John 20:24  But Thomas, one of the twelve … was not with them [the other 11 apostles] when Christ came.

Thomas was not with the other 11 apostles who saw Christ:

John 20:19  … the disciples were together and Christ came and stood among them and said, Peace be with you.

So in John it states there were 12 apostles when Christ was resurrected from death.  Eleven met together with Christ first, then Christ appeared to the 12th apostle, Thomas.

Here is the list of apostles Christ originally chose as apostles from Matthew 10:2-4:

Simon, also called Peter


James, son of Zebedee






James, son of Alpheus


Simon, the Canaanite

Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot was the son of perdition and he was lost, as was prophesied would happen (John 17:12).   While neither Matthew nor John specify how the apostle was appointed who replaced Judas,  Nathanel of  Cana, was appointed an apostle of Christ.   In John 21:2 it states that among the apostles Christ met with was Nathanael of Cana in Galilee.  This is the same Nathanael that Christ met while in Galilee at stated in John 1:43.

Nathanael is not named among the original 12 apostles, as set forth in Matthew 10:2-4.   But Nathanael is mentioned in John 1:43-51.  In John 1:51, Christ tells Nathanael that he shall see Heaven opened.   So Nathanael, while not being among the 12 first appointed by Christ, was later made an apostle taking the position that was left vacant by Judas Iscariot.  And Christ saying to Nathanael that he shall see him do great things means that Nathanael hung around with Christ and his apostles.

There are twelve thrones in Heaven upon which shall sit the 12 apostles of Christ who shall judge the 12 tribes of Israel (Matthew 19:28).

So where does that leave the 13th self-proclaimed apostle to the Gentiles, Paul/Saul of Tarsus?  It leaves him in the dust, a snake, a Devil who falsely claimed to be an apostle of Christ.  The Jews of Asia rejected the false apostle (Rev. 2:2).  In 2 Timothy 1:15, the false apostle says all of Asia rejected him.   The Book of Acts contains some truth, but mostly lies.  Acts 2:3-4 is a lie stating the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles via tongues of fire.  John 20:22 is truth, stating Christ breathed the Holy Spirit upon his apostles.  Acts 1:26 is a lie, claiming Matthias was appointed to replace Judas.   John 21:2 is truth, stating Nathanael of Cana in Galilee was one of the 12 apostles, and John 20:24 states there were already 12 apostles when Christ was resurrected.

Further, to say that a Pharisee can become of God is to call Christ a liar, for Christ said that Pharisees cannot escape eternal damnation (Matthew 23:33).  But Gentile haters of Christ call him a liar by claiming that their beloved Pharisee not only escaped eternal condemnation, but was made by Christ a great apostle to the Gentiles!   In Acts 23:6, the  false apostle maintains that he is a Pharisee, not only him, but his father too.  

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