out, it is a certainty that USA shall go to war with China and Russia as foretold by God's prophet Daniel, and the NWO visionaries are the losers.  If there is an EMP attack over the USA it will be in a predetermined area and an area that causes not too much damage to overall USA, as the NWO needs the populace of USA to fight their world war to achieve world domination.    If Russia were to suffer an EMP attack that took out a third or more of Russia's electrical infrastructure, Russia would be rendered fairly impotent.  Same thing for the USA, a self-inflicted wound of substantial magntitude would serve to undercut their world domination plan, not further it.

It seems the powers that be want to show the economy is being revived, and have that sentiment take hold through White House policy actions, such as tax cuts, repeal and replace of Obamacare.  At the same time, efforts are being ramped up to cause terror in the USA on a small scale, based on recent reports that Isis (a tool of the west) shall engage in random terrorism in USA, and to demonize immigrants painting them all with the same brush.    The powers that be will have it appear to the Americans that prosperity is at hand, getting America back to being great again, as the slogan goes, but all of that thwarted because of terrorism, perhaps an EMP blamed on North Korea or the economy crashes not until, and as a result of, the start of world war 3.   The Federal Reserve will fund whatever money required for military and police to achieve their NWO vision.  It costs them nothing, the money is fiat worthless that they pay out through their Federal Reserve, the price of ink and linen to a small extent, most of the money is digital blips on computers.   And they achieve a great reward for themselves in the end, as all the west will be declared bankrupt after world war 3 giving them supranational power over credit creation of those nations via a bailout rescue from supranational IMF, and figuring they shall be the victors of world war 3, they anticipate that they will control credit creation via their IMF for the entire world, but it shall not be.  The NWO visionaries fall.

The private corporation Federal Reserve benefits from USA being declared bankrupt (and  same will occur to England, the rest of UK and Europe), because then they can come in to 'rescue' those nations with monetary  bailouts through their supranational organization, the International Monetary Fund, and thus begins those nations being ruled from afar, their credit creation abilities being ruled from afar.  Akin to the helplessness felt by the, and in actuality is, European Union populaces where decisions are made for them by people not accountable to the populaces, because the European Union headquarters is a supranational institution, just like the IMF.    But as said, the  NWO visionaires fall, no one world government under any man.  No one world bank, which is what the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners seek.

Look for Steve Bannon to rise to power as vice president or president of USA and for Nazi LePen to win France in 2022, and the Nazi Golden Dawn party to win Germany in 2017 or the election thereafter.  Given how France went, perhaps Merkel remains in office one more term and then the Nazis come to power in Germany.   That the Nazis have not come fully into power in Europe yet shows the Illuminati think the populations there are not ready for it yet, but they shall get the populations ready over the next few years via continued mass Muslim immigration, terrorism and crimes of immigrants against European populations.   In the USA and England there will not be much immigration, but there will be highly publicized immigration crimes and false flag terrorism under banner of Islam and under banner of illegal immigrants, terror that would probably include random acts of violence where not expected:  malls, restaurants, public pools, beaches, parks, hotels etc.  

The USA is not ready yet for Nazi Steve Bannon.  The media says Bannon is a Nazi.  At the White  House correspondents dinner, a joke told by the host was that Bannon is a Nazi.  Other media outlets are alarmed over Bannon being Trump's chief strategist based on Bannon's proclamations that militant Christianity must rise up.  Also Bannon's quote:  "Dick Cheney.  Darth Vader.  Satan.  That's real power".   Bannon is a vile man.  Drumpf Trump says Bannon is a good man.  Trump is a vile man too.

Europe has not been sufficiently whacked, nor the USA, nor UK to enable yet the full rise of Christian Nazis to power, so is the thinking of the Illuminati.  A certain percentage of the population must back such Nazi power or it will fail.  So they will work on the populations of Europe, USA and UK to get them ready to receive Christian Nazi militant leaders.     Consider if Hitler could not get any Germans to be of his Hitler Youth organization or be of any of the other organizations that were formed to get German citizens to be fully involved with Hitler's Christian Nazi movement, then Hitler would not have had the backing of the German people and so Hitler's Nazi movement among the Germans would have failed.    A move in that direction towards getting the populace into a Christian militant mindset is Drumpf Trump's executive order commanding the IRS to not enforce the Lyndon Johnson prohibition against Christian pulpits speaking on political matters.   Lots of children of Hell Christian leaders ready to step up and be that pied piper of Christian pew sitters to gather them around political leaders believed to be agents of God, such as Nazis Drumpf Trump and Stephen Bannon, to be agents of change on behalf of the NWO visionaries, under guise of Christianity being restored to public prominence.    

The illuminati seek to move western nations into an ideology they are not in yet in sufficient numbers, but after whacking them around a lot, as aforesaid, and after much propagandizing, a sufficient number of the populaces will come along in that direction - Christian militants (Nazis).  The KKK and other white supremacist groups are already there in ideology and would eagerly take to the streets to do their evil if only politicians would wink at their evil activities, and they will wink.  The pope will be assisting in that endeavor, that Christianity must defend itself.   The pope has already made pronouncements in that direction, among them being that Christianity is under attack in Europe and elsewhere.  After all, it is Freemason/Illuminati third war - Christianity v. Islam long ago foretold by Freemason Albert Pike in the handbook for the dogs called Morals and Dogma.  There is a statue of Pike in Washington, D.C.    Mainstream media will be assisting, and already been doing so, and so too alternative media which is being set to take over from mainstream media.  Billionaire Robert Mercer is reported to have the largest USA private collection of machine guns.   Mercer brought Bannon to Trump's campaign and Mercer bankrolled the Judeo-Christian militant website, Breitbart.   Mercer initially backed Ted Cruz for president and then moved over to Trump.   Since Trump was the chosen one all along (many years in advance per predictive programming), perhaps Mercer's stint with Cruz was to assure the Cruz campaign was nullified/sabatoged to make way for Trump nomination.   Among all the Republican presidential candidates, Cruz had the best chance of beating out Trump for the nomination.   

The term 'Judeo Christianity' did not exist in Hitler's time, but was coined in the 1950's.  The Jew Pharisee Vatican owners  had already achieved their state of Israel on the  heels of the end of world war 2 and they do not want the Christian Gentiles to destroy it.  Having achieved their state of Israel, they came up with the term 'Judeo Christianity'  to bring Christianity under Jewish rule, give the Christians the ideological basis for desiring Israel's existence.   Judeo-Christianity being a term they invented to remind the Christians that their religion is rooted in the Jewish people, so they say.   They achieved their state of Israel by causing the rise of Hitler to power, (a man they knew would carry out mass murder of Jews), figuring the world must give them a state of Israel because prevention of another genocide of the Jews, (that they already knew was to occur under Hitler), would be the basis for giving them the state of Israel.   The Jews of Satan Vatican owners care not one wit for other Jews except their own Satanic Pharisee brethren, and have absolute hatred for Jews of the Lord.    The Jews of Satan Vatican owners think that rule over the entire world is to be theirs soon (the New World Order), but they shall fall (Daniel 11:14).  

Christianity has its roots in the Jew Pharisee men of Satan (John 8:44, Acts 23:6, Philippians 3:5).    Pharisee Paul wrote his self-proclaimed lying gospel, (Romans 3:7), and therein founded the church altar, and system of church masters ruling over church lay, with the lay paying over their wealth to the church masters.   See tab Prophecy of the Wolf.
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